Friday, 2 July 2021

Objections to two Public Hearings on Coastal Management Plan for July 08, 2021


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Date: 02/07/2021 


The Member Secretary,

Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority,

Panjim, Goa


Subject: Objections to two Public Hearings fixed for July 08, 2021 on Coastal Management Plan.


We call upon your office to let you know that certain conditions laid in your notification reference GCZMA/CZMP-2011/20-21/01/201 dated 07/06/2021 are highly objectionable.  We list them out as under: 

1. Time limit slotted to per speaker of 15 minutes is not sufficient. Each speaker must be given at least one hour to complete their submissions. No speaker must be pressurized to hurry. 

2. Forfeiting of the time slot in case speaker is not able to at fixed slot. We object this process and hold strong that those who are not able to speak at the fixed slot must be accommodated later on. 

3. Forbidding of political criticism by the speakers is highly objectionable. We strongly hold that your above referred notification is in violation of fundamental right of Freedom of Speech and expression in the Constitution of India enshrined under Article 19. We hold that preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plan is primary a political process masked as technical. We call upon you to revoke this condition immediately and issue fresh notification allowing political criticism. Otherwise public participation is a futile exercise and we consider it assault on Constitution of India. 

4. Public Hearing must not go on after 7.00 pm. Your notification that Public Hearing to continue till completion of the process is objectionable. We object continuation of Public Hearing beyond 7.00 pm. If speakers are remaining then Public Hearing must be resumed next working day. 

5. Spot entries upto 2.00 pm are objectionable as it creates undue pressure. We strongly object and advise you to drop this condition and allow spot entries throughout the day. 

6. The above notification to hold Public Hearing is issued without enforcing the Order no. GCZMA/GEN/MISC/13-14/Part VI/1445 issued by department of Environment and Climate change dated 04/03/2021 calling for comprehensive plan for fishermen community living in CRZ area. Non-imimentation of this order was confirmed to us as no required survey was carried on northern bank of Zuari river. Our inquiries has revealed that survey was not undertaken due to prevailing restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic. We request your office to report this situation to the National Green Tribunal and get the Public Hearing deferred till the referred survey is conducted and report made available in public domain. 

Overall we conclude that all the above mentioned processes included for Public Hearing are meant to exclude Public being heard. The consequences of this style of operation is satanic, cruel, perverse work of crooks that will have short term as well long term unpredictable negative effects for which your office will be held accountable and responsible. 

We advise you to pay serious attention to the above points and call off both the Public Hearings fixed for July 08, 2021 in North as well as South Goa. 

Thanking you, 

Yours sincerely,

Laximan Mangueshkar 


Copy to: 

1. Director, Department of Environment and Climate Change, Panjim, Goa 

2. Director, Department of Fisheries, Panjim, Goa 

3. Collector, North Goa, Panjim, Goa 

4. Collector, South Goa, Margao, Goa

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