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On how Church in Goa is ruled by Bamani agenda

In the country of blind one eyed man is the King.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Confessions, 1765

February 11, 2006 is a day to be remembered for the posterity in the history of Goa. On this day Bamani agenda was pushed aggressively ahead and sold 4,85,275 square meters of Vanxim land to Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar. This land that belonged to Santa Monica convent was sold on behalf of Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao by then procurator Fr. Arlino De Mello for rate that does not exceed Rs.20/- per square meter. The total amount received by the church officially is just Rs. 55,04,150/- .

Church in Goa has claimed for last one year that Vanxim was sold legally. It claimed so even when no one had ever accused it of illegal sale. The accusation has been that Vanxim has been sold without consulting people of Vanxim at all.  Bamani machinery was at work in this transaction right from the beginning of this conspiracy. Next three years every precaution was taken to make sure that no one in Vanxim will be made aware of the sale so that sale deed does not get challenged in the court of law so that the future legal challenges in court of law are time barred and invalid after 3 years. They are invalid in civil courts. This is a case of criminal application of mind against mulnivasis.

The simple question is as to why Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao did not feel it is necessary to consult Vanxim villagers before the sale deed was affected on February 11, 2006? Why did he not take any proactive steps to inform Vanxim villagers that he has sold Vanxim to another Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar? Why did he sold Vanxim so cheaply at he rate of Rs 6/- to Rs 20/- per square meter? 

Public has been told through late clarifications in 2011 through Fr.Francisco Caldeira that Vanxim was sold to contribute towards the maintainance of Santa Monica convent. If Santa Monica Convent was in need of monetary assistance then why members of public were not informed and donations sort? What was such a great emergency for Santa Monica convent that such a huge land in Vanxim had to be sold? If Archbishop believes in fund raising through selling of church immovable property then why Bishop’s palace in Panjim is not sold to raise funds for Oratarian constructions project in Old Goa? Why crore of rupees are raised there through public fund raising? All these questions have to be address by Archbishop and answered honestly, even though it is going to be tough. If he does not answer then he is a leading entire Church institution in Goa towards only Bamani agenda without any other consideration of mulnivasi Christians adhering to Roman Catholic Church.

According to Canon Law that governs the Church functioning world wide Christians are placed on obligation to promote social justice. This directive flows from Canon 222 (2) “Christians are also obliged to promote social justice, and mindful of the Lord, to assist the poor from their own resources.” Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao has violated this Canon of the Church itself and is party to the promotion of grave injustice not only to the people of Vanxim but to entire population of Goa specially those adhering to the Roman catholic Church. The scandalous sale of Vanxim does inflict terrible blow to Canon 222 (2) and it becomes more then ample clear that Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao has been working to promote social injustice. Just because people are God fearing they have been taken for a jolly good ride not for interest of the church but for the interest of the Eurassian bamons that have infiltrated top decision making bodies of the Church in Goa to the detriment of mulnivasi people of Goa specially the Christians.  No wonder Church in Goa never shares and teaches Cannon law to the faithful and kept it as top secret so that Bamons can have their say as well as sway; for them ignorance of mulnivasis is a bliss.

Canon 287 (1) states “most especially, clerics are always to foster the peace and harmony based on justice which are to be observed amongst people.” Goa’s chief cleric bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao has abandoned foundation of justice with the Vanxim sale and rendered him incompetent to promote genuine peace and harmony. He can only pretend as his action of selling Vanxim only exhibits his bamani fangs against mulnivasis. The other clerics in Goa either collaborate with him or those who disagree are living in fear of Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. When pastors are living in such a grave bamani fear they are living the life of captivity and are in need of liberation themselves. This country does not belong to bamons. This is our country - the country of mulnivasis, and Bamons are invaders. There is no reason to fear Eurasians including the Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao. Fearless life is better than fearful life. We are not to have any fear of any human beings specially the Bamons.
Canon 528 (1) urges pastors to preach ‘even to what pertains to social justice’. Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao has lost moral ground to preach on justice. In 2011 preaching at all the Novenas of St.Francis Xavier feast in Old Goa were on the theme of environment, yet the Archbishop himself has set the example of selling Vanxim for the purpose of golf courses, luxury tourism, gambling, spa and exerting tremendous pressure on mulnivasi people to abandon their dwelling habitats. The preaching during novenas last year has been the mockery of his own very self that is leading the Church in the direction opposite to justice. He is leading the church towards setting up of Bamon Raj. Themes selected for 2012 St. Francis Xavier’s novenas is an indicator of this trend. These themes does not seem to promote social justice as per canon law 528 (1). 

