Saturday 3 March 2018

Mopa airport will heat up Goa?

Today morning Dr. Joe D'Souza said something very true and serious, "Mopa airport is going to change Goa completely. Concretization of ground is dangerous. Already Goa has been ruined by mining industry. I may leave or not leave but in future in the Month of June Goa will witness floods. We are ruled today by mercenaries who are determined to make Mopa airport operational and shut down Dabolim airport. We cannot leave in illusion that Dabolim Airport will continue once the Mopa airport starts. We have to protest and stop concretization of Goa. If not Goa will witness rise in temperature" He was speaking at the Avinash Tavares presentation organized by Goan for Dabolim Only, a group campaigning against Mopa Airport at Menezes Braganza Hall, Panjim. 

Avinash did excellent job of studying all the available documents. Special word of gratitude to him for speaking out on Axis bank funding of Mopa Airport Construction. Very few people around dare to scrutize role of banks in funding destruction through State and corporate power. 

Dr. Joe D'Souza's point of launching campaign against concretization is very apt and need of our times. Automobile industry is and its addictions also needs examinations for widening of roads, asphalting of compound interiors in several places all over Goa.

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