Monday 28 January 2013

Report of Sao Mathias Panchayat in Tiswadi, Goa held on 27th January 2013

Gram Sabha started today Sunday 27th January 2013 at 10.45 am. 2 minutes silence observed to departed souls who died recently. Ex-Sarpanch Jose Bismarck Silveira died by doing something good for us. He acquired the present land to build our Panchayat wherein we have our health centre, sports complex etc done up.

116 members were present for last Gram Sabha meeting. Sarpanch said at today’s Gram Sabha that water tank proposal for Vanxim is sent for approval to the concerned department. What is required is NOC. People of Vanxim will be approaching Bishop’s house for NOC for water tank.

For 15 long hours we at Vanxim had no electricity power supply on 2nd-3rd September 2012. On complaining the engineer said “we are trying to find out the fault”. Many people had problems in our village; cooking got hampered, followed by aquarium; many fish died in the tank, stock in fridge had to be thrown out, people were put in big trouble. Sarpanch today concluded saying JE and AE are transferred and power restored.

Last Gram Sabha two proposals were given whereby the secretary took inward of both while reading at the Gram Sabha he read only one proposal. The second one was signed by 57 people opposing said retaining wall at Vanxim. Today when Maggie Silveira, the President of Ilha de Vanxim Association questioned the chair regarding this proposal of 57 people who the voters are of ward no. 7, as to why this very proposal was not read. The sarpanch and Secretary twisted the same and said “we kept for our monthly meeting.” “This is a game plan of Mahindra Gaunekar and Pandurang Madkaikar to do so.” Maggie said openly.

Agnelo Menezes spoke in detail regarding power line, that is electricity supply from Old Goa/Malar/Divar. The Sarpanch also spoke about the same and said that process is on and the estimate is of Rs 1 crore 54 lakhs.

Regarding BSNL tower ex-Sarpanch Tulsidas Kundaikar signed the BSNL agreement in November 2009 and used secretary Mahesh Naik and made him a scape goat for BSNL tower problem. As per Sarpanch presently Rs.3,500/- is the monthly payment made to panchayat by the BSNL. The members of the Gram Sabha collectively came to a decision that BSNL must pay at least Rs.25,000/- monthly to the Panchayat.

Crematorium proposal from Narva/Poltodi was also read whereby 83 people signed the proposal. Vanxim people also used the same venue and supported the proposal (Tithtar). Amrut Volvoikar seconded the proposal.

We have got the Kadamba bus plying from Naroa/ Malar and Divar/Old Goa and to Panjim. Sarpapnch called upon the people to do their passes. Naroa to old Goa students will have to pay monthly Rs.55/-, Divar Rs.100/- adults. Naroa to old Goa adults Rs.135/-.  At 9.35 am ferry the Kadamba bus leaves for Panjim and returns for 12.00 pm ferry. The requirements are Rs.20/-  form to be filled with one photograph.

On 28th October 2012 Sarpanch was questioned by Maggie Silveira regarding any proposal favoring the project. Sarpanch replied by saying “No proposal received by us.” Today the minutes were read saying no proposal received.

Sarpanch said construction of Health building work is in full progress.

Amit told Sarpanch to file RTI regarding sports complex building. Nearly 5 years have gone by and work is not complete. Panchayat had no documents with them regarding the same. Three estimates have been done as of now. The Sarpanch is told to ask for the details regarding commencement and completion of the same.

Regarding water pipeline at Vanxim no concrete is put nor any work carried out. When Sarpanch was questioned he said the contractors were not found. Our Panch said Junior Engineer Sarpesh told her that divers are not found.

Naresh, Amit and Maggie proposed for Sulabh toilet at Divar Ferry point/Sao Pedro ferry (Divar), Naroa Ferry, and Vanxim ferry point as it is a need and priority for the old and the young.

Sarpanch also spoke of widening of road works which will be done very shortly.

Illegal commercial activities were going on at Vanxim whereby permission given by Sao Mathias Panchayat was also illegal  as non-voters had raised their hands, and manipulating the same ex-sarpanch Tulsidas Kundaikar gave permission violating the Panchayati Raj Act where non-voter was taken into confidence and permission was given. Revoke this permission which is illegal ab initio. Secondly,  adding to the same illegal commercial activities are going on, we have called upon the Sarpanch to come immediately inspection and stop these very  ongoing commercial activities.

Our Vanxim primary government school roof is about to come down. This was also brought to the notice of the Sarpanch more than six months ago, yet nothing has been done about it.

Our first ferry from Divar to Old Goa starts at 5 am.  “Good Job, Well done sarpanch!” he was complimented by Maggie Silveira, President of Ilha de Vanxim Association.

Prisca Fernanades addressing chair said “all the members of the Gram Sabha must be taken into confidence; we are all coming here for a purpose.”

Time and again there are inaugurations taking place at Malar in different wards. Contractors are inviting Sarpanch etc. Sarpanch having all the power is no where in the picture. No permission taken from Panchayat. Only inaugural functions are held and the panch members go for the same including the Sarpanch. We the members of Gram Sabha condemn these activities as it was a collective decision.

We also requested Sarpanch to do a playground for Vanxim though M.P.funds.

Maggie Silveira

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