Saturday 27 May 2023

Do Goa TCP Functions Under Mafia Dictates?

With recent proposal of Amendment of TCP Building rules realization has downed that Goa's Town and Country Planning Department has come under the firm grip of mafia. Important hallmark of mafia operation is secrecy. Recent analysis of those who pushed TCP department to proposed April 2023 Ammendments indicate that at least in five instances lid of secrecy is maintained. 

Analysis carried on by Tahir Noronha, Urban Planner posted online. Here we present our interpretation of Tahir's analysis.

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is behind the proposed Ammendment to get migrant workers to reside within industrial zones. This certainly is in  violation of safety norms. Nevertheless his name is on record. 

Similarly Babu Kavlekar, former Deputy Chief Minister of Goa is found on records as the one who pushed for allowing legalization of prevailing unauthorized structures greater than 500 square meters in size. He has openly advocated case of those posh people who has stolen land. We can imagine how much he has been favored in cash and kind by rich who are politically connected and confidently constructed more than 500 square meters of unautorised constructions.

Steering committee has taken upon itself as decision makers with regard to pushing of Ammendments connected with Charging of Electric Vehicles, and relaxation on minor changes while constructions of buildings encroaching in setback areas.

Confederation of Real Estate Developers in India (CREDI) are recorded as being the behind the scene pushers against Changes in rule concerning 5% Utility spaces in building complexes and making the utility spaces commercial thereby affecting open spaces negatively.

Ammendments concerning reduction of road widths regarding multi-family housing projects. Road with less than 08 meters width can service 180 housing units as per the proposed ammendments that has dubious origin as the records indicate "someone informed the Committee". Who is thst someone? Why identity is kept hidden? Obviously mafia don't reveal its identy! 08 Meters road will have to shed is edges to half meter shoulders and half meter gutters on each side as per the specifications of Goa TCP. That leaves 06 Meters right of way to service 180 housing units. This is a planned move towards making Goa intensely congested destination. In case roads are without gutters then sanitation and flooding issue will multiply. In case roads are without shoulders then traffic safety is compromised. In both instances TCP regulations stands violated.

Records traces use of phrases such as "Committee was informed" and "Committee was appraised" to cover up the source being recorded. This secrecy on the proposed ammendments are suspicious to be of mafia origin. Mafia origin ammendments that have been channelized through Steering Committee of TCP that is chaired by Goa Chief Minister. This means that mafia has gained upper hand over not only over Goa TCP but also over Goa CM. Let's have details of these mafia pushed Ammendments.

Steering Committee was "informed" to create giant farm houses of 1000 square meters. Who informed? Obviously this is mafia operation to steal away Goa's farmlands. Irrespective of which other Indian State has this kind of provision the very fact that identity of the informer is kept secret makes the intention of this proposed Ammendment malafide.

Similarly the proposed ammendments allowing for other usages in A1 and A2 zones (Agriculture and Forest/Orchard/ Eco-sensitive Zones) has attribute "Committee was informed because other States have it". If TCP is incapable of recording the names of those are pushing these ammendmends then it is clear indicating that TCP has become an epicentre of mafia activities that even Chief Minister is found to be incapable to tackling. Blazing fires to Goa's Forest that began in March 2023 doesn't look accidental but the handy work of these mysterious creatures known at least to TCP Minister Vishwajit Rane. Fires are most primary steps to execute change in Forest land use.

Next proposed ammendment from undisclosed source is to allow Farm Houses in rice fields provided it is not low lying fields. And records mention "Committee was appraised". Who appraised the committee? Records are full of Ghosts.

Similarly proposed Ammendment to allow unlimited sub-division of agricultural land is from ghostly source. Records mentions "Committee was informed". Who informed? Informer has been made invisible and mysterious alien in records. In 2019 sub-division of agricultural land was restricted. Now restriction is proposed to be revoked. 

Several objections are filed before Chief Town Planner (Administration). These objections will be considered and decided if they are worthy by sub-comittee. Director of Panchayat as well as Minister of Panchayat are members of this gatekeepers. Mouvin Godinho is the only Minister and of it's kind who is member of both the sub-committee as well as steering committee. 

As it stands today degeneration of Panchayati Raj in Goa is going on under active supervision of by the Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho and Director of Panchayat Siddhi Halarnlar. They effectively has sabotaged Gram Panchayat Development Plan. Now both of them has moved inside the TCP sub-committee. We can only imagine the disaster that is awaiting to unleash. In all probability most if not all the objections are likely to be aborted even before reaching the Steering Committee, at the level of sub-committee itself.

It is now clear as to how mafia operations at Goa TCP department. If mafia plan has to succeed through TCP Department then Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) has to be stiffed. That's reason Panchayat Minister along with Director of Panchayats has found their way inside the sub-committee.

In case you are still confused then click here to know the composition of Steering Committee. 

And click here to see who are members of the sub-committee who are to consider public objections.

Sebastian Rodrigues 

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