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Bamon Raj pushes Goa Church into crisis

Vanxim arrests of Maggie Silveira, Swati Tari, Anuradha Volvoikar and Deepika Tari completes two years on November 12 2013. Two years ago on this very day these four ladies were arrested while defending Vanxim from the assaults of Bamon Raj. The Vanxim island scandalous sale out is a well known episode in Goa that has brought Goa’s Roman Catholic Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao in picture along with several other shady characters including the ministers.

The arrests which were intended less to prove women as robbers of tripod and more to demoralize protesting women failed in its objective. The courageous outburst of the courageous women at Old Goa police station however turned the tables against the Bamon Raj. It is not sure exactly as to how much underhand money was received by then Police Inspector of Old Goa police station Francis Corte to reduce himself to the level of private security of the bamon raj. PI Corte himself is a best person to throw light on this historical moment in Goa that unfolded so close to Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and Santa Monica convent in Old Goa.

The unfolding of scandal involving Archbishop selling Vanxim and his later justification of sale as legally correct yet morally wrong decision raises several controversial points. It also points out the level of satanic penetration of bamani elements at the highest level in Goa.

The Archbishop sold Vanxim to Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and he then sold it to corporate named Ozone that is building profile for setting up Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which are essentially contrary to the Constitution of India. The issue is not about whether Vanxim will be turned into SEZ or not, seven star hotel or not. The issue is that Goa Archbishop has maintained that sale of Vanxim is morally wrong and legally right. If the sale deed was legally wrong then why people of Vanxim were not informed about it for three years through public announcement? This is Bamon Raj.

Acceptance of moral wrong by Goa Archbishop is true. Terming Vanxim sale as legally correct is false. Vanxim sale has taken place contrary to the provisions of Canon Law that provides for consultation with the stakeholders before the land is sold. Both ways, Archbishop is promoting scandal. Bible rebukes such scandals in Luke 17:1-2 “It is impossible that scandals should not come: but woe to him through whom they come. It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones.”
What Vanxim episode has brought forth glaringly is the prevailing of acute system of oppression. For the leader of Church such as the Goa Archbishop to be integral part of oppressive system means going against its own mandate to “relieve the oppressed” as outlined in Isaiah 1:17. This means the Church in Goa is going counter to the Bible. This is very serious matter.

Even more serious matter is that Vatican is silent on the Vanxim sale out even as its done by violating cannon law in perfect bamani conspiratorial manner. The situation is even more gloomy at Vatican. Instead of cleanly dismantling the Church partnership in satanic enterprise the moves are to the contrary direction. In the name of reforms the foundation of the Church is being attempted to dismantle, history is being re-interpreted to cover-up satanic Bamon Raj within the institution of the church.

It is matter of deep reflection and prophetic action in the current times of Church in crisis. The sores of this crisis are so visible not just in Vanxim but all over Goa. There are too many scandals that Bamon raj functioning within the Church has caused. Bamon Raj inside the Church can only create scandals. It is not capable of anything good.

Vanxim is one case where Bamon raj has created written evidence of its aggression though scandalous sell out. There are other instances too that has surfaced of late. One of them being persecution of mulnivasi Catholic Priest Fr.Saluzinho Vaz at Infant Jesus Chapel, Murida, Cuncolim. Bamon Raj has again left trail of torments in this case too. This case too now is well known. After unsuccessful attempt to evict Fr.Vaz through the use of police force now the case against him is filed at senior division court in Margao Spl.C.Suit No.56/2013/I. The dispute within the church is sought to be resolved by resorting to the State courts. This is like so many cases involving Santa Monica convent that are being fought in the mamlatdar, deputy collector, Administrative Tribunal and High Court and other Courts. Internal matter of the Church are sought to be solved in secular courts. This means for some reason the problem solving mechanism involving trust and goodwill has collapsed completely. The Bamon Raj leadership of the Church is driving disputes to the secular courts which are against Bible too.