Lets examine these themes (1) Life in faith is full of love. The deed of Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao in selling Vanxim does not exhibit any kind of faith based love.  His faith and love reserved for Bamons is visible in undisputed, undiluted form. This theme promotes social injustice.

(2) Life in Faith is wealth in poverty. With the sale of Vanxim to Bamon Gaunekar in unethical manner his glorious Bamani agenda dimension is very clear. Bamons are being made wealthy and mulnivasis are being made poor. This theme promotes social injustice. 

(3) Life in faith is success in narrow entrance. Surely Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao has made entrance to success truly narrow. Vanxim people are driven to the brink of displacement. Corporate Ozone group has even printed booklet modeling and refashioning Vanxim. This was possible to them only because of irresponsible, arrogant and disgusting act of Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao in selling Vanxim.

(4) Life in faith is a weapon of Justice and Peace. It must be observed that this Archbishop has been practicing bamanism from the core of his heart. Why no Bamon priests are transferred to Pernem and Canacona talukas? Why Bamon priests are given undue preferences to be Parish Priests in wealthy Parishes? This discrimination must stop or it will only cut Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao like a sword. 

(5) Life in faith is honesty in corrupt society. Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao is sitting with unaccounted money received from Vanxim Sale in absolutely corrupt manner even violating canon law. It is for the Archbishop to stop being corrupt by cancelling the Vanxim sale deed. Religion is used only to cover up and make people docile and submissive to the corrupt practices inculcated and even implemented inside the church due to highly manipulative Bamani infiltration. Corruption in India is a by-product of bamanism in India. Corruption will end only when bamanism ends. Corruption is a life and blood of Bamanism. 

(6) Life in faith is merciful towards cruel. Archbishop bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao with all his deeds in Vanxim sale proved beyond doubt that he is honest only to Bamon Gaunekar and his cruelty is exhibited through his highhandedness and cheating through Vanxim Sale. And what is most interesting is that he is not willing to revoke the sale deed even though it is in his powers to do so. Truly this is not the sign of humane and balanced mind. It is mind full of cruelty, a hallmark of origin of Bamanism.  Act of selling Vanxim by Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao speaks volumes on his cruel, sharp mind. If this mind is allowed to take ahead the church leadership in Goa then future is not difficult to predict: Bamon Raj. We mulnivasis cannot take what he does lying down. What Archbishop is doing is correct for Bamons and wrong for mulnivasis. Priests in parishes are trembling in fear of this Archbishop. Person with fear has not capacity to lead fearlessly. 

(7) Life in faith is a clean conscious in pretentious society. One look at the deed of Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao makes is abundantly clear that he is not only pretentious but also without conscience – clean or dirty or totally ugly. He is following bamani doctrine of manusmriti that justify cheating for the purpose of promoting Bamani interest. 

(8) Life in faith is solution to divided creation. What solution Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao is speaking when he himself is actively promoting Bamonshahi? One bamon selling Vanxim to another bamon is very clear signal that Goa’s Archbishop is an active party in Bamon conspiracy against Mulnivasis in Goa. No priest is able to speak against him openly because he has kept them not only in fear but also divided. Division in Indian society begins from Bamons and in Goa it is no different. 

(9) Life in faith is support to those in struggle.  Currently struggle of Archbishop is as to how to strengthen hold of bamanism over the church and society in Goa. Nothing else matters to him. We mulnivasis can see through the gimmicks much more clearly today than yesterday.

For us mulnivasis all the above themes are sterile. For us life in faith is full-blooded rebellion against bamanism. And we live our life to the fullest. And this is a theme of fundamental justice in India.

Vita consecrata 82 urges members of institutes of consecrated life “to denounce the injustices committed against so many sons and daughters of God and commit themselves to the promotion of justice.” Who will denounce Archbishop bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao when he himself is involved such as massive scandal of Vanxim sale?   Today’s whisper will grow into roar of tomorrow. It is just a matter of time that Bamon raj is torn asunder and mulnivasis attain their liberation from bamon tyranny. Now is the time for mulnivasi priests to rise up against all the Bamani evils taking place all over Goa.

Now lets put Vanxim sale to the test of provisions of Canon Law that governs the affairs of the Church.  According to Canon law 1291 “the permission of the authority competent according to the norm of law is required for the valid alienation of goods which constitute by legitimate designation the stable patrimony of a public juridic person and whose value exceeds the sum defined by law.” 

