Wednesday 21 November 2012

"You are a destroyer of Goa! You are a disgusting PI! Shame on you! You are useless PI!"

It was on 12 November last year 2011 that 4 ladies - Maggie Silveira, Swati Tari, Anuradha Volvoikar and Deepika Tari - protesting against the bamani aggression of Vanxim Island in Tiswadi were arrested and released past mid-night on the wee hours of 13th November 2011 after stiff combat between the police and the protestors. It was the bluntest attempt of police repression with clear cut agenda of ending the revolt against bamanism manifested through scandalous sale of Vanxim Island by the Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao, abusing his position as well as powers as the current Archbishop of Goa diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in India. The Vanxim island was sold to another Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar from Gaunem in Goa’s Ponda taluka in 2006. This disaster is one more pointer to what can unfold when Bamon take over leadership.

The gradual resistance from the islanders from 2010 onwards had pushed these bamons on defensive and attempted to use police repression to demoralize and criminalize the protests. The Vanxim island transaction between Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao, Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and corporate Ozone group is suspected to run into crore of rupees in black money and deserves thorough investigation from competent investigation agency.

Then Police Inspector of Old Goa Police Station Francis Corte who hails from neighboring Divar Island was in full blown aggression to charge and arrest the women for the charges of robbery of the tripod two days prior when women confiscated tripod from the hefty Ozone men led by another Bamon Bruno Ferrao. However his aggression got punctured as just before getting into police van to Ribandar police station one of the protestors Maggie Silveira, who is the President of Ilha de Vanxim Association and also the chief of Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State, blasted PI Francis Corte in most unexpected and dramatic twist to this episode at Old Goa Police Station. Maggie shouted with full media presence at PI Francis Corte “You are useless PI! You are a destroyer of Goa! Shame on you! You are a disgusting PI” Surely, he was useless to the protest as his behavior and conduct in dishing out below the belt treatment to the protestors was unbecoming of police officer. He was completely bias and rumors were afloat that he has been paid in black heavily by local MLA Pandurang Madkaikar, Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and Ozone group. The investigation on his conduct is highly desirable to go to the depth of the deplorable conduct of PI Francis Corte. In a nutshell this PI carried and implemented the instructions that came to him from his masters’ voice at the Bamon raj.

The 12 November 2011 being Saturday there every attempt was made by Bamons and Ozone group to make sure that the four women are confined to police custody for three days as the bail becomes difficult to procure on Saturdays. Yet none of these efforts were allowed to succeed and women were freed at 2.00 am on 13th November 2011 with loud cheers from all the people who had gathered hailing from different parts of Goa. Police action by then Bamon Digambar Kamat government failed to demoralize these protests. What is remarkable about these protests are that it is led by women who has demonstrated unexpected courage and guts even to the extent of confronting the Ozone group officials in Vanxim not just during the day time but even during the mid-night. Not just in Vanxim but out side Vanxim too. Hats off to these women!

The corporate Ozone as well as the bamons Mahendra Gaunekar, Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao calculated that formal pressure from the police and goons is not yielding them the desired results. They then launched number of diplomatic salvos. During last Panchayat elections Bamon Gaunekar sponsored two candidates to contest for the Panchayat elections from Vanxim (Capao) six months ago. However their conspiracy was discovered and both the candidates were dished out crashing defeat.

Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao took another diplomatic initiative to promote Bamon agenda by transferring two mulnivasi priests Fr.Hermogeneous Fernandes to Siridao  and Fr. Pio Almeida to Arambol in past two successive years. These priests being mulnivasis were not able to digest Bamani agenda sort to be implemented in Vanxim. The new parish priest Fr. Bismarck Monteiro  is following the Bamani agenda coming from the man who has been the party to the Vanxim sale transaction from one Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao via then procurator in 2006 Bamon Fr. Arlino de Mello to another Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar. What is the bamani agenda that is followed? Church compound wall must not be used for conducting any meetings to oppose the project. The important picture gets clearly visible here: because Bamons have hijacked Roman Catholic leadership in Goa; the entire church is gradually getting into the role of oppressor. The liberation theology that the Bamon Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao used to vex eloquent couple of decades ago even when he was promoted as Auxiliary Bishop through the bamon lobby that made sure that mulnivasi priest Fr.Saturnino Dias does not take over the Church leadership in Goa as Archbishop, has made total U turn. Archbishop Felipe Neri’s Ferrao’s Liberation theology has been fed as fodder for Asses through the Vanxim sale. This is Bamanism!

