Tuesday 15 May 2018

Why Goa needs to depend upon Nagpur for radiation monitoring?

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM), Goa State expresses deep concern about the continuing absence of mobile tower radiation monitoring in the State of Goa. Since 2014 over 50 complaints including two from BMM dated 30/7/2015 and 26/11/2015 of Nauxim-Bambolim localities are with regard to mobile towers in Goa; are pending with Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) without any solution.

Goa government in the light of the public unrest formed Goa State Telecom Committee (GSTC) headed by Chief Secretary with more IAS officers functioning as Secretaries to Ministries of Urban Development, Environment, and Town and Country Planning Departments as its members.

GSTC in 2016 decided to send all the radiation related complaints from People of Goa to Telecom Enforcement, Resources & Monitoring (TERM) Cell based at Khamla Telephone Exchange in Nagpur, Maharashtra. TERM Cell as per directives from GSPCB was to carry on radiation monitoring in Goa with prior intimation to the complainants in Goa.

This monitoring never took place and TERM Cell never responded to GSPCB letter of 09/09/2016 or to its reminder letters dated 24/01/2018 and 15/03/2018 sent after follow up from BMM in person as well as via letter dated 7/2/2018.

Total incompetence in radiation monitoring has been again brought to the notice of GSTC on 15/03/2018 by Shivanand Salelkar, Superintending Engineer, GSPCB with intimation to BMM. In this connection BMM considers it is important for wider public involvement as radiation even though it is without sound, form and colour do carry lethal capacity inflict damage on life forms on plants, animals, birds and humans even though mobile companies are attempting to silence dissent by various brainwashing tactics like publicity and co-option of political leaders such as all MLAs of Goa.
Currently no one seems to the taking radiation monitoring in Goa seriously with Goa’s political decision making powers located in Panjim, New Delhi and New York playing deaf. Why State Level Telecom Monitoring Committee has not followed up on this important matter of Public Health? Why entire population of Goa has been put into risk of radiation emitted from mobile towers?

In the light of the above we call upon you to do the following:
1.     Make all mobile towers all over Goa dysfunctional till regular monitoring mechanism for radiation monitoring is installed in Goa as Term Cell located in Nagpur is not bothered about EMR monitoring in Goa.
2.     In the event of failure to install full fledged radiation monitoring system in Goa stop mobile towers permanently and uproot existing mobile towers.
3.     Install full fledged radiation monitoring system in Goa with public participation. Set up Peoples’ radiation monitoring groups armed with radiation monitors and induct this issue in existing groups across the State of Goa.

Maggie Silveira
Goa State

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