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Keep awake and Act with responsibility to trace Antonio Fernandes missing/kidnapped from Vanxim Ferry!

Three months has passed and Antonio Fernandes is still missing. He went missing on April 04, 2014 and search for Antonio has bothered public in Goa. Rosary procession was organized on Vanxim island in first fortnight of May 2014 with special prayer for his well being and early detection. Special Latin mass was offered in a Old Goa Church in May 2014 for this intention. Presently people are praying in different places and also deeply concerned about his well being wherever he is.

Some interests however are putting pressure on Maria, wife of Antonio to accept dead body found as that of Antonio and perform the funeral rites. The motive of these people needs to be investigated too. It looks like police department are involved in cover up operation for the reasons best known to them. If the dead body police claims is that of Antonio then it becomes duty of police to investigate as to who murdered him, trace the murderer and prosecute him/her/them. If the body is not that of Antonio then it becomes urgent that search be extended far and wide of Goa’s borders and beyond. For person just disappearing on sunny bright morning of April 04, 2014 is horrendous.

The behavior of the State government is rather strange in this matter. Its police force detected his bike in Dhargal but did not pressed dog squad on the spot. Why did police department have to do this act of omission? Is police department under pressure to cover up Antonio Fernandes missing/kidnapping case? Would police act in similar fashion if the missing person was nearer family relative etc of the Goa’s Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who is also Home Minister of the State? If not, then why double standards in terms of investigations? Is it because CM is a bamon and Antonio is mulnivasi?

The moment it was decided that there  going to be public rosary in Vanxim island in May 2014- where Antonio Fernandes was working till last day of his visibility- on account of missing TV channel – HCN announced detection of dead body of Antonio Fernandes from the shrubs in Duler, Mapusa. On close examination of this body which has abdomen and legs missing, family members did not accept the body as that of missing Antonio. The forensic examination was proceeded with and report was to come from the laboratory in Hyderabad to check if the blood samples of Antonio’s brother and Son matches with the DNA of the found dead body. For two months now there is no sign of forensic report and tension of the Antonio’s family has only mounted further. On delegation to Superintendent of Police (North) family members were told that Goa police would forward priority letter to the forensic laboratory in Hyderabad for seeking the report on the dead body at the earliest. It is hoped that SP will keep up to her word and do all within her power to trace Antonio.

In the meanwhile discussions around missing of Antonio Fernandes have opened Pandora’s Box as it was revealed that Antonio Fernandes is not the first person to go missing from Vanxim. Almost 10 years ago in May 2005 two people – labourer Jamla Kujur and his son Ashok Kujur, tribals from Chhattisgarh working in Vanxim were kidnapped. They were abducted in the middle of the night from Vanxim where they were staying, put into canoe and moved to unknown destination. This happened on 19 May 2005. Maggie Silveira approached police but they refused to register kidnapping case and instead missing case was registered at Panjim police station. Even though it was clear from the early morning visit of Sadanand Bhosle to Maggie’s residence and his narrations to her that both Jamla and his Son Ashok were taken in his Canoe to Bicholim. Yet police never even interrogated Sadanand Bhosle. 

From this day Sadanand Bhosle never visited Maggie’s residence till date. After police case was registered at Panjim police station Mahendra Gaunekar who was then frequent visitor to Vanxim for he had an intention to take over the Vanxim island, phoned Maggie Silveira and asked whether his name was given to police as kidnapping suspect. Maggie replied in the negative. Yet in the hindsight now it is clear he was the master mind of 2005 kidnappings as this worker – Jamla Kujur- used to work diligently on Maggie’s horticultural farms and Maggie used to rely on his abilities and loyalty. It was intention of Mahendra Gaunekar that indirectly damage be inflicted on Maggie Silveira and that’s why her worker was kidnapped and till today not traceable. Prior to the kidnappings Maggie was threatened with dire consequences if she does not stop her opposition to permanent stationing of Children from Kashmir whose parents are killed through terrorists encounters. These two hundred children were to be stationed on Vanxim island by Adolf Rodricks from Ponda of ‘Full na Pakli’ initiative, a cruel collaborator of equally cruel Mahendra Gaunekar.  Yet Maggie Silveira refused to compromise and continued to stand in defence of Vanxim even at a time when entire Vanxim islanders were scarred due to Kidnappings of Jamla and Ashok Kujur. Navhind Times refused to publish Maggie’s statement against Adolf Rodricks’s project in Vanxim citing that Adolf Rodricks is their esteemed customer who fetches them large revenue due to his advertizing.

