Friday, 27 February 2015

Ongoing illegal fishing in Zuari river

According reports reaching from Odxel-Cacra-Nauxim-Bambolim-Siridao coast today 27th February 2015 sixteen trawlers carried on illegal trawling from 7.00 am onwards. Law and Order situation is pathetic in Zuari river as far as illegal and unsustainable fishing is concerned.

Is Goa Police in Quepem promoting Atrocities on the Tribals?

Adv. John Fernandes

In order to prevent the atrocities on the Tribals and for the protection of Tribals there is a act called the Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities ) Act 1989 was promulgated.

Section 3 of the said act gives details as to what acts of a Non Tribal on a Tribal amounts to atrocities.
Rule 3 of the Schedule Castes and the Schedule Tribes (prevention of Atrocities) Rules 1995 laid down the precautionary measures the state has to take in preventing atrocities on the Tribals.

That from the month of December 2014 to February 2015 three  incidents of Atrocities on Tribal have been taken place and which has been reported to the Quepem police station. That in none of the cases the Quepem police have taken effective action against the culprit but harassed the complainants.

In the First case one Lourence Oliveira of Mulas Paroda have filed a complaint against a non Tribal on 31/12/2014 stating that his paddy field and plantation existing in his tenanted property under survey No.129/1 of Mulem village of Salcete taluka have been  destroyed. The Quepem police did not initiated action against the culprit. On the contrary coerced said Lourence Oliveira to settle the matter which is against his wishes and to that effect he has filed a complaint before the concerned authorities.

In the Second case one Smt. Sebastiana Carvalho of Bomdamol Quepem  had filed a complaint against one Kaviraj Karmali on 31/1/2015 for partly demolishing her house constructed by her in her plot for which she has paid an amount of Rs.1,85,000/- to one Piety Fernandes who was the developer for the family of Kaviraj Karmali. That said Piety is shown as consenting party in the sale deed executed by the family of Kaviraj Karmali. That inspite of taking the law into his own hand of demolishing the house the police yet to take effective action against said  Kaviraj Karmali. On the other hand when the police called said Sebastiana Carvalho  for inquiry the police instructed said Sebastiana Carvalho to demolish her house and even threatened her of dire consequences. But when said Sebastiana did not demolish the same said Kaviraj Karmali bulldozed the remaining portion of the said house on 20/2/2015. This shows the Quepem police are hands in gloves in demolishing  the house of Said Sebastiana Carvalho.

In the Third case one Rosario Menezes resident of Gonvol Cotombi Quepem-Goa who is the tenant of a property situated at Cotombi, cultivated his paddy field for the vaingon season on 24/1/2015. That on 14/2/2015 two member of the Dessai community with the help of Power tiller damaged the entire crop. In spite of filing complaint under Tribal Atrocities act the Quepem police yet to take effective action against the culprit.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Police bluff to encourage illegal trawler fishing in Zuari river

At 8.00 am of 25th February 2015 there were 16 trawlers indulging in illegal fishing in Zuari river. Harbor Police, Fisheries Minister of Goa Avertano Furtado  was contacted, both promised to sent in their boats. But no boats were seen in the river by traditional fishermen. Then again at 3.00 pm 15 trawlers were noticed indulging in illegal fishing. Again Police and Fisheries department was contacted. Again action was promised to Rohidas Andrade. 

Zero action from police and the Fisheries department was noticed on ground in Zuari river. Trawlers continued till well beyond 7.00 pm when was dark and tracking was not possible. Harbor Police as contacted over the phone in the night and asked for their inaction. The reply that was given is that the Police boats went in Zuari river but could not trace any trawlers and met up with Fisheries department boat indulging in Patrolling! Blatant falsehood!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bharat Mukti Morcha delegation called on Secretary Fisheries

Six member delegation of Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa Unit led by Maggie Silveira called on Secretary, Fisheries Amjad Tak at Goa Secretariat on 24th February 2015 to appraise him of ground level situation with regards to illegal trawlers fishing and water sports activities carried on by Hotel Grand Hyatt, Bambolim. 

Review was taken on ground level violations of fishing rights and relaxed attitude of Fisheries and Home departments of Goa Government. Exchange of correspondence took place between the Bharat Mukti Morcha and Secretary- Fisheries at official level. 

