Thursday 14 December 2023

Goa Fisheries Minister promotes fishing black economy?

 Goa Fisheries Minister promotes black economy with standardized bribes from Trawlers?

According to just received information at 9.30 pm today December 14, 2023 five trawlers are carrying illegal fishing between Odxel and Dona Paula Coast. Last night they were at Nauxim-Cacra Coast plundering Zuari river.

According to the information received Fisheries Minister has accepted Rs.25,000/- from each trawler to allow illegal fishing. This works to 05 Crore rupees for 200 trawlers alone. 

Fisheries Minister has started parallel black economy in Goa to destroy Marine ecology and livelihood of legally permitted small scale fishers in Coastal waters.

Fisheries Minister sure must be sharing the bribe kitty with his political bosses. Time to kick him out has arrived!

Fisheries Control has already been informed but it is controlled by the super corrupt political dispensation in place.

Sharing of this message is advisable.

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