Friday 30 August 2013

Aadhaar Card scandal turns murkier

Aadhaar Card is very dangerous card. Once you do, you have no human identity of name. You are pushed humiliatingly below human dignity to a number. It is a trap. We will be losing our total and complete identity and we will be known only as a number, controlled electronically, manipulated and like Jews in Hitler’s gas chambers are liable to be executed. The data can be shared with intelligence agencies, courts, and police without consent of Aadhaar card holder. The data will be stored in Delhi in powerful computer known as ‘Silas’ collecting iris scans, fingure prints and other valuable data. It is a very disastrous card. Aadhaar cards even though are told as optional, are still made compulsory by the method of cheating written in the constitution of bamon ‘Manusmriti’; earlier it is set on fire better it is. All the data collected for Aadhaar card has to be deleted and Aadhaar card has to be scrapped. It is not passed in the Parliament. Why should it be implemented? Under what law?

Multi-billion dollar scandal of Aadhaar card and its implementation are becoming murkier every passing day. This bio-metric card that is supposed to be devised for the purpose of surveillance of citizens, and control dissent is camouflaged with welfare schemes and control of corruption. In India this system of issuing Unique identification (UID) number is implemented by series of MoUs with Planning Commission of India by-passing the Indian Parliament that has turned down to legislate on this matter and referred the National Identification Authority Bill to the Parliamentary standing committee on Finance. This committee after examining the law pointed out that this entire program lacks clarity of direction, waste of public resources and grave threat to the national security.

The issue of Aadhaar card again came up for discussions in the upper house of the Indian Parliament – The Rajya Sabha on 23rd August 2013. The matter raised by members of the Parliament were answered by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Sukla  saying that Aadhaar card is not mandatory for availing subsidies including domestic cooking gas. He further added that “if any public sector undertaking is doing it, we will correct it”.

This declaration in Rajya Sabha came as a body blow to the Goa Government that is currently engaged in hoodwinking the people of Goa to share with their private information including the iris scan and all ten figure prints and other personal details by hook or by crook. Truly Aadhaar card idea is like a fishing hook that entices with scholarships, subsidies, government schemes and then get those who do Aadhaar card into a mega trap just like Jesus was trapped by devil with a kiss from Judas that led to his torture and death that lasted for three days. It is not sure as to for how long the trap laid by Aadhaar card will be lasting.

State government wants every individual in Goa under electronic surveillance purpose, that in case of dissent against Bamon Raj that is so high can be curtailed and terminated. This is an agenda that is satanic for the obsession in violating individual privacy and legally illegitimate for by-passing the Indian Parliament. Aadhaar card puts control of the private information of people of India under the control of the suspicious characters as there is no law under which this exercise has been carried on.

What is most surprising is that an IAS officer N.D.Agarwal currently collector of South Goa is executing this plan detrimental to privacy of individuals and security of the country. He on 27th August 2013 declared that in order to generate e-Aadhaar card he is going to mobilize government machinery for this anti-national purpose! This is an unbecoming of an IAS officer. He is quoted in Herald of 28th August 2013 saying “the special camps will be held only after receiving the list of consumers from gas agencies.” Then he will deploy all machinery at the taluka level and village level to generate e-Aadhaar letter. He further added saying that the respective area service bank will be called for seeding the bank account number with e-aadhaar at the village level camps.

The South Goa collector is directly executing the betrayal with the Parliament. This is a very serious matter. This UID has no legal sanction from the Indian Parliament, no law is passed, Parliamentary standing committee has asked for the thrashing of entire UID scheme into dust bin and South Goa collector is co-operating to implement such a devilish scheme to trap everyone.

Aadhaar card made its entry into Goa not by any law but through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between two Eurasian Bamons – then Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Nandan Nilekani, Chairperson of Unique Identification Authority of India. This MoU was signed on 22nd April 2010. The third Bamon current Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in his first budget speech did not point out that the Indian Parliament has refused to pass the law on Aadhaar card. He did not disclose that this UID scheme is grave threat to the Nation as the authentication contracts are awarded to corporates in USA. He did not disclose that some foreign country will decide whether people living in India are Indians or not. He concealed huge amount of information.  

 He simply said “since substantial money has been spent on the project I would like to derive maximum benefits from the unique number in such a manner that beneficiary oriented schemes are linked to UID. This would facilitate in plugging leakages and possible corrupt practices and help in effective implementation of the schemes. To begin with a few of the schemes like Dayanand Social Security Scheme, Ration cards in Public Distribution System etc will be linked to UID.” The betrayal has sky as its limits.  And to implement this betrayal further IAS officer N.D.Agarwal is roped in. Is he also in conformity with Bamon Raj agenda? From his actions it looks so.

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Manohar Parrikar government for laying traps through Aadhaar cards for people of Goa. Bharat Mukti Morcha also condemns South Goa collector N.D.Agarwal for implementing this trapping scheme of UID that is thrashed by the Indian Parliament, with powers bestowed on him by Indian Constitution. In all this Bamon Raj agenda is a visible conspiracy against mulnivasis of Goa.

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