Tuesday, 26 November 2013

South Goa Collector misguiding people on Aadhaar Card

Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum along with other activists from Cuncolim, Velim, St. Jose de Areal, Majorda and Margao today visited the South Goa Collector, Mr. N. D. Agarwal and questioned him on the issue.

The meeting was very stormy. Collector, N.D. Agarwal could not satisfactorily answer when told that the UID scheme is rejected by the Parliament and subsequently confirmed by the Supreme Court. He merely kept saying that he has not given any order and that he has no say in the matter.

When pressed hard, he said that he has received a verbal order through "Video Conferencing" from the Government. When asked to reply in writing stating this fact, he refused and said that he has nothing to do with the implementation of the Aadhaar Card. He said that he has nothing to loose if people don't do the Aadhar card. When reminded that he is the Head of South Goa administration and that the poor aam
aadmi will have to pay Rs. 1000/- for every refill and in view of it, people are requesting him to scrape or at least postpone indefinitely the implementation of it, he refused and starting accusing the activist for seeking publicity and asked the local Channel cameramen to put off their cameras as he did not have any answers.

Below is the letter submitted to Collector today.


 NCCF/LPG/ CS/2013/085                   25th November 2013


District Collector - South,

Mathany Saldanha Complex,

Margao, Goa

Dear Sir,

Sub: Clarification about linking bank account no. with LPG connection

With reference to the recent press report about 30th November being the last day for south Goa, to link bank account number with the LPG connection to avail gas subsidies, kindly inform as to what are the documents accepted for the same?

Since the press note/advertisements mention only Aadhaar number, we want a written clarification from you whether other I.D. documents like voter’s card, Passport, Driving license, Pan card, residence certificate, ect can also be submitted in lieu of the Aadhar card. All these are unique i.e. one person can have only one card. In fact onthe Aadhar card it is clearly mentioned that it is only a identity
card and not a proof of citizenship, whereas some of the above mentioned cards prove your citizenship as well.

We strongly object to forcing the consumers to link their Aadhar Number and Bank account with their LPG consumer no. as it directly contradicts the statement of Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Rajeev Shukla in the Rajya Sabha on 23/08/2013 and earlier in Lok Sabha on 8/5/2013.

“The National Identification Authority of India, (NIDAI) Bill 2010”, was prepared by the UIDAI in June 2010; and was introduced in Parliament. This Bill was roundly rejected by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance in December 2011. The Parliamentary Committee recommended that both the Bill and the UID project be sent
back to the drawing board. The Committee, in a near unanimous decision, rejected not just the Bill, but it also trashed the UID scheme. The Supreme Court too has confirmed this.

The matter which was raised by members of the Parliament was answered by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Rajeev Sukla, saying that Aadhaar card is not mandatory for availing subsidies including domestic cooking gas. He further added that “if any public sector undertaking is doing it, we will correct it”. You nor the Petroleum Companies are not above the Indian Parliament and the Supreme Court of

We kindly request you to give proper information to the public andmention that Aadhar number is not mandatory for availing domestic cooking gas subsidy and all consumers irrespective of whether they have Aadhar or not, will get the subsidy. Also please ensure that LPG dealers do not threaten the poor consumers that refills will not be
supplied if no Aadhar number is given.

Awaiting your necessary action in the matter, thanking you in anticipation,

For Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum,


Thanks & regards,

For Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum

Thanks & regards,

For Navelim Civic & Consumer Forum

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