Police violence involving Agassaim PI Devendra Gad on Fishermen Vishnu Kanconkar on 19th April 2014 - four days after fisheries department granted permissions to 'Aqua sail' 15th April 2014 for water sports in Zuari river -  at Bambolim at the behest of Hotel Grand Hyatt was also discussed.

Illegal trawler fishing in Zuari river

At 2.45 pm on 24th February there were 16 trawlers engaged in illegal fishing Zuari river. At 7.15 pm on the same day there were five trawlers engaged in illegal fishing in Zuari river. Police when contacted said they can send their boats only after 8.00 pm well beyond trawlers moved on after illegal fishing. This is a deplorable state of affairs as far as sustainability of fisheries is concerned.

Thanks to bamon Raj, Goa complete five months of road to landless future for mulnivasis

This below is an extract of leaflet distributed during last Panjim Assembly Elections by Independent Candidate Sadanand Vaigankar of Goa Kull and Munkar Sangarsh Samiti.
You may be aware that Manohar Pant on 27th September 2014 in the name of amendment to the Agricultural Tenancy Act created new law for the protection of landlords, and all the tenants and mundkars have been pushed into misery.

By amending section 4 (a) of Agricultural Tenancy Act government has granted ownership rights to landlords. Via section 46 (b) Tenants are told to approach Civil Court to claim their ownership rights. Via section 60 (c) Tenants are told that in case they intend to approach the Court then they must do it within 3 years. After that tenants will have no right to knock the doors of the Court.

This amendment is opposite of Tenancy laws of 1964, 1965 and 1975. Section 4 (a) of The Agricultural Tenancy (Amendment) Act, 2014, Close 4A Contract farming – (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other provisions of this Act, any person may by an agreement entered into in writing with the landlord or an owner of the land, and duly registered with the Sub-Registrar of the Taluka within whose jurisdiction such land is situated, cultivable, or undertake and carry out any agricultural operations upon, such land.
By this provision landlords can take all the land and strip tenants of all the rights. Most of the landlords are Bamons and almost all the tenants are mulnivasis. The intention of this law is to handover land control to Bamons, thereby ushering intensified rule of Bamon Raj i.e Manusmriti.

In opposition to this law Tenancy Act, 1964, section 7 and as per the government circular dated 20th December 1995 under no circumstances landlords can get these lands back. Even land abandoned by tenants cannot be reverted back to landlord. Who should get these land is also well set by section 18 J of the above cited government circular.

    “ A question has arisen as to whether a tenant who is the deemed owner of land under the Goa, Daman and Diu Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964 (Act 7 of 1964), can revert the land back to the original landlord.
     The matter has been examined and it is hereby advised that under no circumstances can a tenant under the Act, 1964 revert the land back to the landlord but the land shall be disposed off in the manner provided in sub-section (2) of section 18 J of the said Act, 1964.”
A Cardozo, Under Secretary (Revenue) to the Government of Goa.
Panaji, 20th December 1994

Parrikar’s new law is in complete opposition to the existing law. Section 4 (a) is meant to cheat, loot and against the interest of the tenants. Within this one section Parrikar has destroyed 1964 and 1975 Tenancy law. Through the new pro-landlord law section 46 (b) Parrikar has fixed that tenancy cases will be filed in session court alone. But as per section 58 of Goa, Daman and Diu Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964 no Court has jurisdiction to settle, decide or deal with any question which is by or under this Act.

“Section 58. of Goa, Daman and Diu Agricultural Tenancy Act, 1964 – (2) save as provided under this Act, no Court shall have jurisdiction to settle, decide or deal with any question which is by or under this Act required to be settled, decided or dealt with by the Mamlatdar, Tribunal, Collector or Government and no order passed by these authorities under this Act shall be questioned in any Civil or Criminal Court.”

Under Section 46 (b) no tenant will get Justice in Session Court. This is because 95% of tenants does not posses their receipts, their names are not entered in Form I & XIV, someone else’s name is entered in Form I & XIV as tenant. It is next to impossible to get witnesses in the Session court. Court will not be able to go and inspect the paddy fields and investigate, for it has no powers to do so. And most importantly tenant has to search and get Opponent landlord. From where the landlord of he two-three generation past will be found by the current generation of tenant to be presented in the Court as Opponent? If Landlord is not presented as Opponent then Court will not accept the case for hearings.In this circumstances no tenant will get Justice. After expiry of three years landlord will personally take over the land.

