Saturday 21 October 2023

Notes on Land Aquisition notice for IIT Goa

South Goa Collector Asvin Chandru A., IAS issued public notice on 11 October 2023 to acquire 10,51,618 m² of land in Sanguem taluka's Rivona village consisting of survey numbers 168/1 (6,27,703 m²), 169/1 (3,79,500 m²), 169/2 (11,315 m²), 169/3 (33,100 m²). The reason to acquire this land given is to set up permanent campus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) that was sanctioned to Goa half a decade ago.

To whom does this land belong to in Rivona as per form I & XIV Form? What is the current landuse there?

Currently IIT functions at Famagudi with shared campus of Goa College of Engineering. 

Additionally Goa ready has huge campus of Birla Institute of Technology at Pilani, Rajasthan.

Goa University on the other hand is spiral low spree in its standard with sliding down in its ranking from A to B. Corruption has skyrocketed with pace of Chamdrayan to the moon under current Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Registrar.

Primary education has taken nasty blows with collapse of school infrastructure. Devidas Gaonkar, a journalist from Khotigao has been filing repeated stories in media.

Government of Goa ascwell as Government of India is supervising Goa's educational crisis. 

In the middle of all thus we get to know that priority has taken by permanent campus to IIT Goa.

Time has arrived comprehensive evaluation of educational situation in Goa notwithstanding enforcement of New Educational Policy. It's time to critically asses as to what extent education system in Goa - technical and non-technical is in the interest of Goa and to what extent it is in is promoted by vested interests. 

Primary issue at stake is two fold: Land and Education. Whose land? For whose education? IIT Goa controversy that is raging for almost half a decade has to be placed in this context. Each educational institution must be audited to check as to how it has served interest of Goa and to what extent. This involves marked departure, a paradigm shift.

Regarding proposed permanent campus of IIT Goa at Rivona local people's views are important to respect inspite of Collector's dietary on Land Acquisition. 

Rivona Panchayat Jurisdiction has large number of mining eases granted by Portugues government due to prevalent of mineral deposits in the village. Proposed IIT Campus in Rivona will have to face this reality. Or it may even happened that IIT Campus might start digging ore in-house or even turn the campus into mining pit in national or public interest for we are in situation when impossible is I m possible!

Dr. S.A. Rodrigues

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