Wednesday 11 April 2012

Secret Saraswat letter calls for finishing of Goa's Bhahujan Samaj (mulnivasis)

This letter pamphlet calls for the unity of the Saraswats to 'finish', 'smash' mulnivasis who are known as bhahujan samaj in Goa. This letter is marked as 'confidential' as bamons believe they can never gain supremacy in Goa without conspiring against the mulnivasis through secret methods. This letter is an evidence of deep rooted racism in Goa. The leaflet was issued during last Lok Sabha elections in 2009. Mulnivasi people must be alert to the agenda of the Saraswat bamon supremacy in Goa and brace up for the struggle on their doors. Their agenda is already unfolding and one baman has replace another baman as Goa's Chief Minister. This letter expresses pride in Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister then and surely Saraswats will basking in glory of their triumph through him again. This letter calls for retaining of Sarawat supremacy in Goa for the next 50 years. For this agenda blessings of the God's are invoked in the beginning of letter. So systematically Goa's Mulnivasis/ bhahujan samaj will be enslaved. This program is already unfolding though the 2012-13 budget of Manohar Parrikar.

Saraswats of Goa, Unite !

Let the blessings of Lord Veer Vithal, lord Parashurama, Lord Narasimha, Goddess Mahalasa, Lord Manguesh and Lord Naguesh be upon you !
I am writing this secret letter to you with the only intention ofestablishing total Saraswat supremacy over the State of Goa.
We Saraswats form the highest strata of the society and have always been on top in all the fields. The only field where we were kept out by others (mainly the so-called bahujansamaj) was politics. It was because of MGP and mainly because of Dayanand Bandodkar that Saraswats like Dempo, Sarmalkar, Salgaonkar etc were defeated in elections. Later on, only option was Babu Naik but he too was thrown out by the Bahujan samaj leaders.
Fortunely enough, tables turned in the year 2001 and Manohar Parrikar became CM of Goa. The first Saraswat baman CM. We should be proud of him. He became very popular but Bahujan Samaj – especially the cunning bastard leader of the Bhandaris Ravi Naik betrayed him first. Eventually his Govt. was toppled in 2005 to make Rane CM again.
It was a sad day for us to see Rane in CM’s chair instead of Rarrikar, but we did not loose hope – we prayed, prayed and prayed. We also consulted all our Swamijis – Partagal, Kavalej Shirali, Daboli and Kashimat – over future course of action.
They all decided to come on one platform and show the strength of Saraswats to the World.
By the grace of God, elections took place for Goa Assembly and our own Digambar Kamat alias Digubab was elected CM again. The Bhandari leader Ravi Naik was given slap in the face. In the last two years, Digubab has been able to gain popularity of bahujan samaj by using leaders like Subhas Shirodkar, Vishnu Wagh, Girish Chodankar etc. for his benefit. Now is the Golden of Saraswats in Goa politics. Our Chief Minister is Saraswat and our opposition leader is also a Saraswat. To add sugar to the milk we have a Saraswat (Jeetendra Deshprabhu) as NCP candidate in North and Christian Saraswat (Francis Sardinha) as Congress candidate in South Goa.
Let us make the best of this opportunity. We want Saraswats to rule Goa for next 50 years. We shall begin by electing our own caste people for Lok Sabha. Deshprabhu in North, Sardinha in South. BJP’s Shripad Naik should not be allowed to do a hat trick. Because if at all he wins – he will become strong and create problems for Manohar Parrikar. In South, BJP has fielded a Bhatji. Why we should vote a ‘bhot’ when our own Saraswat christao brother?
Let us all bury differences on religion – but all Saraswats should become one. This is the need of the hour. The so called bahujan samaj should be finished. Leaders like Ravi Naik, Dayanand Narvekar, Pandurang Madkaikar, Shripad Naik, Subhas Shirodkar, Vishnu Wagh, Chandrakant Chodankar, Kashinath Jhalmi etc should be completely smashed. Only than we can dream of Saraswat Supremacy.
We need not worry about Vishwajit Rane. After all, he belongs to us. Everybody knows he has Saraswat blood in his veins and he will always do his best to help another Saraswat. That is why he is tirelessly working to ensure Deshprabhu’s victory !
This is very secret letter. Please don’t show it to anybody except a Saraswat. Pass on the message silently. Vote for Deshprahu – North and Vote for Saardinha in South. Only then Saraswatization of Goa will be complete.

Prabhakar R. Sinai Dhume
Kundaikar Nagar, Panaji, Goa.

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  1. This post would have had so much more credibility had you provided us an image of this pamphlet.