Saturday 30 May 2015

'Women are first slaves of brahmanical system, then slaves of men'

Hon. Waman Meshram’s  speech at Pune Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh meet on 17th May 2015

Today theme of this session: Freedom cannot be achieved for free and women must fight their own battle. In this context those who are determined to fight for freedom must know history of slavery.

In India there used to be matriarchal system. Women were Chiefs of family. Women were Chiefs of the nations. Eurasian Brahmins enforced Patriarchy. With DNA results as base it is clear that Eurasians that came into India to were only males. They implemented patriarchal system with women as base. They introduced Sati, Child marriage and Kanya dan. Mahabharata revolves around Dropadi. Ramayana revolves around Sita. Ram in Ramayana is not biological son of King Dasharatha but a prodigy of Brahmin as per records in Ramayana. Bamani system has enslaved men and women.

Mother encourages son for education and not the daughter. She does not realize that it is slavery. Slaves enjoy slavery. Women are first slaves of brahmanical system, then slaves of men.

Now there is need for a fight against Brahmanism. Men and Women must fight jointly. For many years I have been telling men to free women. Now what does freeing women mean? Currently women are restricted to the domestic chores in kitchen. This has to change. Women must be involved socially, in national liberation struggle. Only cooking and reproduction is not enough. Get women involved in social transformation work.

Women must struggle at two levels. One level is intellectual struggle for freedom. This means to reflect on problems; why? How to solve? What can I do as individual? This also involves speaking out on various topics. Level two of involvement is organized struggle for freedom. The tasks of freedom struggle are not personal but of organized effort. Women must get involved in organizing people for freedom. Reflect on how to get women together and get results?

Extend this effort further and transform organizations into mass movement. One objective yet crores of women fight in combination. Individually crores of women engaged in internal and external struggle. Without making women free without men will not be free. Strategy deployed for accomplishing this mammoth task is of social networking. For this program only four states were involved with nine type of social networking.
There are five point programs in this regard for women already under implementation.
1.   Awareness: This includes identification of self, friends and enemies. Knowing our history, identifying our weaknesses and overcoming or weaknesses.
2.   Training of women for struggle
3.   Inspiration for involvement in struggle
4.   Representation for women in struggle
5.   Leadership for women in struggle

At at later session Hon. Meshram observed that Organization is very difficult to rise though not impossible. It involves constant contact with people. It involves spotting talent. It involves going on explaining again and again. It involves hard work, sweating out to create organization. 

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