Monday 5 August 2013

Sorry state of education in Goa conveyed to the Goa government

Date: 30/07/2013                                     


The Director

Directorate of Education

Porvorim Bardez-Goa.

Sub.: Regarding Corporal punishment meted out to students

         by a drunkard teacher.



This is regarding the corporal punishment meted out to a few students of std. VIth by a male teacher under the influence of alcohol in Dr. Ambedkar English High school, Kuchelim, Mapusa Bardez-Goa on 25/07/2013.

Immediately two frightened victim boy students ran away from class and filed a police complaint at the Karaswada police station against the accused teacher named Mr. Dattaram Chari.

As noticed and complained by the students the accused was attending his duty after having alcohol. During the 6th period the accused was taking class for std. VIth.  While in the class he got a phone call and to receive the call he left the class. After 20 minutes he re-entered the class with a wooden stick in his hand. As soon as he re- entered the class the students could get a smell of liquor. 

He then started beating the students. He beat four students namely Krishnaveni Patil, Dadapir Honnalli, Akash Nandurkar, and Heena Jawadgi .All of them are minors. When Krishnaveni asked the accused for the permission to go out for toilet; the accused hit the girl on her back with great force.  Soon the red mark appeared on her back as a result of hitting with the stick as informed by Krishnaveni. When Dadapir said he could get a smell of alcohol the accused beat him saying the smell was not of an alcohol but that of the stick in his hand. He also beat Akash and Heena. When the accused left the class when his period ended   Akash and Dadapir ran to the nearby police station at Karaswada and filed a police complaint against the accused. The police registered the complaint given by the two minor boys and accordingly contacted parents of both the victims.


It is learnt that the said teacher is in the habit of having alcohol and beating students with a stick when on duty.

‘The Herald’ dated 26/07/2013 says, the state Government has come up with the new educational policy which seek to have compound walls and CCTVs in the schools to put a check and control increasing  rape cases on minors in Goa. The government instead should control malpractices of teachers like Dattaram Chari which leads to produce lewd and vulgar young minds. The accused is also in the   habit of passing vulgar comments in the class while teaching the science subject. He was circulating pornographic pictures and material to students till he got warning from some parents. Such acts of teachers will spoil the characters of students.

    It is learnt that the accused does not teach but directly gives Xerox copies of questions and answers of the examination. Even he provides question papers to few students of his choice prior to exam. If any student requests the accused to explain the content from the textbooks, then he gives punishment to those students along with vulgar comments like, ghati students, illegitimate children. All the time he teaches only biology and not physics or chemistry which is also a part from science subject. Even when he teaches other science subjects like Biology he mixes it up with lewd pornography.

 Some time he comes in classes and organises a sleeping competition asking the students to sleep only to avoid teaching. He tells students whoever sleeps fast would be awarded with 5 marks in his subject. He also asks students to collect money to arrange parties and enjoy hot drinks.  

He also threatens students that if they tell anything to anybody against him then he would set question papers on portion which is not touched by him.

Always he enters very late to class; sometime he does not even turn up to class and the class is left unattended with students out of the class shouting and roaming all over the school premises even disturbing the other classes and most of the time he send students on the playground for P.E. during Science/ Geography period which he takes. He is not serious about teaching even to higher classes of IXth and Xth.

It is very much depressing  that the said teacher is  the incharge of Harassment and victimise committee of the school as well as acting Headmaster of the school.

There are various complaints about the accused from students as well as from parents but no action is taken against the said accused by the school management.

Many a time students have complained to the manager about the said accused for various reasons but the manager dispelled the students and did not allow anybody to give written complain about the accused. None of his malpractices are stopped by the management. Thus understood that the management is least bothered about the students’ future and rather protects the said accused for unknown reasons. 

The accused teacher is a surplus Asstt. Teacher from Peoples’ High School at Kamurlim, Bardez-Goa deputed in Dr. Ambedkar English High School, Kuchelim, Mapusa Bardez-Goa in 2012.  

Since many parents are illiterate they do not speak out openly. The students too get afraid to speak on his malpractices in the fear that the accused and the management would take an action against them. The students are afraid that the management may deliberately fail them in the exam  to demoralize them or would expel them from school. So the students here have become silent sufferers at the hands of accused and the management of the school.

Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Morcha condemns such acts of malpractices and the act of corporal punishment meted out to the students by the accused.

You are therefore urged to take immediate punitive action against the erring teacher within one week failing which we will be forced to take further steps.

Thanking you                                             

Yours faithfully             



Gautam Kamble


Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Morcha,

Mapusa Unit.   

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