Under section 60 (c) Manohar Pant (Pant is a title used exclusively in Bamon kingdom of Peshwayee in Pune that was destroyed by  Mahar regiment of British empire in bloody war of 01/01/1818) speaks of providing speedy justice to tenants.

25 years ago BJP set up its shop in Goa. It was then BJP’s first elections. From that day we fought thousands of agitations, so many marches (yatras) went criss-cross Goa. In 2000 BJP government was formed in Goa under Parrikar’s leadership.  Yet for past 25 years Parrikar has not launched a single agitation to get Justice for Tenants, never thought about their rights.

For past 25 years we have not worked for any political party except BJP. We have not voted for any political party except BJP. In this context we cannot question Congress. We are questioning Parrikar. Fro past 50 years tenants in Goa have been denied Justice. Of these Parrikar is responsible for 25 years. If he wanted then through agitation, could have pressurized any government in power and helped tenants to attain Justice. He was the leader of the opposition for past so many years. So, then why he never raised the issue of tenants to government in power?

In March 2012 BJP government was established why he thought of amending tenancy law after two and half years, after Lok Sabha Elections concluded? He was thinking that public will not understand the conspiracy behind this two-and-half years of silence. He knew if he had to bring amendment then it would have negatively affected both the Lok Sabha Seats in Goa.

The Second question, Parrikar used to make public statement repeatedly that people should ‘frame BJP’s Assembly and Lok Sabha Elections and hang on wall’. But in these manifestoes nowhere has he mentioned that he is going to invent Tenancy law and usher in Landlordism that is Bamanism. This he concealed intentionally from Goa’s Bhahujan Samaj.

Mostly Tenancy lands are under control of Bhahujan Samaj and Parrikar has betrayed them. This they have not realized till date as Parrikar has driven them to misery. Eyes of Bhahujan Samaj are blindfolded with numerous government schemes. They will not stay blind for long. The day the eyes of bhahujan Samaj will open Parrikar will realize the power of Bhahujan Samaj. They have not yet understood that the so many welfare schemes that Parrikar has implemented has dished out money that are siphoned off from the pockets of bhahujan samaj itself are returned as schemes.

At Central government level after BJP came to power with absolute majority Narendra Modi has smashed he backbone of farmers. In order to create misery Modi repealed two important legal safeguards on 1st January 2014. Prior to this farmer was legally safe and secure. In one legal provision it was maintained that if government want to acquire farm land of double crop variety then it was mandatory for the government to take permission of 80% of farmers. After that as a compensation government had to pay 4 times of the contemporary market rate; it was mandatory that while giving this compensation also pay 100% interest for a year.

The second legal provision that was repealed was farmers’ right to challenge land acquisition in the Court of Law. Now both these safeguards are done away with and state can acquire any land at any price and farmers will have no right to challenge in the court of law.

Now if any farmer securely engaged in his farming business and his land is confiscated, what should this farmer do at this moment?

Monday, 23 February 2015

Navelim desecrations: Mother Mary will crush the head of Bamon Raj

Bharat Mukti Morcha holds Bamon Raj in Goa responsible for the desecration of the statue of Mother Mary in glassed case on a cross in Navelim on 21st February 2015 night. Bamon Raj that considers self all powerful and is represented in India with BJP in ruling and Congress in the Opposition shared sometimes hidden and sometimes open resentment towards statements of Mother Mary. Her statements in magnificat are recorded in Luke 1:51-53 “he has showed might in his arms: he hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He has put down mighty from their seat and hath exalted the humble.  He hath filled the hungry with good things; and rich he has sent home empty handed.”

