Thursday 4 October 2012

Part 17: Revolution and counter revolution in modern India

Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha

Establishment of Brahmin Raj

The destruction of the Constitution that is going on all over the country should not take place. This is surprising matter is not possible it is happening in democracy. If minority of people is ruling over majority of people then other than this, is there any counter revolution? Minority people establish their rule over majority, Brahmins are in administration, Brahmins are in opposition party, Brahmins are in ruling party, what does all this evidence points out to? Brahmins have captured entire power. In India’s history before 1947 entire India was not ruled by Brahmins. On 15th August 1947 India came under Brahmin rule that’s why it was not our Freedom struggle in any way.

Maharastra witnessed the movement called ‘riddles in Hinduism’. Credit for starting of this agitation is given to Madhav Gadkari. Why the issue of ‘riddles in Hinduism’ did was provoked in Maharastra? The Ambedkarite people were supporting OBC people to implement Mandal commission was creating unity amongst SC and OBC people. Brahmins had anticipated such a dangerous scenario in advance. That’s why they drew plan of creating enmity be between SC and OBC people. In order to create this enmity program of ‘riddles in Hinduism’ started. That time Mandal commission agitation had engulfed the entire nation. Brahmins made two teams; one Ram team and second Bhim team.

Kabbadi took place between the two teams. It is natural that the people believing in Ram got separated and those people believing in Bhim got separated. After this agitation Bal Thackeray started a newspaper named ‘samana’. When he submitted application to the registrar of newspapers to get the name ‘samana’ he was told that one person in Kolhapur has already registered the newspaper in that name and if you want then take it from that person. Thackeray paid lakhs of rupees and brought the title for this paper.

In this way Brahmins recognized the danger of our people getting united against them and they succeeded in creating fights amongst our people and separating them from each other. But simultaneously Ambedkarite people played important role in this as the newspapers that carried on the agitation our people participated in a big way. Why did they participate? They did so because thoughts of Babasaheb were threatened, it was important to rescue them, by thinking this way they participated in this agitation. Shiv Sena mobilized 10 lakh people believing in Shivaji at Azad Maidan and Ambedkarite people also mobilized their 10 lakh people on Azad Maidan. This resulted in Shiv Sena increasing its tally from 21 to 228 because of Ambedkarite people. We transform ant into an Elephant and then cry that Elephant is crushing our heads. After this agitation of ‘riddles in Hinduism’ Shiv Sena and BJP came to power in Maharashtra.

There was a time in 1937 when in Faizpur Congress conference took place, that time all also non-brahmin agitation was going on. Gandhiji through trickery merged entire Phule inspired agitation of backward class into congress. In this was movement of non-brahmins carrying on awakening ended but Brahmins did not stop their program of creating counter propaganda.

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