Monday 13 February 2017

Treasured Memories Dearest Daddy Ligorio Silveira, Vanxim

Rich treasured tributes to most loving daddy on your 20th death anniversary. You were very practical, bold with high integrity and as one Vanxim villager described, you were a 'medicinal plant died today' ("Aiz ek voktachem zadd melem."). This happened 20 years ago on the 13th February 1997. Daddy, your footsteps is all that we follow and will continue with your inspirational values of simplicity, modesty, sense of Justice, forthright attitude and the devotional values of Christianity, imbibed in us will always be cherished. Great you lived and your greatness of character, discipline, responsibility, commitment, dedication and above all your integrity is all that you taught us. 

Your bold and practical outlook made it all, when someone came to you for help with any of their problems. You went all out to see that whoever the person, whichever religion he/she came from the help was rendered as per the situation. Simple you lived and peacefully you passed off 20 years ago from us. In all our situation of life we feel your presence.

Thank you for everything dearest Daddy. Pray for all of us in our family. Your letter on Vanxim Paddy fields and corruption in Tenant Association of Vanxim continues to be relevant even after more than two decades. Here is the link.

We had a thanks giving mass for the soul of late Ligorio Silveira at Jesuit House, Panjim today.

Maggie n Seby

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