Monday, 5 February 2018

Fishing boats versus private vehicles: battle for parking on Badem shores

There has been continues violation of Fisheries Department directions dated 14/10/2014 bearing reference number DF/GB/Ramp/Assagao Badem/ BAR 6/2014-15/3686. Order is signed by ousted Director of Fisheries Shamila Monteiro and till date remained unimplemented. Neither Anjuna Police Station nor Assagao Panchayat seems to have no respect for Fisheries Department even though most of them like eating fish. Not sure as to the reasons behind silence on this issue by Goa Fisheries Minister Vinoda Palyenkar.  

Fisheries department constructed the Ramp for use of fishing boats and repair of fishing nets but currently has been used by buses and cars for parking purposes. Fisher people are not able to carry on their work efficiently due to this. BMM calls for the immediate resolving of this problem.

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