Antonio Fernandes kidnapping/missing must be viewed in this context as well and Mahendra Gaunekar need to be interrogated to check whether he has any role in Antonio’s case. Mahendra Gaunekar wants to take over entire island of Vanxim for golf course, five star hotel, spa, helipad, Villas etc construction and it could be well he and his Ozone collaborators intention that atmosphere of fear spreads in Vanxim and Antonio Fernandes might have been made scapegoat to effect their conspiracy. At this state police must not leave any stone unturned and must immediately proceed to interrogate Mahendra Gaunekar and top officials of Ozone Corporate. Considering that Gaunekar and his Ozone corporate has faced stiff opposition it is likely that they are going to resort to such dangerous fear generating tactics. But will police department do this? Or will it be bulldozed under the political pressure from the highest quarters? It is less likely that Police will function without pressure for stakes are too high as evident from the very first act of omission of withholding police dogs from the scene of Antonio Fernandes’ abandoned bike in Dhargal, Pernem. 

Yet it is a challenge before Goa police as they should not goof up for it is an issue of their prestige as well.

A committed, dedicated and highly responsible search must go in locating the kidnapped Antonio Fernandes’ whereabouts as three months has passed by.

Whenever any incident occurs it is spoken for a few days and then forgotten forever, this should not happen in the case of Antonio Fernandes as he got his three growing up children, wife, brother and sister who needs him. Whoever is involved in this kidnapping will not be at peace however big the money flow may be involved in closure of this case. Antonio’s family prayed at the holy cross at Vanxim plus brought the statue of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, plus celebrated (offered) the Latin Mass. These prayers will all be answered. People should come out supporting tracing Antonio as today it is Antonio who is kidnapped tomorrow it could be you. 

This pamphlet will be distributed in different places of Goa explaining conspiracy behind the Antonio’s kidnapping/missing. Print this page and distribute for we at Bharat Mukti Morcha will not keep quite till Antonio is traced.

Supreme Court of India declarations and directions for Goa mining

Extracted below are points 70 and 71 containing Declarations and Directions of the Supreme Court Judgment on Goa mining in Goa Foundation v. Union of India delivered on 21st April 2014. These are key basis for the future of mining in Goa.

71. In the result, we declare that:
(i) the deemed mining leases o the lessees in Goa expired on 22.11.1987 and the maximum of 20 years renewal period of the deemed mining leases in Goa expired on 22.11.2007 and consequently mining by the lessees after 22.11.2007 was illegal and hence the impunged order dated 10.09.2012 of Government of Goa and the impunged order dated 14.09.2012 of the MoEF, Government of India are not liable to be quashed;

(ii) dumping of minerals outside the leased area of the mining lessees is not permissible under the MMDR Act and the Rules made thereunder;

(iii) until the order dated 04.08.2006 of this Court is modified by this Court in I.A. No.1000 in T.N.Godavarman Thirululpad v. Union of India & Ors., there can be no mining activities within one kilometer from the boundaries of National Parks and Sanctuaries in Goa;

(iv) by the order dated 04.12.2006 in Writ Petition (C) No.460 of 2004 (Goa Foundation v. Union o India), this Court has not prohibited mining activities within 10 kilometers distance from the boundaries of the National Parks or Wildlife Sanctuaries;

(v) it is for the State Government to decide as a matter of policy in what manner mining leases are to be granted in future but the constitutionality re legality of the decision of the State Government can be examined by the Court in exercise of its power of judicial review.

