Thursday 29 December 2022

Will Talegao be torch bearer for Freedom yet again after 512 years?

Believe it or not evidence revealed that Talegao village in Tiswadi has Urbanized aggressively and irresponsibly over the past some years. Telegao Panchayat has revealed that within its Jurisdiction there are 04 Group Housing Approval licensed projects, 37 Residential multi-dwelling housing buildings approved licensed projects, and 31 multi-storied approved licensed projects.

Even though there is no data as to how many of these are constructed by filling up paddy fields but likely to be huge considering memories of any one familiar with Talegao or their occasional protesting belligerent farmers over the past three decades. 

There is also evidence that local Panchayat has none of these buildings' post occupancy audit reports done as required by law. This is huge scam and need further investigation.

Talegao is classic example of what urbanisation is without planning and with political bullying. In the absence of long term perpective plan in place urbanisation is further sought to be accelerated through Outline Development Plan (ODP). It is evident from the available evidence on Talegao that Urbanisation has taken monstrous form and political rulers has fueled it.

Time has come to re-look and re-think on urbanisation in Goa. Situation on ground indicate that we need to move towards de-urbanisation and increase  protection to and expansion of rural Goa. Urbanisation coupled with digitilizatization for smart cities is subtle orientation towards surveillance slavery.

People of Talegao historically has been defenders of Freedom. It is their chieftains that forged into alliance to overthrow tyrannical rule of Adil Shah in 1510. After 512 years can Goa look at Talegao with hope to lead yet another Freedom struggle against oncoming urban slave state? Can Talegao lead the band of torch bearers in our times? We extent solidarity in hope and optimism. To Talegao.

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