Few weeks ago the representatives of the struggling people at Snavordem publicly testified in Panjim as to how Goa Archbishop has been promoting and upholding corrupt practices and even pressurized Fr. James Alex Torres e Silva to succumb to the whims and fancies of the Bamon Raj that is going on at top echelons of Bishop’s palace. These representatives were detailed and graphic in their description of how lottery scam was created, how it was exposed and the extent to which Archbishop of Goa went to suppress the Truth of the scandal. Fr.James Alex Torres e Silva was put under pressure to give up his support to the agitating villagers. Fr.James Alex Torres e Silva was made to sign the letter leaving the Sanvordem Parish on the health ground and left for USA. He then sent messages to Goa that he was healthy without any problems to his health. This gave rise to speculations that he might have been made to sign the letter under duress. 

Parishioners galvanized and organized protests in Sanvordem and also at Bishop’s palace ‘Paço Patriarchal’ and police defended Archbishop from the Sanvordem parishioners. Fr. James Alex Torres e Silva was then put up alone with the Archbishop and put under pressure for four hours and was compelled to withdraw his support to the agitating Sanvordem parishioners who are mulnivasis. Thus the U-turn and Sanvordem parishioners have not given up the fight the lottery scam running into lakhs of rupees.

In Vanxim it is Land scandal, In Murida, Cuncolim it is Transfer scandal, in Sanvordem it is Lottery scandal. In all the scandals Goa Archbishop is perpetuating and defending falsehood. Scandals are promoted so that mulnivasi people loose their faith and go astray so that Bamon will have total control over the Church and usher in the satanic Bamon Raj.

It is time for mulnivasis to read between the lines as well as the writing on the wall and take decisions to combat Bamon Raj in spiritual warfare with its varied material manifestations.  The time for combat is at hands. Time for spiritual warfare is knocking on our front door. Demons have captured Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao and he is sending Goa’s mulnivasi people into the spiral of dance of beast.

The silence of mulnivasis has to cease. The thunder of protest and dissent has to rise up loud into the corridors of power. There is every likelihood that prevailing applecart of Bamon Raj is going to collapse. So let it collapse. It has held on for so long because of silence and ignorance of mulnivasi people of Goa.

Historically Church has supplied mulnivasi people with lots of grace and security. However of late this is sought to be changed ever since 1962 and today in 2013 after 51 years of compromises with satanic powers these very satanic bamon raj agents are all out to take over the Church from inside. There are lots of agents in high ranking positions within the Church already. Goa Archbishop is certainly one of them without any doubt as visible from the fruits of his work that sold Vanxim for a song, sought to send Fr.Saluzinho Vaz on streets of Salcete and covered up lottery scam in Sanvordem.

The current crisis of the Church is like ever festering wound. This is particularly so because those at the top most level like Archbishop of Goa are responsible to triggering crisis in very crafty manner. They are responsible to package crisis as something tolerable. The present crisis is geared up to dismantle the world system and create new world order, the satanic world order in which mulnivasi people will be enslaved forever. The crisis in the Church is geared towards setting up of one World Government with one World currency. In October 2012 Vatican even organized three days meeting on this subject “How to bring about one world government”. Meet was attended by then Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Francis is carrying on the task of dismantling of the strengths of the Church in the name of reforms. What Pope John XXIII stated in 1958 with the convening of Vatican Council II this current Pope Francis armed with all the charms of trickery is handing over the institutions and rules, histories and their re-interpretation for the common ruin of the Church and accompanying public acceptance of the same. If this trend that is unfolding within the church and flowing like a tsunami is left unchallenged then mulnivasi people of Goa will witness further deterioration of their status as satanic capture over minds, lands and souls will be tragic.

Discussions and dissemination of this information needs to be done on priority basis. What we see in cases of Vanxim, Murida and Sanvordem is only the tip of the iceberg. There are strong satanic undercurrents in the flow. We got to speak up and challenge. We got to ponder and come out with alternatives. We got to resist. We got to dare. We in church got to immerse in traditional catholic prayers. We got to move step after step unceasing. We got to harness spirit of strength and grace around us. We got to speak up lot more openly, lot more boldly. It is then Bamon Raj inside the Church will surely collapse. We got to trigger its collapse just the way Bamons have triggered the crisis in the Church that led to arrest of four bold ladies from Vanxim. This will be fitting tribute on the occasion of second anniversary of Vanxim arrests of women. 

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