Saturday 13 January 2024

Call to release all those detained due to mining protests in Mayem

 Action Alert

Call to release all those detained due to mining protests in Mayem, Bicholim, Goa

According to the confirmed information six people are illegally detained at the Bicholim Police station without any charges in them. They were arrested today 13 January morning at 10.30 am while protesting illegal transportation ore from their village of Mayem from Chowgule mine at Paira, Mayem.

Those amongst six includes Babuso Karbotkat, Santosh Sawant, Santosh Malvankar, Ajit Sawant, Apa Salgaonkar, Naguesh Naik.

Iron ore is being transported by contactor Dinesh Gauns through the village road in Mayem and is objected by villagers. 

It is also alleged by the villagers that Goa Chief Minister is directly involved in abuse of police force in his capacity as Home Minister for some petty selfish gains and detriment of the Public Interest. It is not know as to how much of 35,000 crores of mining scam has reached Goa Chief Minister as evidently he is silent on recovery of this amount.

Please call up Bicholim Police Station at numbers below and demand immediate release of all those detained at the Bicholim Police Station.

Phone: 0832 2362233

Bicholim Police Inspector Dinesh Gadekar mobile 7875756033

Goa has enough of mining loot, let's not tolerate it any further. Let's stop abuse of Police as private security of mining companies and mining contractors any more!

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