And we direct that:
(i) MoEF will issue the notification of eco-sensitive zones around the National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa after following the procedure discussed in this judgment within a period of six months from today;

(ii) the State Government will initiate action against those mining lessees who violate Rules 37 and 38 of the MC Rules;

(iii) the State Government will strictly enforce the Goa (Prevention of Illegal Mining, Storage and Tranportation of Minerals) Rules, 2013;

(iv) the State Government may grant mining leases of iron ores in Goa in accordance with its policy decision and in accordance with MMDR Act and  the rules made thereunder in consonance with the constitutional provisions;

(v) until the final report is submitted by the Expert Committee, the State Government will, in the interests of sustainable development and intergenerational equity, permit a maximum annual excavation of 20 million MT from the mining leases in the State of Goa other than from dump;

(vi) the Goa Pollution Control Board will strictly monitor the air and water pollution in the mining areas and exercise powers available to it under the 1974 Act and 1981 Act including the powers under Section 33A of the 1974 Act and Section 31A of the 1981 Act and furnish all relevant data to the Expert Committee;

(vii) the entire sale value of the e-auction of the inventorised ores will be forthwith realized and out of the total sale value, the Director of Mines and Geology, Government of Goa, under the supervision of the Monitoring Committee will make the following payments:
(a)    Average cost of excavation of iron ores to the mining lessees;
(b)   50% of the wages and dearness allowances to the workers in the muster rolls of the mining leases who have not been paid their wages during the period of suspension of mining operations;
(c)    50% of the claim towards storage charges of MPT.
Out of the balance, 10% will be appropriated towards the Goan Iron Ore Permanent Fund and the remaining amount will be appropriated by the State Government as the owner of the ores;
(viii) the Monitoring Committee will submit its final report on the utilization and appropriation of the sale proceeds of the inventorised ores in the manner directed in this judgment within six months from today;
(ix) henceforth, the mining lessees of iron ore will have to pay 10% of the sale price of the iron ore sold by them to the Goan Iron Ore Permanent Fund.
(x) the State Government will within six months from today frame a comprehensive scheme with regard to the Goan Iron Ore Permanent Fund in consultation with CEC for sustainable development and intergenerational equity and submit the same to this Court within six months from today; and
(xi) the Expert Committee will submit its report within six months from today on how the mining dumps in the State of Goa should be dealt with and will submit its final report within twelve months from today on the cap to be put on the annual excavation of iron ore in Goa.
70. With the aforesaid declarations and directions, Writ Petition (C) No. 435 of 2012 is allowed. The Transferred Cases and IA filed by MPT as well as other IAs also stand disposed of. The interim order dated 05.10.2012 of this Court is vacated. These matters will be listed as and when the Monitoring Committee and the Expert Committee submit their final reports and the State Government submits the scheme for the Goan Iron Ore Permanent Fund. The Parties shall bear their own costs.

A.K.Patnaik J.

Surinder Singh Nijjar J.

Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla J

New Delhi
April 21, 2014

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Goa's Dhangars has no place for the final rest

Lack of crematorium forced Zore family to bury Bhagyashri’s body in jungle

by Rajendra Kerkar 

This TOI story is forwarded to this blog by Dr.Anthony Rodrigues who has expressed concern on this case and others, and currently litigating before Goa State Human Rights Commission seeking directions that there must be public crematoriums owned by the state and accessible to all. Matter is slotted to come up for hearing on July 21, 2014.

In many areas of Sattari, the public crematoriums are almost absent and this repeatedly forces the socially backward families to bury or burn their deceased relatives in the remote jungle or in the no man’s land of rivers.

When the dead body of Bhagyashree who had died on the evening of June 4, 2014 was handed over to the family members on June 5, after post mortem, they had to continue long search for a piece of land to bury the deceased body. The Dhangar, who are among the Other Backward Communities (OBC) of Goa’s society are landless since the generations and when a person is dead, it is difficult to get place in the crematorium maintained by the village community easily. “In Village Panchayat Keri, at Baherilwad under the Zilla Panchayat Fund, crematorium has been built. It is a public crematorium”, said Sameer Parrikar, the secretary of Village Panchayat. However, in this crematorium, a place for performing the last rites is not easily available and hence the corpse of Bhagyashree was taken 14km away and she was buried at the foot hill of the Vagheri far away from the human settlement.