Goa’s Bishops’ palace in Panjim has been converted into Peshwaee. Late Mathany Saldanha made public statement in Delhi that Goa’s Bishop’s house has turned into the den of business beurocrats. His death therefore was made to be projected as from perfectly natural cause. Peshwayee was reduced to ashes on New Year day of 1818, not less treatment is needed to end Peshwaee in Goa that is visible with exceedingly unlimited powers with Bamons in every institution of decision making and leadership that includes political parties, administration, and religious bodies. In this respect Goa is no different from rest of India. Bamons’ strangle hold continues unabated. Bharat Mukti Morcha is determined to crush it and end all the oppression and usher in Liberation.
Opposition in Vanxim has been successful not only to block the golf caddie tourism, casino gambling tourism, luxury sex and non-sex tourism projects in Vanxim - in spite of harassment through litigations -but the number of corporate PR projects like ground and garden too has been stalled. It looks like now through Fr. Bismark Monteiro hierarchical church is plunging itself to carry on the bamon agenda to start off what was stopped due to protests and in the process risking the entire church into descend to avant-garde of Bamanism. With Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao selling Vanxim legally yet unethically without consulting the people of Vanxim; every action implemented through local parish priest is a suspect that it is done to further the interest of Bamanism. And the interest of Bamanism is to keep mulnivasis subjugated for generations together. 

With the defeat of two candidates of Bamon Gaunekar and victory of candidate opposed to the Gaunekar’s project the situation changed. People of Vanxim started making demands for the development the way they see it and not the way corporate Ozone,  Bamon Gaunekar, even Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao views its. Their view of development is investment in crores with kickbacks. Yes, the kickbacks. If not then, how does one explain that Vanxim land was sold to Bamon Gaunekar for Rs.6/- to Rs 20/- per square meter by Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao in total subversion of Canon law that governs affairs of the church in Goa? It is highly critical and immoral to sell land that is origin of mulnivasi people. It is so critical that if the sale deed is not invalidated immediately then twist of events to follow may carry the element of surprise.  Perhaps Vanxim is not the isolated case. More investigation needed in cases in various parts of Goa where church is involved in sale with well designed Bamani conspiracy.

It is learned that high level beurocrats and politicians of Goa government including Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar are trying their level best to convert more and more of Vanxim orchard and Khazan lands into settlement zone for which they will have to pay big price as villagers of Vanxim along with entire Goa is with specially the people of Salcete together with Bharat Mukti Morcha is observing their every moves minutely.

At the last Sao Mathias Gram Sabha 28 October 2012 Sarpanch Bhomkar was questioned on developments in Vanxim and he replied with shocking statement “Government has told me to keep pending all the developmental works in Vaxim for six months.” Now the government is of BJP. BJP like Congress is controlled by Bamons. Congress during its reign supported Gaunekar’s project in Vanxim in spite of Vanxim people opposing it. Now BJP during its reign is supporting this project in Vanxim. That means BJP too is carrying ahead the agenda of Bamons. Therefore it is proved that there is no differences between BJP and Congress, for both of them are Bamani outfits for the interest of the Bamons. This is Bamanism!

Why do Bamons always behave in this conspiratorial manner? They do so because they are not from this country. They are Eurasians, foreigners. Besides being Eurasians is also a tiny minority but yielding uncontrollable power in governance and religions. They all the time try and keep us the mulnivasis divided and subjugated. But now with Bharat Mukti Morcha on the horizon the days of Bamanism are numbered; for Bamani conspiracy in Vanxim operating through the State and the Church is laid thread bare open and nude for the world to see. We mulnivasis have been robbed of everything in our possession. We have nothing more to loose. Even our dignity has been robbed through Aadhaar Cards. We Mulnivasis have only one option left: to crush Bamon Raj in Goa and we are doing it every moment.


  1. Dear Seby: Taken to its logical conclusion what your argument would entail is that all lands should be given back to their 'original owners' If this presumption is correct I think you will be banging your head against a stone wall because nobody who controls resources now, whether Govt. or Temple Trusts, or Church, or Companies or Private Individuals will be ready to give up their lands in a hurry. However I do sympathize with what you are saying and at the very least we should all, whatever caste of community you may belong to, stop the continued persecution of marginalized communities and prevent their lands from being usurped, and their water sources contaminated. The intimidation that is carried out to push them out of their lands must stop.