Tuesday 2 October 2012

Part 15: Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Nehru’s letter against reservation

In 1954 Nehru sent secret letter to Chief Ministers. In that letter he wrote that reservation must be implemented because with reservation second graded nation will rise. Exactly this type of letter Dr.Rajendra Prasad had written against reservation to Nehru. The letter written in 1954 to Jawaharlal Nehru under the chairmanship of Swarna Singh is available. Within Congress Nehru had formed the committee under the Chirmanship of Swarna Singh to review the Constitution, later on BJP formed the review commission.

The people who say that congress is better than BJP, it is necessary for those people to know this. It does not mean that I want to say that BJP is better party. BJP is rascal but Congress is even more rascal than BJP. When Janata Party came to power Chowdary Charan Singh was the Home Minister and that time Congress leveled the allegation on Charan Singh that he is anti-dalit. So Charan Singh got very angry. He digged out Nehru’s letter from the old files, and flung it on the face of Congress. He said ‘this is yours such a great ancestor, how strongly do you’ll support untouchables, I know it very well’. When enemies fight sometime we also benefit.

These days the enemies that are fighting, they are fake fights. One fights in the name of religion and second fights in the name of secularism, but both are rascals. The one who fights in the name of secularism declares slogans in Madhya Pradesh ‘Cow is our mother, Ata behari eats it!’ So what, he is not eating here, he eats abroad. He eats whenever he goes abroad.

In this way those fight with the slogans of religion and secularism and carry on campaigns, for those people I want to give an example that in 1954 the man who swore by the Constitution goes against it in 1954 to issue secret letter to the Chief Ministers, was this not the program of destroying the Constitution? There are lots of matters like this related to the Constitution as after winning of the elections cabinet that is formed, these ministers formed their own budget and program, and on this basis formulate their budgets and programs.

Constitution has granted them the rights to do this. These people propagate something and in budgets show something else. We have no people of our own who will carry on budget analysis and the media in our country is the media of Brahmin-bania propaganda machinery. They do not tell correct news to our people because it is only Brahmin-bania propaganda media. Bania is their owner. Biggest newspaper of our country is ‘Times’, it is owned by Jain Bania, ‘Express group’ is owned by Goel, ‘Lokmat’ group is also of banias. That’s how the owner of the newspaper is  bania and the editor and journalist of those newspapers is Brahmin. In this way Brahmin-bania media has been evolved.

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