“When a woman dies during the pregnancy, prevailing superstitions that her evil spirit will haunt and trouble the locality account to bury dead body outside the boundaries of village. Bhagyashree was buried at the foothill of Vagheri since there is no public crematorium nearby and she was four month pregnant when she was killed”, laments B.D. Mote, the social leader of the Dhangar community from Sattari.

He further said, “During the last week, the Deputy Sarpanch of Pissurle Vaibhavi Humane was died. Her body was cremated behind her residential house as no crematorium available for the Dhangar community in Sattari except Bhuipal. It is inhuman and painful that life after death of Dhangar too results in struggle.”

The Dhangar, being nomadic, never possessed land. They just roamed the mountains with no fixed home. Overwhelmingly today they are engaged in agriculture as landless cultivators and as casual labourers.

Director of Social Welfare Meena Naik Goltekar when contacted by TOI said, “In order to have funeral in decent manner of a deceased person belonging to the Dhangar we have introduced the Antya Sanskar Yojana and providing the financial assistance of Rs. 20,000 or actual cost whichever is less with the provision of essential certificates. We are also in process in solving various other issues of the community.”
In 2012, brother of Bhagyashree’s husband Baburao earlier died at Dhangarwada. While performing the last rites no crematorium or land was available. The deceased body was taken to Haddwada of Talekhol in Maharashtra where villagers too took objections when his body was cremated.

Dhaku Pavane, from Bhuipal of Sattari says, “The condition of our community, all over Goa is very pitiable, we are still landless. The area where our houses are situated is also not owned by us. So, we face lots of difficulties while doing the last rites of the deceased.”    

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar (Ozone Corporate) bulldozed in Vanxim

Ilha de Vanxim Association appreciates written statements of Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar with regard to State policy on river bank land, mangroves land and agricultural land. Goa Chief Minister in a written letter dated 16th April 2014 addressed to the then Indian Minister of Environment and Forest Dr.M.Veerappa Moily has made three decisive statements that are directly applicable to safety of Vanxim island. The three statements are as follows:

1.     “The State is blessed with seven rivers and covers length of 253 kms. Approximately. The state is committed to conserve its natural heritage by regulating development around the rivers; and hence has subjected the areas around rivers under the Coastal Zone Regulation with No development Zone’s of 100 meters from the bank of the rivers on all sides; thereby imposing serious land use restriction.” Vanxim is located right in the middle of Mandovi river and if measured 100 meters from the banks of Mandovi river eliminates any chance of construction of Spa, Golf Course, five star hotel by Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and his allies at ozone corporate. Ilha de Vanxim Association welcomes this decision of the Chief Minister. Such construction plans are being circulated in written form in Vanxim.

2.     “The State’s Coastal areas are full of Mangroves and khazan land and development around mangroves and on khazan land is banned by the State Government as voluntary measure to protect the ecological heritage of the State and to maintain ecological balance in the State.” Vanxim too is full of mangroves. Gaunekar tried to cut some of the mangroves and for this he needs to be arrested, trial be conducted and imprisoned. Ilha de Vanxim Association welcomes this decision of the Goa government too.

