Friday, 1 March 2019

Mobile Tower radiation hazards for Students, Teacher, Parents and Public

Date: 1st March 2019

Chief Secretary, and Chairman of State Level Telecom Committee (STC),
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa

Secretary (Urban Development),
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa

Secretary (Education)
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa

Secretary (Health)
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa

Principal Secretary (Environment)
Secretariat, Porvorim, Goa

Subject: Mobile Tower radiation hazards for Students, Teacher, Parents and Public

Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to draw your attention to the indisputable evidence of radiation hazards from mobile towers presented in Bio initiative 2007 that got upgraded in 2012 and 2017. All the three editions are available online with simple google search is prepared by 29 scientists from 10 countries in the world including 02 of them from India. The report that contains over 1500 pages is not sponsored by any electrical or telecom company and is outspoken on radiation hazards faced by human beings and need for the applicability of Precautionary Principle to face the radiation emitting from towers, mobile phones etc.

We write this letter to you after our tryst with Goa Government to request for the monitoring of mobile tower radiation in Goa. From our correspondence with Goa State Pollution Control Board it has been revealed that Goa Government does not have facility for monitoring of mobile tower radiation and people who are raising this issue are directed towards term centre in Nagpur, Pune etc. This has been the experience for past three years.

Now we have come across Bio imitative Reports and realized that mobile phone and mobile tower radiation is one of the cause of several diverse sicknesses such as breast cancer, rising infertility, high hearing frequency loss, fatigue, Partial memory loss, Dizziness, Sleeping Disorders, Skin infections, Hearing impairments, Cardiac Problems,  Cancer, depression, insomnia, ovarian cancer, vision loss in school children from smart phones, brain tumors, migraine, joint pains, memory loss, effects on gene and protein exposure, damage to immune system, Effects on neurology, childhood concerns, Alzheimer’s diseases, Autism,  etc.

In view of the above dangerous scenario created by mobile phone technology you are requested to take up following urgent steps:

1.       Review the guidelines for installation of Mobile Base Stations Towers, Goa State in the light of evidence of radiation hazard contained in Bio-initiative 2012 and its upgraded version of 2017. We will be happy to share the soft copies of these reports on request.
2.       Examine the enforcement of the guidelines for installation of Mobile Base Stations Towers, Goa State. There are over 50 complaints received at GSPCB office and many are hanging in limbo as no radiation monitoring is done for four years either from Nagpur or from Pune. Induct efficient radiation testing capacity for the State of Goa.
3.       Initiate mobile tower audit for all the Educational and residential localities in Goa. Installations, it is observed, are carried on in violation of the guidelines mentioned. Barely 10 meters away from the residential house of Mr. Placid D’Souza there is mobile tower in Mapusa with 17 antennae. Barely 20 meters from Holy Cross High School, Siolim, there is mobile Tower with nearly 20 antennae. Mobile Tower is being installed in residential areas in Curduwada, Khandola, Ponda and opposed by villagers. And so is the case in Merces, Tiswadi. Mobile Towers set up in residential areas in Bambolim-Nauxim villages in spite of public opposition. All these are without any monitoring facility of radiation.
4.       Initiate discussions and awareness on radiation hazard in schools, colleges and public forums like media, Panchayats. Goa boasts of being most literate state. Its time Goa also becomes most radiation literate rather than surrender our destiny to vested interests and telecom bullies who does not like questioning of mobile tower radiation.

All these measures are necessary otherwise Goa will face accumulated impact of low intensity radiation over the next few years, and we request you to oblige and take action.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Maggie Silveira
President, Goa Unit

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