Monday, 12 December 2011

28th BAMCEF & Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh National convention

28th BAMCEF & Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh National Convention will take place from 24th December 2011 to 28th December 2011 at Mahatma Basaveshwar Nagar, Uppin Farm House, Nagnalli Road, Gulbarga, Karnataka. Inauguration will take place at the hands of National Lingayat Dharmguru Hon'ble Shivrati Deshikendra Mahaswami at 10 am. Former Supreme court judge Hon'ble Justice P.B.Sawant will be the Chief guest. Other guests will include Barrister S.K. Ravi Sunder (Norway), Dr.Chandra Prakash (USA), Mr. J.H.Patil (Vice-Chancellor, Law university, Dharward, K'taka), Mr. Kiran Hasten Lingu (President, Maigaal Democratic Party, Nepal), Mr. Prashant Rale (Australia) and Mr. E.T. Puttaiah (Vice-Chancellor, Gulbarga University, K'taka). Hon'ble Waman Meshram, National President, BAMCEF will preside.

All BAMCEF activists, cadres and Mulnivasi students, youth, women, intellectuals, social activists & well wishers are informed that 5 days 28th National Convention organized by BAMCEF and RASHTRIYA MULNIVASI SANGH will provide detailed insights into the Mulnivasi burning issues as part its brain storming on burning topics. We appeal to the Mulnivasi intellectual class, youth, students, and social activists to participate whole heartedly and contribute their time, talent, money and resources for strengthening the nationwide Phule-Ambedkarite Movement working for the liberation of Mulnivasis (Indigenous people of India , i.e. SC/ST/OBC and Converted Religious Minorities)

Jai Mulnivasi!


Somalal Koted
National G.S.
(Management) BAMCEF

Arjun Bhai Patel
Rashtrawapi Andolan Nirman Samiti

Shantaram Ranshrungare
National G.S. (ORG.) BAMCEF

Central office: 4765/46, 3rd Floor, Raigarhpura, Karolbagh, New Delhi - 110 005. Tel. 011-47999869, 09379035408(Gulbargah office)

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