3.     “Also 40 % of the land is under agriculture which the government has decided not to be diverted.” Huge track of land of Vanxim island is under agriculture that is currently obstructed due to vested interests at agriculture department and people like Narayan Bhonsle of Tentant Association colluding with each other and with Mahendra Gaunekar for mutual destruction of agriculture of Vanxim island. Mahendra Gaunekar has filed nearly 70 court cases against the tenants and paid huge amount of cash to discourage them from holding on to their paddy fields and instead soliciting false negative declarations that they have never cultivated these paddy fields! Archbishop of Goa sold these paddy fields to Mahendra Gaunekar for Rs.6/- per square meter with huge cash in black. Perhaps this has been one of the most likely subjects of Archbishop’s below-the-radar discussion with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 14th June 2014. Ilha de Vanxim Association supports this decision of the Chief minister and agricultural land in Vanxim too should not be diverted. Its survey number 8 too must not be diverted for settlement purpose as it is paddy field. Those responsible for lobbying and changing land use pattern of survey number 8 in regional plan must be immediately arrested, put on trial and imprisoned. Chief culprit here is Mahendra Gaunekar. Immediately State government must get its act together and with Tarun Tejpal arrest speed also put Mahendra Gaunekar behind the bars. Mahendra Gaunekar must also be tried and prosecuted for paying large amount of cash to tenants in order to lure them to abandon cultivation and repairs of bunds thereby causing flood of paddy fields. This is absolutely criminal and Mahendra Gaunekar must be immediately taken into custody. In this way agriculture in Vanxim must be revived and people educated and encouraged to cultivate paddy for this is what sustains life. 

As Goa Chief Minister has put these points in the form of written letter this goes as legally valid and that needs to be honored by him and for his very integrity.

(Maggie Silveira)
Ilha de Vanxim Association

Thursday, 12 June 2014

L. F. Silveira's letter of 1981 on corruption in Agriculture department regarding Vanxim bunds

Here we reproduce letter written in 1981 by late L. F. Silveira to the agriculture department on the corruption while repairing of bunds defending Vanxim. Few things are clear from this letter. First, it is not just Archbishops Neri and Gonsalves that has played dirty by selling island but also Goa Government through its Agriculture department is directly involved in weakening defence bunds of Vanxim that regulated movement of salty water of Mandovi river and ensure cultivation of paddy in these reclaimed lands. Secondly, the breaches caused to the bunds were neglected by Tenants Association after L. F. Silveira passed away in the decade of 1990s and Narayan Bhonsle took over the leadership. He instead of protecting bunds and its paddy fields allowed further breaches and compromised with Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar with Philip D'mello of Vitogem, Divar as a broker. In this way Bhosle allowed paddy fields of Vanxim to get ruined. These paddy fields are today are sold by Archbishop Neri to Gaunekar (for Rs. 6/- per square meter) who in turns sold it to Ozone corporate for Rs. 35 crores. This letter is published as it is important historical document of bravery on the part of Tenants of Vanxim led by late L. F. Silveira. 

Chairman, Vanxim Tenants Association,
P.O. Piedade, Vanxim, Ilhas, Goa

9th September 1981

The Director,
Soil Conservation Division,
Directorate of Agriculture,
Panaji – Goa

Sub: Closure of breaches in the bund defending the paddy field “Vanxim” of Tiswadi Taluka.

Reference your letter dated 25th August 1981 about the first para, we the Committee Members, surprised to note that the Govt. spent over three lakhs of rupees to repair our bund in the year 1977-78.

There are several letters written to the Director in this connection how bad the work was carried on by the contractor and we also appealed not to pay him unless he hand over the bund after the completion of his work to the committee.

The contractor gave his work to another sub-contractor and ran away without giving his charge to the Committee and collected his money without fulfilling his conditions.
It is a mystery how he was paid, without handing over charge of his work to us inspite of our letters to the above office when there were 7 big breaches of bund in addition to the other big one for which we spent nearly Rs.80,000/- by way of material in the whole of Tiswadi Taluka. The estimate was made by Soil Conservation Officer in February 1977 with his Engineer Mr.Rajan by name but upto now we have not received a single N.P. from the Dept. concerned, which can be confirmed from your records.

