Friday, 7 July 2017

Goa has no facility to monitor mobile tower radiation

Goa has no facility to monitor mobile tower radiation and Term Cell in Nagpur is not bothered about doing monitoring in Goa. On 20th July 2017 it will one year since Goa Government decided to hand over monitoring of mobile tower radiation to Nagpur based Term cell in Maharashtra State of India. On September 09, 2016 letter was sent to term cell in Nagpur. 

However what shocked us now is that inquiries at Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) revealed that they have no information whether Term cell is monitoring or not even though there are several complainants to mobile towers all over Goa with backing of BJP rule in India and Goa. Term cell was meant to intimate the complainant and we are sure this has not been done as we are complaints on three occasions and listed at  GSPCB records shared here.

Radiation from Mobile towers is harmful to every living form including human, animal, birds, plants, crops, reptiles and fish. There are hundreds of scientific studies about the harmful effects of microwave radiation, and also specifically about the effects of mobile towers. E.g. the following sites tell about them and have direct links to the relevant science articles:

Another very noticeable study is at links below:

It is however surprising that Goa government is banking upon short term memory of public to avoid monitoring of mobile towers of every service provider including idea, Vodafone and newly entered one - Reliance that went on spree of digging and installing mobile towers during night time all over Goa. Idea and Vodafone have now been merged into one after recent corporate merger.

Radiation affects everyone and its rather bizarre that Goa Government is not at all serious about monitoring of radiation. We are also aware that mobile companies has been funding political parties and that sure is immediate incentive not to raise issue of radiation from mobile towers in Goa. Only one MLA Alina Saldanha has raised public objection in press citing that mobile towers has led to drastic fall in coconut yield and she will not allow any mobile towers to be installed in her Cortalim Constituency. It looks like her resistance has been over ruled and we see mobile towers installed in Cortalim Constituency too. 

That aside, its now a matter of historical record that baring Alina Saldanha no MLA have spoken out against mobile towers in Goa. Another odd man out is former Fatorda MLA Damu Naik who is one of the complainant against mobile towers as you will notice in the list of complainants we share with you here. The list prepared by GSPCB and was given to BMM as are complainant on three occasions in Bambolim-Nauxim area in Tiswadi Taluka of Goa. All together as per documents provided by  GSPCB there are 51 complaints from different parts of Goa against mobile towers.

If Goa cannot afford to monitor radiation from mobile towers then all the mobile towers must be shut down till monitoring facility is put in place. Goa's environment minister cares a damn for radiation concern for Goa. 

We request all the public and public representatives to put this issue on the agenda and initiate action to get strict monitoring of mobile phone towers. Our ancestors lived without mobile towers and radiations for past running into thousands of years but our future generations may not live so in the presence of radiating mobile towers. 

Have a look at the documents below for study and action.

  GSPCB letter dated 12/09/2016 to BMM on mobile towers
GSPCB letter dated 09/09/2016 to term cell in Nagpur, Maharashtra to carry on radiation monitoring in Goa

 Chief Secretary of Goa convened meeting on 20/07/2016 and decided to hand over monitoring of radiation of mobile towers to Term Cell in Nagpur in presence of complainants. 
 Above and below is an inventory of complaints against mobile towers in Goa 


  1. Hi BMM,
    Wanted to get to your notice that we citizens of sirvodem NAVELIM margao Goa have also been agitating against the installation of the reliance Jio mobile tower,which stands to be in close proximity to residential complexes.
    Our complaint too was forwarded to term cells by gspcb but till date we haven't heard back from the term cell.
    Post that we also spoke to the Jio authorities in merces and they said that every 6 months they submit a report to term cells but are not willing to share the same to the general public.
    Until and unless there are no strict monitoring guidelines these towers should not be allowed to be installed.
    Despite sereval opposition to the tower ,the Jio team are forcefully going ahead with the installation of the said tower at sirvodem NAVELIM junction.
    Public health seems to be of least importance to these towers companies and are only working towards maximizing their profits.
    Main thing is that with polticals parties getting involved,the tower companies are getting boosted and openly going against the public will.

  2. It is a shame that politicians here are so corrupt and supporting installation of life threatening mobile towers in residential areas but would definitely not allow it near their homes. We have been fighting about installation of mobile tower on neighbours roof since 2013. This is not even 11 mtrs away from my house. Permission was requested for/given for 9 antennae but now there are over 30 antennae on the tower and none of the guidelines stipulated by DOT have been met. Mapusa Municipality were in a hurry to issue License in 2012 without any documentation listed in the guidelines for State Governments to follow which were prevalent even in 2012. The file has conveniently disappeared and we are just fighting a brick wall. Need all the help we can get as we are seniors and this stress is telling on our health and we pray we will not be just another number added to the casualties resulting from mobile tower radiation.