Friday 4 January 2013

Listen to my voice, listen to my call; Maggie Silveira in Malda, West Bengal

 Maggie Silveira, President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa Unit addressing the second National Convention meet at airport ground, Malda Town in West Bengal on 26th December 2012.
Maggie Silveira, President, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa Unit sharing a dais with Waman Meshram, National President of Bharat Mukti Morcha, B.M.Kamble, National Executive member of BAMCEF, Adv. Gorkule, Supreme Court Lawyer and other dignitary on 26th December 2012 in Malda Town, West Bengal. 
Over 1 lakh 80 thousand people attended the convention. This is one picture of the representatives from various parts of India and abroad.
Another picture of the large attendance at the gathering of India's mulnivasi people gearing up for freedom struggle. Maggie Silveira addressed the gathering amidst thunderous applause to her call for a struggle. Maggie spoke in Hindi and here we share English translation of her historic speech.

Congress and BJP are one. Bamons have captured top government jobs. Bamons have captured large amount of land in Goa.

Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao sold Vanxim island to Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar without taking people into confidence. He then sold it to Corporate Ozone group. People of Vanxim formed group ‘Ilha de Vanxim Association’ which is a registered organization. I am chosen as the President of this Association.  We have a collaboration and support of Bharat Mukti Morcha and we are marching in the path of struggle on and on. Seby Rodrigues, President of BAMCEF – Goa supported Vanxim time and again.

We are made to come to the deputy collector’s court to fight Gaunekar. Cases are going on before deputy collector’s court for the past 2 years. Some people are paid to split the villagers. Big money is being forced to be spent on lawyers by mulnivasi people in Vanxim. Four ladies were arrested by the then PI Francis Corte from Old Goa Police Station when ladies went to protect the entire village from the illegal survey which was carried out unethically without having NOC or permission from local, Panchayat or government authority. Our Panchayat elections were very interesting. My neighbor came to my house and said he wants to contest elections. He came to my house at 10.00 pm. I told him that I will inform him after speaking to the group. Group refused to support him due to his corrupt past. At our meeting of mulnivasi people our candidate got decided. At this juncture fight took place and I was attacked. My supporters challenged the attackers to even touch me.

It is 900 crore project that includes casinos, golf, spa, prostitution, private marinas, helipad etc. Meshram sir said ‘words have power’ which is so true. In Sikkim Waman Meshram sir said ‘more you travel, more you learn.’

Our candidate won the elections by big margin. We are fighting this project. 5 buses of people who were paid Rs.1000/- each went to the Chief Town Planner’s office in Panjim to support the project in Vanxim. Yet not a single person got chance to sit before the Chief Town Planner. Five of us from Bharat Mukti Morcha went to the office of Chief Town Planner with Bharat Mukti Morcha flags in our hands. Chief Town Planner’s PA asked me ‘What is this flag?’ I replied ‘It is our flag of Bharat Mukti Morcha’. What a difference Bharat Mukti Morcha flag made!

Our convention scheduled for Sunday 7th October 2012 was stopped in Goa on Saturday 6th October 2012. On that day was holiday for government offices. In spite of that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar directed to call for the meeting with SDM and Collector. From morning itself police went on calling us. We went for the meeting in Margao.

We had already printed our convention invitation and distributed them at the bus stops, offices, etc. So bamons got the message and stopped the meeting saying that we are not supposed to use the word ‘Bamon’. So we told them that the vey alphabet and sentence will start with word ‘Bamon’; whereby many bamon organizations were involved in stopping our convention.

We told them that this convention will be held very soon and moved from there.

Listen to my voice, listen to my call; I call upon all my mulnivasi brothers and sisters from each district of India to come to Goa - 10 people from each district, for we got to teach lessons to Bamons. I call upon you to come to Goa in big numbers. Jai Mulnivasi! Jai Bharat!

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