Kindly investigate and inform the undersigned please.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(L. F. Silveira)

Cc: To Minister of Agriculture, Panaji

Cc: to Mamlatdar, Panaji.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Reports of Fishermen - Tourism clash on fishing rights in Zuari river

On 26th April 2014 corporate interested in water sports filed police cases against the fishermen from Bambolim. Police Inspector of Agasaim police station Devendra Gad visited Bambolim to confront fishermen. Fishermen present with their nets on the beach questioned PI Gad as to who will be responsible if the water sports boats cut up and damage fishing nets in the Zuari river. PI Gad responded that it is a problem of fishermen and they themselves have to solve it without creating obstruction to water sports activities. One fishermen Vishnu Perreira disagreed with the views of PI. PI Gad then placed him under arrest. Group of fishermen then went to Agasaim police station in solidarity with Vishnu Perreira.

On 2nd May 2014 Goa's Fisheries Minister Avatano Furtado visited Bambolim Beach and met up with Fishermen. He however did not provide any solution so far and maintained strict silence. Meanwhile it is learnt from the fishermen that Goa Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar is involved in overriding the Fisheries Ministry's objections to water sports. None of the fishermen operating fishing boats in Zuari river are bamon so it is expected that he would unleash his wrath against the fishermen who are mostly Scheduled Tribes  and Other Backward Classes (OBC). Caste battles are being fought in Zuari river water in this manner.

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns obstruction to fishing activities both by water sports ventures as well as mechanized trawlers in Zuari river.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Two months gone Antonio Fernandes still missing

He went missing from Vanxim Ferry boat on 4th April 2014. Today is 4th June 2014 and he is still missing. Who is behind the missing/kidnapping of Antonio Fernandes? Bharat Mukti Morcha expresses support to the family of Antonio in Caranzalem, Panjim and with that he is traced soon.

It is surprising as to why police did not push sniffer dogs in service at the site of the location of Antonio's bike in Dhargal, Pernem. Antonio is mulnivasi, employed on Vanxim ferry boat for many years.

Traditional mulnivasi Fishermen betrayed by Tourism and State government in Zuari river

Fishermen of Nauxim, Bambolim, Siridao,
Cacra, Odxel (Taleigao), Goa

Date:- 9/5/2014


The Hon’ble Minister of Fisheries,
Porvorim – Goa


Sub:- Objection to Water Sports activities conducted by AquaSail Distribution co. Pvt. Ltd.

In the month of November 2013 the Aquasail Distribution Company commenced water sports activities from the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Bambolim Beach. Initially 4 or 5 boats were introduced. Due to the threat posed to our fishing activities we the fishermen of Nauxim, Bambolim, Siridao, Cacra, Odxel (Talegao) objected to the water sports activities and submitted a Memorandum dated 21.11.2013 to the Captain of Ports, the Director of Fisheries, the Director of Tourism and the respective Panchayats. A copy of this Memorandum is herewith enclosed.

Consequent to the Memorandum, the Directorate of Fisheries by letter Ref. No.DF/ENF/Watersports/2013-1/4187 dtd. 26.11.2013 (copy enclosed) revoked the NOC for operation of Water sports activities. The revocation order inter alia states as follows:- “Your water sports activities is causing hindrance to the fishing activities of traditional fishermen belonging to Nauxim, bambolim and they have opposed the water sports activities”. We were elated.

On 25th April 2014 we were surprised to see more than 20 water sports boats in the water greatly hampering our fishing activities. On the next day some of us therefore went and enquired with the company if the water sports activities were being conducted in a legal manner, as we were aware that their permission had been revoked in November 2013. Some official of the company showed us a copy of the NOC granted by the Directorate of Fisheries. On enquiry with the village Panchayat of Curca, bambolim and Telaulim we were shown a copy of the NOC dated 15.4.2014 issued by the Directorate of Fisheries.

Sir, the NOC first granted by the Directorate of Fisheries in November 2013 was cancelled by the Directorate by letter dated 26.11.2013 on the grounds that “Your water sport activities is causing hindrance to the fishing activities of traditional fishermen belonging to Nauxim bambolim and they have opposed the water sports activities”. Sir, the Directorate itself accepted our genuine objection to the water sports acitivities in november 2013, so we fail to understand how fresh NOC has now been granted on 15th April, 2014, despite our objections as the ground realities remain the same.