Alienation means transfer of ownership through any of the three means sale, gift, or exchange. In case of Vanxim sale as a method that is used to transfer ownership to Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar by Archbishop Bamon Felipe Felipe Neri Ferrao. He has not declared in public as to whose permission has he taken before effecting sale deed in February 2006 neither has he disclosed the value of the sold land in Vanxim. Was it 20 rupees or 6 rupees per square meter?

Next canon 1292 dealing with alienation has four parts: “(1) Without prejudice to the prescript of can. 638 (3), when the value of the goods whose alienation is proposed falls within the minimum and maximum amounts to be defined by the conference of bishops for its own region, the competent authority is determined by the statutes of juridic persons if they are not subject to the diocesan bishop; otherwise, the competent authority is the diocesan bishop with the consent of the financial council, the college of consultors, and those concerned. The diocesan bishop himself also needs their consent to alienate the goods of the diocese.

(2) The permission of the Holy See is also required for the valid alienation of goods whose value exceeds the maximum amount, goods given to the Church by vow, or goods precious for artistic or historical reasons.
(3) If the assets to be alienated is divisible, the parts already alienated must be mentioned when seeking permission for the alienation; otherwise the permission is invalid.
(4) Those who by advice or consent must take part in alienating goods are not to offer advice or consent unless they have first been thoroughly informed both of the economic state of the juridic person whose goods are proposed for alienation and of previous alienations.”

It is crystal clear from the Canon Law 1924 (4) that the prior advice, thorough information and consent of Vanxim people were necessary before affecting the sale deed of Vanxim land in February 2006. Archbishop is guilty of violating Canon law in this case.

Another fact comes to the fore that the crucial and most vital decision of minimum and maximum amount of land to be sold is taken by Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India (CBCI). What are the limits set? Who has this information? Why Archbishop has not made this information public?
Who are members of financial council and college of consultors that gave consent to Archbishop to sell  Vanxim land. Why as per Canon 1292 (1) Vanxim people were not consulted before the sale deed even though their rights are to be affected in the circumstances after this sale deed. This violation of Canon law points towards direct involvement of Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao in Bamani conspiracy against mulnivasis.

“Canon 1293 (1) The alienation of goods whose value exceeds the defined minimum amount also requires the following:
1.       A just cause, such as urgent necessity, evident advantage, piety, charity, or some other grave pastoral reason;
2.       A written appraisal by experts of the asset to be alienated.
(2) Other precautions prescribed by legitimate authority are also to be observed to avoid harm to the church.

Canon 1294 (1) An asset ordinarily must not be alienated for a price less than that indicated in the appraisal.
(2) The money received from the alienation is either to be invested carefully for the advantage of the Church or to be expended prudently according to the purposes of alienation.”

 What was a just cause that warranted sale of Vanxim? What was the urgent necessity that led of sale of Vanxim? What was the evident advantage that prompted sale of Vanxim? What was the consideration of piety that led to selling of Vanxim? What was charity that prompted sale of Vanxim? What was the other grave pastoral reason that led to sale of Vanxim? The officially statement by Fr. Fransisco Caldeira reasons that the Vanxim was sold to provide for maintenance of Santa Monica convent does not fit the criteria of canon law 1293. It is not a just cause because sale of Vanxim caused injustice on people of Vanxim. There was no evident advantage, not even financial advantage when it was sold for Rs.6/- to Rs. 20/- per square meters when market rate at that was 1000 times more. So Vanxim was sold with evident disadvantage to the diocese.

Who were the experts of Bishop that gave written appraisal advocating sale of Vanxim? How many experts were appointed on this task? Why their reports are not made public? Why their names are not made public? Why Archbishop is operating in secrecy in Vanxim on violations of Canon law? Did these experts write a grossly underestimated report?

What was the amount arrived at in appraisal report of experts? When these written reports of experts are going to be made public?

As per canon 1294 (1) land cannot be ordinarily sold. It is the duty of the Church to make sure that it is not going to be used for unethical purposes such as golf tourism, casinos, sex tourism, etc. In Vanxim case entire process of sale itself is case of fraudulency in total violation of canon laws.

