Monday 29 April 2024

Fishing manifesto for Parliamentary Elections 2024

Hello Candidates for Lok Sabha Elections from Goa!

Greetings from All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union!

We wish to draw your attention to few points that need your attention as a candidate for forthcoming Lok Sabha elections from Goa:

1. National Waterways

All the six rivers (Chapora, Mapusa, Mandovi, Cumbharjua, Zuari, Sal) be excluded from National Waterways Act 2017. This will make rivers legally safe for fishing.

2. Marinas

Two proposals (Nauxim and Sancoale) for Marinas in Zuari river be canceled. Leased deeds for both be canceled. This will ensure unhindered fishing in Zuari river.

3. MPA

Mormugao Port Authority (MPA) be excluded from the scope of Major Ports Authorities Act. This will be helpful to make fishing safe for small scale fishers.

4. Blue Flag

Blue Flag certification proposal for Siridao and other beaches in Goa be revoked. Beaches are declared as fish landing centre and This should not be disrupted by providing exclusive and reserved access to any beach in Goa.

5. Subsidies

Fishing communities fuel subsidies and other facilities be increased for small scale fishers.

6. Plastics

Rivers of Goa be cleaned up of plastic garbage by stopping manufacture of plastics.

7. Mining

Mining in Goa has led to siltation of rivers. It has negatively affected livelihoods of small scale fishing communities. Recent scientific study by Scientists from NIO etc has published evidence to this effect. This needs be taken on board as Indian government is moving ahead to resume mining in Goa.

We request you to keep above seven points on your agenda I times ahead.

We will be happy to extend any further inputs on the above points should you decide to contact us back.

Thanking  you,

Yours sincerely

Shaila D'mello


Laximan Mangueshkar


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