Mother Mary is not only blunt in her views about the where the place of mighty and powerful is destined; possibly in the dustbin of history, she is also implying taking away all the wealth from the rich and sending them home empty handed and filling up the hungry with good things. It is precisely because of these statements of hers that few Bishops of England had instructed missionaries travelling to India not to preach and shared these views of Mary to people in India; for she promises revolt of the colonized people. Mary in this sense is major threat to status quo everywhere. She continues to disrupt power equation all over the world. In La Sallete, Italy she appeared to Sheppard girl child Melanie tending cattle, in Fatima, Portugal she appeared to three Sheppard children Lucia, Jacinto and Francisca, in Guadalupe, Mexico she appeared to aboriginal Juan Diego and effected tremendous impact. One striking feature of her instructions has been the warning that mighty and powerful of the iniquity – an organization of evil – will take over Church leadership in World and oncoming of birth of Anti-Christ in order to undo all that her son Jesus did and reigned as Christ the King. He liberated mass of people from oppressive regimes and offered them salvation. The oncoming mission of anti-Christ is enslavement and doom of mass of people and rule of inequity with false Church and rule of Anti-Christ from the papal seat in Rome.

Missions in India nevertheless started schools and made education accessible to mass of mulnivasi people who were denied education due to rule of Manusmriti. Manusmriti reserved education to Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vyashas with Brahmins enjoyed monopoly over teaching. It was one of these schools in Maharastra that Jyotirao Phule got his education. Jyotirao was a mulnivasi thought deeply due to armor of his education and his own intelligence and launched freedom movement of mulnivasi people from the clutches of Brahmins. He outlined battle lines in 1848 as Shudra and Ati-Shudra versus Bhatji and Shetji. He never joined congress party that was set up in 1885 for the purpose of seeking share in British administration. His successors Savitribai Phule, Shahu Maharaj and Dr.Ambedkar also never joined Congress party. Instead they collaborated with British government and imparted education and other facilities to mulnivasi people with parallel movement for self-respect and dignity.

Brahmins formed few militant organizations for their own defense from the movement of Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar that lasted for 108 years from 1848 to 1956. The movement was resumed again in 1973 by Dina Bhana, D.K. Khaparde and Kanshiram and continues till date with Waman Meshram as its current head.

In December 2013 Navelim village witnessed tussle between RSS and farmers over the paddy field land opposite Margao Railway station. Farmers refused to bulge to allow RSS use of paddy field to conduct its week long program. After the tussle Bamon  Manohar Parrikar’s government had to give up the idea and concede defeat on December 17, 2013 and shift RSS program to Navelim ably accommodated by BJP supported ‘Independent’ MLA and Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado.

From this day onwards revenge was awaited. Any way no culprit is arrested in Navelim desecration case so far. Parish priest of Rosary Juze Rock Gonsalves expressed concerned over the incident on Television channel. RSS frontal cadre Bamon Manohar Parrikar has been Goa’s Chief Minister due to political patronage of Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao, another Bamon. RSS has become politically strong in Goa due to the bamani nexus between RSS leadership and the Archbishop Ferrao. This is exactly what iniquity is – sabotage of Church from within by it enemies and persecution of priests like Fr.Saluzinho Vaz, Fr. James Torres, etc. The frontal enemy of the Church in Goa is its Archbishop himself who not only accumulated black money over various nefarious land deals including Vanxim island in Mandovi river etc also hoisted BJP in power and pledged support the State governments’ Bamani agenda.

Bamons have various tricks under their sleeves. One of them is manufacture of Hindus and imposing minority Eurasian bamons as the leaders of the majority mulnivasi people of India. Even though the word is slang and was used by Muslims (Mughals) with derogatory intention to refer to the Brahmin religion and rejected by Bamons themselves.

Brahmins accepted the word ‘Hindu’ in 1920s with the setting up of Hindu Mahasabha and later on Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The word Hindu has three meanings in Persian language – black, thief and slave.

Currently Bamons in Goa are feeling insecure as mulnivasi people are getting to know the conspiracy of bamons ruling through BJP, Congress, MGP, Independents etc. And very badly they need to unite Bhahujan Samaj under their fold. This unity is possible only through reaction and desecrations and riots is the best recipe for creating unity of Hindus when bhahujan samaj forgets his jati as Maratha, bhandari, Gawda, Dhangar etc  and transforms into Hindu – the slave of brahmins. Desecrations like in Navelim are the preperations.

Only Bamon never forgets that he is a Bamon engaged in manipulation of mulnivasis for perpetuation of Eurasian rule over India. Gandhi fought British Empire because it was of foreigners. Mulnivasis are fighting bamons because they are Eurasians (foreigners) and are ruling over India through social oppression of caste and political domination.