Vanxim sale of church land by Archbishop bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao to another Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar is completely unethical, marred with corruption and part of wider bamani conspiracy to make mulnivasi people of Goa captives of bamon raj. There is no ground left to be turned in which puss of corruption and Bamanism does not flow smoothly in the case of Vanxim sale. Considering Vanxim experience none of other projects undertaken by Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao cannot be ruled out for being done in the interest of Bamanism and against the interest of mulnivasis.

Now the question arises as to whether Pontiff is aware of Bamanism in Goa and India. It is not certain as to what information he has. But it is certain that Apostolic Nuncio to India, His Excellency, the most reverend Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio who visited Goa last year on 3rd December 2011 to celebrate feast mass in Old Goa, is very well aware of caste discriminations in India. He was present at the South Asian Symposium on Church’s Social Doctrine in Honour of Blessed Pope John Paul II organized jointly by FABC’ office of Human Development and CBCI’ Comission for Theology and Doctrine that took place at St. Pius College, Goregaon, Mumbai on 14 to 16 October 2011. At this symposium Research Scholar (Law) B.M.Leela Kumari from Aacharya Nagarjuna University made a written submission on caste discriminations in India titled ‘the question of Dalit women today and church’s response.’ The paper includes reference of bamani doctrine of manusmriti as well as to the speeches of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. This is included in a published report of this symposium edited by Bishop Agnelo Gracias and Fr. Stephan Fernandes. It is for him (Apostolic Nuncio, His Excellency, the Most Reverend Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio) who was a main celebrant of both the morning prayers as well Holy Mass at Goregaon symposium to take the message of Bamanism practices by Goa Archbishop to the Pontiff for greater common good of mulnivasi Christians in India.

The let us deal with the issue of what is to be done with this Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao in Goa. The solution lies in 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 “In my last letter I instructed you not to associate with immoral people. I did not mean, of course, those who do not belong to the Church and who are immoral, greedy, embezzlers or worshippers of idols. Otherwise you would have to leave this world. What I really meant was to avoid and not to mingle with those who, calling themselves brothers, become immoral, greedy, or idolators, gossipers, drunkards, or embezzlers. In which case you should not even eat with them. It is no concern of mine to judge outsiders. But you, are you not to judge those who are inside? Let God judge those outside, but as for you, drive out the evil-doer from among you.”

Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao has not only violated Canon Law by selling Vanxim without giving thorough information prior to the sale deed, and seeking their advice and consent for sale but sold this island with underestimated written appraisals that he has kept secret till date. Vanxim island was sold for a song and there is not an iota of doubt in the air that Archbishop is involved in massive embezzlement and black money. Otherwise Vanxim sale at the rate of Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- is unexplainable. All these acts of Archbishop are evil acts and through his hard work he has qualified himself as evil-doer. Now it is for all the mulnivasi Christians in Goa to reward him as per 1 Corinthian 5:9-13 do not mingle with him, do not eat with him and drive him away. 

This flows from the writings of St. Paul himself. It is therefore becomes duty of Christians to make sure that they do not mingle with Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao, Share any food at lunch, dinner and breakfast with him, and if he is around drive him away, for this is a well deserved reward that he has earned through sale of Vanxim in violation of Canon Law.

Bamons in India kept mulnviasi people from making Constitution of India accessible and understandable. Church in India kept Canon Law away from access and understanding. Both the instances point towards desire to promote strategic ignorance. Ignorance is of strategic importance to Eurasian Bamons in India. British Philosopher John Stuart Mill calls it ‘Contended ignorance’ that elites foster. Sociologist Wilred Parreto has analyzed and pointed out that with this type of scenario it become easy to circulate power amongst elites. Sometime Foxes capture power other times after foxes are discredited Lions take over power. Both are elites. In case of Goa once Bamons in Congress got discredited Bamons in BJP took over power. Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao only facilitated this process. All the time it is Bamons or their Chamchas in power. Culprit is M.K.Gandhi and his Poona Pact of 1932 that was forced on Dr.Ambedkar.

This stranglehold of Bamons has to be shattered and dismantled. Fearless speaking and attacking bamanism is very important because Bamons rule with deception and by creating fear. The masks have to be torn apart. The process has already began. Every time Bamons attack us hiding under any of the masks they will be responded with full-fledged retaliation. With Vanxim sale Bamons have got themselves trapped and only they are to be blamed for attacks on themselves, for they have asked for it by interfering and messing for the sake of Bamani interest in Vanxim against mulnivasis. It is truly disgusting and shameful that all this is done by Archbishop of Goa: he has become chief ring leader of bamanism in Goa with his hidden collaborators but with open and common intentions of Bamon Raj.

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