Friday 29 June 2012

Why did Indira Gandhi organized ‘Operation Blue Star'?

By Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Indira Gandhi wanted to contest and win 1984 elections and OBC awakening was increasing. At that time Indira Gandhi decided to create religious polarization and for that purpose organised “operation blue star” on 25th June 1984. At a time when “operation blue star” was organised commander-in-chief was Kumar Sinha. He was Bhumihar from Bihar meaning he was Shudra. Indira Gandhi sacked him and inducted Pune’s Arunkumar Vaidhya as commander-in-chief. This Arunkumar Vaidhya was junior to Kumar Sinha. He was not even deputy. Objective was that Indira Gandhi’s conspiracy must not be known. Indira Gandhi did not trust Kumar Sinha as he was Shudra. But she trusted Arun Kumar Vaidhya as he was a brahmin and specially Pune Brahmin. That’s why Dr.Ambedkar used to refer to Pune Brahmins as ‘Poona Brahmins’. Indira Gandhi appointed this Poona Brahmin as a commander-in-chief of the army and ordered him to attack sacred place of Sikhs Golden temple in Amritsar. In obedience of Indira Gandhi’s orders Arun Kumar Vaidhya sent General Sundarji with army to Punjab and ordered to attack Golden temple. This is called Operation blue star. As General Sunderji send in troops into the holy place of Sikhs meaning the Golden Temple shock wave spread amongst Sikhs. Military had 17% Sikhs. Because of Indira Gandhi’s this action military developed cracks within its ranks. This happened for the first in India’s history. The anger of this anger amongst Sikhs is still alive till date. The entire objective of Indira Gandhi was only to stop social awakening amongst OBC. In addition to divert attention from mandal commisiion to Golden temple. This was a diplomatic move t. This is called Diversion of attention.

The effect of this was that religious sentiments of Sikhs was hurt and entire Sikh community was shocked. This resulted in a serious consequence when on 31st October 1984 her body guards fired bullets at her and killed her. Those who shot at Indira Gandhi are:
(1)   Santwant Singh, Ramdasi Sikh, convert from Chambhar.
(2)  Beant Singh, Majhabi Sikh, convert from Mehatar.

Later on Arun Kumar Vaidhya too was shot at and assasinated in Pune. The root cause of this entire episode was Mandal commission meaning reservation for OBC. The conspiracies behind this:

(1)   To stop social awakening amongst OBC
(2)   To divert attention of OBC from Mandal commission to Golden temple.

On 31st December 1984 after Indira Gandhi was assassinated Rajiv Gandhi took over as the Prime Minister of India. Pilot to Prime Minister. Let’s see how Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister. That congress strike an agreement with RSS through Bhanvarilal Purohit as a mediator and RSS openly campaigned for Rajiv Gandhi meaning Congress. Rajiv Gandhi was a Pilot. He has zero contribution to the Indian Politics. In spite of this Rajiv Gandhi brought 413 M.P elected to the Parliament. He got absolute and clear majority and took over as prime minister. Rajiv Gandhi’s grandfather Nehru was very popular and he could manage to get only 360 M.P. elected to Parliament but Rajiv Gandhi brought 360 M.Ps elected. What was this miracle?
(1)  The fellows who killed Indira Gandhi were Sikhs. That’s via entire county witnessed anti-Sikhs sentiments. Sikh V/s Hindu was a polarization of that time. From this those accepting themselves as SC,ST and OBC instead of social awakening religious awakening took place. That’s why it was possible for Rajiv Gandhi to get 413 M.Ps elected to the Parliament. In 1984 BJP had only two M.Ps elected to Parliament (a) In Gujarat on the recommendation of Chimanbhai Patel congress did not grant one ticket to its candidate, Chimanbhai Patel covertly campaigned for BJP, and got BJP candidate elected. (b)  With the help of N.T.Ramarao one BJP candidate was elected from Andhra Pradesh.
(2)   OBC gave more importance to dharma than Mandal commission. That’s why Rajiv Gandhi got elected. Mandal commission was to grant rights to OBC and dharma transformed OBCs into Shudras and deprived them of their rights. Even then OBC instead of giving importance to struggle for their rights, struggle for their freedom, struggle against their slavery voted for Rajiv Gandhi and made him possible to get 413 M.Ps elected.
(3)   Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 31st October 1984. That’s why entire country witnessed a sympathy wave and India’s mulnivasi people always go on the wave. They don’t get off the wave. They don’t come on ground. Sometimes wave of secularism, sometimes garibi hatao wave, sometimes sympathy wave, sometimes temple wave etc. Our country is full of waves and after Indira Gandhi was assassinated country was swept off by very big wave. Which wave? Sympathy wave. Mulnivasi people especially in the slums started saying “mother died, child is orphaned. Very bad thing happened.  Poor fellow’s mother died. Poor fellow has become orphan. Then only he must be voted for.”  In this was Rajiv Gandhi was given 413 M.Ps in election and Rajiv Gandhi occupied the position of Prime Minister for five years from 1984 to 1989. OBC people forgot about Mandal commission, the benefits that that they were to derive from it, and only harped on the fact that Rajiv Gandhi is orphaned due to the death of his mother and they donated their votes to him. He was only pilot. He became Prime Minister.


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