Thursday, 17 March 2022

Stop purse seine fishing in Zuari now!

Bharat Mukti Morcha is deeply concerned about rising incidents of illegal purse seine fishing in Zuari river over the past week. It has been observed that this kind of destructive fishing going on with close co-ordinatiom with Directorate of Fisheries, Government of Goa. Purse seine fishing is banned in the rivers and within five kilometers from the shoreline due to their destructive impacts.

There has been complete and deliberate promotion of illegal fishing with collision of those engaging in illegal purse seine fishing from Nerul and Vasco with the Director of Fisheries Shamila Monteiro to destroy Zuari river fisheries and the livelihoods of small scale fishers. In fact Monteiro has gory reputation of supporting illegal fishing in Zuari river and was even chucked out of the office in 2017 for this reason by then Minister of Fisheries Palyenkar. Fisheries department was handled ably well by the IAS officers Govind Jaiswal, Secretary to the Fisheries.

Monteiro is bias against the small scale fishers for the reasons best known to her as evident from her tacit support to illegal purse seine fishing in Zuari over the past full week. Disgusting. Monteiro's competence lies in supporting illegal fishing in Zuari. It's shocking yet tragic reality.

Bharat Mukti Morcha holds Shamila Monteiro responsible for all the illegal purse seine fishing going on at Zuari river over the past week. She should be shifted out from Fisheries department as was done in 2017 and charge be given to some other able officer.

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for complete revamping of Fisheries department with 24 hour Patroling of Zuari river in view of daily illegal purse seine fishing. Patrol boat should be stationed at Dona Paula Jetty rather than at Panjim Jetty for effecting quick response against fishing rights violators namely the purse seine fishing boats.

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