Friday, 5 July 2013

Your golden views for Vanxim will yield success all the way

The sudden silence of our dear friend Jocelyn Pereira (Josh) on 22nd June 2013, son of Diwar is a great loss not only to his family, Diwar, Malar, St.Estevao, Chorao, indeed more to our paradise Vanxim island. Of course not forgetting all his near and dear ones plus all his friends from the facebook Save Vanxim group.

Josh, your great deeds of actions and all the writings etc will always be remembered as a treasure for the good things you went on doing and your thoughts to save Vanxim will always be carried forward. We are going to march forward to save Vanxim as that was your dream. 

Thank you very much Jocelyn as always you told me that "YOUR GROUP (BHARAT MUKTI MORCHA) IS VERY STRONG AND REALLY I MEAN IT. YOU'LL ARE GOING GREAT MAM! I READ YOUR BLOG REGULARLY AND GET UPDATED" Yes, Jocelyn we are strong and what you said that's a reality. And that's what I mean; we are marching to save Vanxim from all the disasters that are awaiting to enter Vanxim.

We got to know through some reliable source that Times of India, Pune edition on 2nd July 2013 came up with an advertisement on Vanxim whereby the Ozone group is going to sell each villa a the cost of Rs 20 Crore at Vanxim. The cases are pending in deputy collector, mamlatdar and the administrative tribunal court and the advertisements are going across India for the sale of Villas which Mahendra Gaunekar (Ozone group) are planning. 

The Joy de Goa Hotel (The Picnic Goa) to make a starting point for Vanxim which is next the house of MP North Shripad Naik at Ribandar (Baiginim), Old Goa. Presently matter ongoing in the Goa Bench of Bombay High Court the corrugated sheets have been down to the ground and the very starting point that the Ozone and Mahendra Gaunekar are planning is gone to dust as one can see the disaster as we pass by. It is a shame for Mahendra Gaunekar, being a Goan, to destroy Goa and Goa's nature - Shristi

It was great listening to you speaking in Marathi so fluently and not forgetting our mother tongue Konkani.

Jocelyn, your good works will always be remembered and we pray to God to grant to you eternal rest. And by whatever means your death occurred truth will surface. 

Adieus Amigo! Adieus my Friend!

Maggie Silveira
Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa Unit


Ilha de Vanxim Association

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