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Press Release on Vanxim

Date: 04th January 2016

Bharat Mukti Morcha has noted yet another U – turn taken in its policies by the current ruling BPJ Government. Media reports on January 01, 2016 informed public about Goa Government’s decision to declare Vanxim Island in Mandovi river as ‘Investment Promotion Area’ in order to facilitate setting up of 5 Star Hotel and villas by Ozone Corporate. This is a complete U-turn of the current BJP government that had vowed to defend and protect Goa’s Coast.  Here are extracts of the letter of then Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar dated 16th April 2014 addressed to the then Indian Minister of Environment and Forest Dr.M.Veerappa Moily:

“The State is blessed with seven rivers and covers length of 253 kms. Approximately. The state is committed to conserve its natural heritage by regulating development around the rivers; and hence has subjected the areas around rivers under the Coastal Zone Regulation with No development Zone’s of 100 meters from the bank of the rivers on all sides; thereby imposing serious land use restriction.” “The State’s Coastal areas are full of Mangroves and khazan land and development around mangroves and on khazan land is banned by the State Government as voluntary measure to protect the ecological heritage of the State and to maintain ecological balance in the State.” “Also 40 % of the land is under agriculture which the government has decided not to be diverted.”

Its clear from the circumstances that layers of corruption has gone into Vanxim land scam involving people at very high level and there is need for investigating it completely before venturing into any Ozone related activities in Vanxim. Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for CBI probe into all the layers of corruption involved as desired by Fr. Bismarque Dias which was his dream. This is must, that it be put into action with immediate effect as frauds after frauds are being developed by Defence minister Manohar Parrikar, Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao, Mahendra Gaunekar, Ozone corporate, Investment Promotion Board, Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar and tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar to have a go for Vanxim. Lies have speed but Truth has stamina. Bharat Mukti Morcha stands for Truth with stamina and overtakes lies, and now calls for CBI probe on below counts:

1.    Whereabouts of black money generated through sale of Vanxim to Mahendra Gaunekar by Diocesan Procurator Fr. Arlino D’mello on behalf of Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao at the rate of 6 rupees and 20 rupees violating Civil law regulating tenancy as well as Cannon Law regulating Church properties. People of Goa has a duty as well as right to know as to the depth of these underground operations taking place in Bishop’s House in Panjim. Vanxim people intending to purchase the land are told to pay at the rate of Rs.1350/- per square meter while Vanxim land was sold to Gaunekar at the rate of Rs. 6/- and Rs. 20/-.
2.    Probe into role of Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar, his secretary and his wife who is reported as Deputy General Manager of Ozone corporate.

3.    Probe the corruption involving current Chief Minister of Goa Parsekar, Tourism Minister Parulekar and Cumbharjua MLA Pandurang Mandkaikar with their links with Ozone corporate and attempted cover ups of frauds involved. The local MLA Madkaikar gave 1000 rupees each and took 5 buses of people to the TCP office in support of Ozone corporate. To make up for the crowd even migrant labourers were roped in.

4.    Probe into role of Deputy Collectors at Panjim office who entertained ‘Condonation of delay’ applications and passed orders in favour of Ozone corporate even though Deputy Collector has no powers to do so. Two of these deputy collectors against whom CBI probe is a must are Sabhaji Shetye whose current posting is in Vasco and Sanjeev Desai who has been rewarded with posting as Director of Tourism.

It’s complete fraud that the investment promotion board has decided to convert survey area measuring 82,295 square meters into settlement zone by claiming it as orchard land. 34,115 square meters that IPB recommended to convert into settlement zone is within 100 meters from Mandovi coast and fit as No Development Zone. This is recorded on notified Regional Plan 2021 as eco sensitive area with mangroves bordering Mandovi River. By bypassing the actual mentioned above can the Investment Promotion Board fool the people of Vanxim and the people of Goa by declaring it as Investment Promotion Area? That too when the Regional Plan is out for the Public to object by overturning its objections to TCP Investment Promotion Board comes into existence from nowhere.

The Defense Minister Parrikar and the Chief Minister Parsekar must know that people are highly educated to understand what frauds both of them are into and People of Vanxim and People of Goa have understood it fully to what extend the BJP Government is fighting tooth and nail to facilitate the corporate at Vanxim including those on Investment Promotion Board. It is a misery to have such people going so much low in their educational values for want of frauds, manipulations and ecological violations. They act as if they are worse than opened mouthed hungry crocodiles.

Our children when they question us about Vanxim we will have to give them correct answers by saying we had defense minister Parrikar and Chief Minister Parsekar plus the investment promotion Board who changed the rules and laws according to their empty plates so that corporate could fill their plates and forcefully with high level of frauds and misery enacted Investment Promotion Act 2014 so that Vanxim could help the BJP financially to meet the expense of forthcoming elections.

Maggie Silveira


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