The water sports activities have commenced without any NOC being granted by the Village Panchayat of Curca, bambolim and Telaulim. An application for permission to conduct the water sports activities was submitted to the Panchayat of Curca, Bambolim and Talaulim by Aquasail Distribution Company Pvt. Ltd./ Grand Hyatt Hotel. However, the Panchayat at its meeting by a specific resolution rejected the application and refused permission for conducting the water sports activities. We understand that the copies of the Resolution were forwarded by the Panchayat to Fisheries Department, Tourism Department, Customs and Captain of Ports.

The fresh NOC dt. 15.4.2014 issued by the Directorate of Fisheries requires the Water sports operator to comply with various conditions, the first and foremost condition being that “The sports activities shall not cause any hindrance to any fishing activities conducted by the traditional fishermen in the area”. However this condition can never be fulfilled because by its very nature the water sports activities interferes and disrupts the fishing activities as enumerated here below:-

1)      The area around the hotel is a protected bay where fish breed and are found in abundance especially solar prawns, muddoxio, chonak etc. The sailing activities disturb the waters of the rich fishing grounds and drive away the fish. They also prevent spawning of fish and destroy the ova laid.
2)      Near the Grand Hyatt, since many decades 3 families have been placing their Rampons. Due to the water sports activities they are not now in a position to carry out their fishing activity and are left destitute as their only source of livelihood has been destroyed.
3)      The Rampons and fishing activities are based on tidal movement and not conducted at fixed/regular timings. Water sports activities are conducted daily from 6.00 a.m in the morning to 6.00 p.m. in the evening so disruption of the fishing activities is a daily occurance.
4)      Some of the Company’s sailing boats have reached as far as Siridao during the last few days. This is the area where the traditional Ramponkars put their nets but now the Ramponkars fear that fishing activities will be disrupted.
5)      The fishermen of the area are generally magkars whose nets (katai) extends to a length of minimum of 300 mts. The Company’s sailing/motor boats very often damage these nets.

Further, one of the conditions of fresh NOC issued by the Directorate of Fisheries is that “the area of water sports activities is restricted to the area marked by the competent authority”. Till date no area has been marked by any authority and the water sports boats are freely moving about, even as far as Siridao.

Due to the Water sports activities our livelihood is threatened. Please do not force us to come on the streets and agitate against the injustice that is being done to us.

Sir, we are not highly educated and some of us are even illiterate, but our knowledge of our traditional occupation, the fishing conditions, fishing timings, tidal influences is based on experience and knowledge that is coming down from generations and is not based on mere book knowledge.

We therefore humbly request you to immediately cancel the NOC granted for the water sports activities, and save our traditional fishing occupation and only source of livelihood, for which we shall be ever obliged.

Thanking you,
132 fishermen signed this letter

1.      Memorandum dated 21.11.2013 addressed to the Captain of ports, the Director  of Fisheries, the Director of Tourism and the respective Panchayats
2.      The Directorate of Fisheries letter Ref.No.DF/ENF/Watersports/2013-14/4187 dtd 26.11.2013
C.C. to :-
1. The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt of Goa, Secretariat, Porvorim – Goa
2. The Hon’ble Minister for Environment, Secretariat, Porvorim – Goa
3. Shri. Vishnu Surya Wagh, Hon’ble MLA of St.Andre Constituency
4. Shri. Atanasio J. Monsorate, Hon’ble MLA of St. Cruz Constituency
5. Smt. Jennifer A. Monsorate, Hon’ble MLA of Taleigao Constituency
6. The Director, Directorate of Fisheries, Panaji – Goa
7. The Captain of Ports, Captain of Ports Department, Panaji – Goa
8. The Director, Department of Tourism, Panaji – Goa
9. The Sarpanch, Village Panchayat of Curca, Bambolim & Telaulim, Tiswadi - Goa
10. The Sarpanch, Village Panchayat of Siridao, Tiswadi – Goa
11. The Sarpanch, Village Panchayat of Taleigao, Tiswadi – Goa
12. The Sarpanch, Village Panchayat of St. Cruz, Tiswadi - Goa