Friday 15 July 2011

Goa Industrial Development Corporation re-constituted for more land grabs

Much known for its land grabs of mulnivasi people particularly tribal people Goa government has reconstituted Goa Industrial Development Corporation in exercise of the powers conferred under section 4 of the Goa Industrial Development Act, 1965. Notification is published in Government of Goa Official Gazette Series II No. 11 on 16th June 2011. The members include:
1. Shri Chandrakant R. Kavlekar, MLA  ....Chairman
2. Secretary (Industries)  ....Director
3. Secretary (Finance)   ....Director
4. Chief Electrical Engineer  ....Director
5. Director of Industries, Trade and Commerce   Director
6. Shri Prisco Sequeira, Industrialist ....Director
7. Shri Atik Bandukada  ....Director
8. President, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries  ...Director
9. President, Goa Small Scale Industries Association ....Director
10. Managing Director, Goa Industrial Dev. Corporation  ....Ex officio Secretary

The activities of Goa IDC must be watched. All the lands taken from the mulnivasi people of Goa must be accounted for. Already large amount of Goa's mulnivasis including adivasis have been captured by brahmins through trickery of various sorts. The remaining land is being confiscated for industry including setting up of SEZ.

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