Friday 27 May 2016

Vanxim revolts in completion

After incessant struggle for the past six years people of Vanxim has comprehensively gone against the combined might of the Office of the Archbishop of Goa that carried on sale in mafia style, Mahendra Gaunekar, a Bamon who not only purchased Vanxim but also sold it to Ozone corporate from Bangalore, and Ozone Corporate itself that has deployed various corporate tools to manage and control public opinion. Braving all this odds Vanxim has revolted in splendid manner. 78 villagers from Vanxim signed the petition to the Chief Minister of Goa on 23rd May 2016, birthday of murdered Fr.Bismark Dias and gave entry today 27th May 2016 in the Secretariate followed by the Press Conference addressed by Maggie Silveira, Cosme Afonso and Aaron D'mello, all from Vanxim. We present scanned copy of this historic seven page document.

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