Friday, 15 February 2013

Let’s destroy Bamons’ Bamani Rashtra ! Let’s overturn Bamanism !!

Long time ago in 1945 Shenai wrote in his book “Kahi Marathi Lekh” “if India attained independence Bamons’ would be exclusively either Judges, Prime Ministers, Heads of the armed forces, or Ambassadors to foreign countries but Bamon’s real boss would be entirely different. Bamons would be mere puppets. That is why they must have their own nation with their own language – Bamani. Goa would be the capital of that Bamons’ nation.”

The then Chief Minister Manohar Parriker in 2002 proclaimed this Shenai as the identity of Goa! He also imposed this Shenai on Mulnivasi people as ‘Rashtrapurush’, Yugapurush’, and ‘Mahapurush’ ! This is the Bamani Raj !

98% Mulnivasi bahujans are mostly either motorcycle pilots, rickshaw drivers, bus drivers, conductors, clerks, peons, or selling flowers standing on both sides of the roads. 2% Eurasian Bamons usurped 90% of higher posts in different government offices.
Bamons have looted 90% land of Mulnivasi Bahujans by offering Bamon women in their homes to the Portuguese colonial officers. At this moment, 2% Bamons are the land owners of 90% land.

At a public lecture in October 2005 at XCHR, Porvorim one of the Bamons proudly beating his chest said, “We, Bamons ruined two generations of Mulnivasi Bahujans, and two more generations will be destroyed to create our Bamani Rashtra. There is no other alternative.”

Shah commission has proved that the then CM Digambar Kamat is involved in illegal mining scam amounting to 35 thousand crore rupees. So far the Goa Government has not taken any action to recover 35 thousand crore rupees. 

Bamons are on mission to destabilize Mulnivasis Bahujan in Vanxim in Tiswadi and Terekhol in Pedane  for golf courses, luxury villas, casinos, private marinas, spas, recreation clubs, etc.

RSS, VHP, Sanatan, Bamani language and so on are being used by Bamons to make Mulnivasi people their slaves.Through these mediums, Bamons intrude into Mulnivasi Bahujans. By dividing   Mulnivasi Bahujans, Bamons are enjoying fruits of uncontrolled power. These fruits are price rise, unemployement, terrorism, naxalism and corruption.

Adivasis in Goa are betrayed by Bamons through non-implementation of 5th Schedule of the Constitution thereby promoting Bamons loot of land and minerals.

Marathas are denied their rightful reservation under Article 340 of the Indian Constitution due to Bamani Conspiracy.

The program o Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization (LPG) and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has made a mockery of reservation of SC, ST and OBC.

The Portuguese failed to expel Marathi and Roman Konkani from Goa during their reign of 450 years . Now Bamons mechanism is working to expel Roman Konkani and  Marathi for their Bamani Rashtra. They created clash between Romi Konkani and Marathi and got their Bamani language as the official language of Goa. This is the Bamon Raj.

In the face of all this Goa’s Mulnivasi Bahujans are manipulated and incited by Bamons against Muslims and taxi owners. This is achieved by tagging Muslims as terrorists and South Goa taxi owners as ‘Gangs’ and ‘mafia’. Mulnivasi shack owners on Goa’s coast are harassed beyond imagination in prevailing Bamani Raj in Goa.

To destabilize, 2% Eursian Bamons caused Bomb explosions all over India. And pin the entire blam on our Muslim brethren and highly publicized that the Muslims are terrorists. Through this way they divided us and rule over us.

Last Congress government made appointments to fill up posts in Health department at the fag end of its tenure. The new BJP government till date has not allowed them to join the duty on some flimsy grounds. Now the question arises here is about 90% doctors in Goa are Bamons. How can only Bamons occupy 90% of the posts of doctors when Bamons’ population in Goa is less than 2% ? This is because Bamons have uncontrolled power over State. Medical education has been made very costly at Goa Medical College by Bamons in power, and it is beyond the reach of most Mulnivasi students.

There was no need to implement the Aadhaar Cards. Even then Bamons have spent crores of rupees on them from public treasury for keeping Mulnivasis slaves.

Bamons are responsible to start Casinos in Goa. Some Bamons when out of power opposed Casinos in a bid to acquire power. After coming to Power they emphasized and promoted Casino gambling to destroy Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj.

Shee ! Such disgusting, mean, degraded, betrayer, cunning, doubtful parentage, shameless, masked, cheater, looter, species as Eurasian Bamons is not found anywhere else in the universe.

Mulnivasi Bhahujans wake up ! 
Abolish the shackles of slavery !                                                                                   
Crush Bamonshahi !   
Destroy the Baman Raj !

Jai Bharat !    Jai Mulnivasi !!

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