Sunday 15 January 2012

Motesh replies to the Show cause notice of Deputy collector, Quepem


Case No. SDM/110/5/2012.

State                                               ....................Complainant


Motes Antao                                  .....................Respondent

The Respondent herein above is in receipt of the above refered notice and in reply thereto I have to state and submit as under:

  1. At the foremost I would like to submit that the notice issued to me is bad in law, not maintainable and have been filed with the instigation from the ruling class that is the mining company and their agents.
  2. The opponent further states that he is a peace loving and law abiding citizen. The crime registered by the Qeupem police is to harrass me for fighting/ raising my voice against the illegalities/ onslaught committed by the mining companies or by their agents in Colomba and Rivona village.
  3. It is further stated that the crime registered against me are false, distorted and fabricated and based on false complaints filed by the ruling class that is mine owners and their agents in collusion with Quepem police for fighting for my fundamental right guaranteed under the constitution of India.
  4. The respondent further states that the complaint H.C. Chandrakant Rane has filed the present complaint before your office as I had filed a complaint before against him before S.P. South and DGP for facilitating illegal mining. That based on the complaint of the opponent and inquiry was initiated against the complainant. The copy of the complaint and the report is hereto annexed for your ready reference.
  5. It is further stated that presently only 4 criminal cases are pending against me before the Sanguem court which are in respect of Cr.No.76/08, Cr.No.06/08, Cr.No.06/09 and Cr.No.82/08 as other criminal cases mentioned in the said notice have been dismissed by JMFC Sanguem. The dismissal of the cases by the judicial magistrate Sanguem shows the falsities of the cases filed by the ruling class in collusion with Quepem police. That presently no chapter case is pending against the opponent as mentioned in the show cause notice.
  6. The opponent further states that the crime registered by the Quepem police based on false complaint filed by the ruling class are not pertaining to any election matter or the offenses not occurred during election but pertaining to matters relating to mining that is for fighting to protect our village, our land, water, air, paddy field from the clutches of the greedy mining lobby who are all way out to destroy our Colomba village.
  7. In view of the circumstances mentioned mentioned herein above the question of executing interim bond is not at all arise.
  8. In view of above it is hereby respectfully prayed that the notice dated 2/1/2012 issued to me be withdrawn.
Quepem                                                                                       Sd/-
9/1/2012                                                                                Opponent

The above reply was submitted to the deputy collector on 9th January 2012. Still deputy collector insisted for a bond or else threatened Motesh of arrest. Our democracy has ceased to be democracy. It is only brahmanocracy.  Or else why not a single FIR has been filed against mining companies in spite of complaints by Colomba People?

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