Wednesday 22 June 2022

Waman Meshram calls for Bharat Band on June 25

 Rashtriya Parivatan Morcha

Bhahujan Kranti Morcha

Bharat Mukti Morcha 


Against the powers who are putting Unity and Integrity of Bharat in danger. 


On 25th June 2022 


Bharat Band 


Leadership: Hon. Waman Meshram

(National Convenor,  Bhahujan Kranti Morcha and Rashritya Parivartan Morcha (Social), New Delhi) 




Collaborators,  the way Gyanvapi issue has been created by RSS and BJP, the way Mathura issue is raised after Ayodhya and the way- on the directions of BJP and RSS - Nupur Sharma spoke ill defamatory about Mohammad Paigambar is noted. 


Now 2022 is ongoing; and people at BJP and RSS feel that 2024 elections are not too far distant in time. In this context - to prepare for the elections - they are busy in creating polarization between Hindus and Muslims. In order to achieve this end they had commissioned Nupur Sharma for this task. Nupur Sharma gave her statements based on directions to her from the policy of the Party and the Organisation. This is the reason Party pretented as if action has been taken against her but BJP workers still seen supporting her. 


And the government too did not act against her in any way because of which several places witnessed riots. Because of the prevalence of riots India's unity and Integrity is in danger. 


Gandhi in order to unite Hindus transformed Freedom struggle with religios colour and used religious symbols through his life to gather common people. It is because of Gandhi Hindu-Muslim issue arose and intensified. This is the reason for partition of India. 


RSS and BJP carried this task after Gandhi again. Things are clear: if religious coloring task, religious polirisation task, Hindu-Muslim division accomplishing task continues then Nation's unity and Integrity will come under threat and danger of more partitions looms large. 


That's why it is very important that this trend is stopped. 


Brahmins finally got clear proof that they are foreigners. That's why if India's land gets further partitioned they have no regards. This is because brahmins are not natives (mulnivasis), are not Indians because DNA report has proved that they are foreigners. Their nationalism is only a  to save Brahmins and a ploy to end their foreignness. This nationalism that is meant to cover up their foreignness is inflamed through Hindu-Muslim division so that they can be polarized apart. 


This situation has threatened unity and Integrity of India. The way Hindu-Muslim polarization is going on India's unity and Integrity has come under risk. The way 57 nations commented indicate that the danger to India's unity and Integrity has proliferated further. And for those statements that foreign nations issued people from RSS and BJP are responsible and thy have pushed India's unity and Integrity towards peril. 


That's why in order to safeguard Nation's unity and Integrity there is a need to initiate huge action at the national level. And in order to enforce this social action, in order to support Nation's unity and Integrity, and those people who in the name of Hindu-Muslim have conspired to destroy Nation's unity and integrity; in opposition to them enforcing "Bharat Band" on 25th June 2022. 


-Waman Meshram 


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