For this entire process target of outsider is needed by Bamon Raj. Sometimes it is Sikh, Sometimes it is Buddhists, Sometimes it is Muslim and sometimes it is Christian. It is very important that this awareness spreads across State of Goa. And revenge must be directed towards Bamon Raj and not against Hindus, Buddists, Christians and Muslims. Symbols of attacks are those that are outside the hold of Bamons.

Few months ago it was the statue of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar in Sanvordem.
This kind of fights provide effective motivation to get distracted in attention from sinister moves of the bamon Raj government in power. Amendment to the Goa Tenancy Act making mass of Goa’s mulnivasi people landless in three years will be competing five months on 25th February 2015. 

Government move to introduce Censor Board to control dissent expressed democratically through Konkani theatre known as Tiatr. Move of the Goa Government to re-start mining without recovering Rs.35,000 crores and without imprisoning Bamon Digambar Kamat etc. Move to revive SEZ’s in Goa with Mopa airport as first one causing huge social and political damage along with environmental catastrophe in Pernem. Indo-US agreement on nuclear deal liability deal, that will not hold US corporate responsible in case of accident. Ordinance of the Central BJP Government that paved way for take over of farmers land at will without permission of the farmers and with no right to challenge the land acquisition in the Court of law. Rampant illegal fishing in Zuari river by trawlers and violations of fishing rights by Hotel Grand Hyatt that has even taken over local people’s community Chapel and the Cross at Bambolim Beach. Rape of Tribal Girl in Deep Vihar School, Vasco and subsequent hype and installment of CCTV’s and surveillance devices all over Goa and yet allowing culprits to go scot free. Privacy violations due to Aadhaar Cards, Bankruptcy of Goa State Treasury, and decent into debt trap due to Bamon Raj rule in Goa. With desecrations in Navelim our attentions is meant to wonder away from these matters and our eyes will be trained to focus exclusively on Persian word Hindu – the slave. 

Mother Mary has a task at hand of smashing head of all the evil headed. It is found in Genesis 3:15 “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” Mother Mary’s statue has been broken into pieces in Navelim yet her agenda of mighty crackdown on iniquity remains intact as it cannot be broken by powers of Bamon Raj.  It may well be the case that she may inspire to crush the head of Bamon Raj in India. Navelim desecration even though intended towards mind control may as well begin flow of Grace and blessings. After all, the persecutions holds important place in the history of the Church, and as well as history of mulnivasis in India. 

Mother Mary may just do something which no one ever predicted, not even writings here. She may just crush the head of bamon Raj. For she is a great liberator, fabulous revolutionary and fantastic protector of those mulnivasi people in middle of struggle in faith, struggle against bamon Raj and beyond. Mother Mary may just pull up all those in power out of their seats, take their wealth and sent them home empty handed. Then install mulnivasis – humiliated and oppressed for centuries in the seat of power – exalted. At the end times her immaculate Heart will triumphant and Satan will collapse like that of Bamon Raj and the victory will be of mulnivasis. This is the truth. 

Jai Mulnivasi! Jai Bharat! Jai Goa!

Trawler illegalities rages in Zuari

On 23rd February 2015 there were 30 trawlers in Zuari river engaged in illegal fishing. Then at 4.00 pm there were 20 trawlers doing the same. Police informed and reported at Zuari at 5.30 pm. Trawlers dispersed. Then returned at 7.00 pm to continue illegal fishing. Police informed again. Police reported that they will come by 8.00 pm in night.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Its massive violations of fishing rights today

22nd February 2015 witnessed new record for illegal fishing in Zuari river. At 7.00 am 25 trawlers in Zuari river. At 4.00 pm 20 trawler doing the same. So total violations are 45 for the day for trawlers alone. 

Besides there were 20 water sports boats in river engaged in water sports activities race.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Illegal fishing with police protection in Zuari river

According to the reports reaching from Bambolim coast at 2.30 pm 13 trawlers carried on illegal trawling. Harbour police in Vasco were informed immediately. Police boats arrive three hours later at 5.30 pm. even after police arrive trawlers did not move from the river and went to carry on fishing with police protection. When harbour police were called up they denied have provided police protection, said police might be from Coast Guard.