Saturday 9 August 2014

Drink your own poison

Bharat Mukti Morcha is shocked to note the intentions of Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to give away 30 % of land illegally allotted for SEZ to the corporate entities. A week ago Goa CM publicly expressed his mind that in a bid to convince corporate – Meditab Specialities, Peninsula Pharma, and K. Raheja Corporation - to end litigation at Supreme Court – granting them 30% land would be compromise formula. Allotting 30% land illegally procured will send the message out that it is fine to indulge in mass corruption and Parrikar government in full support of such practices. Manohar Parrikar’s BJP while in opposition has been active participant in the anti-SEZ formation named Goa Movement Against SEZ (GMAS). GMAS and (SEZ Virodhi Manch) SVM has been public fronts of the protests against SEZs in Goa. Now after getting SEZ’s stalled and after Goa Bench of Bombay High Court confirming illegalities in its judgment dated November 26, 2010 BJP came into power in Goa. And while in power Manohar Parrikar plans to compromise with the corporate and hand over 30% of the land! Bharat Mukti Morcha considers this as form of typical Bamanism in practice of the Chief Minister.  Apparently Goa Chief Minister wants to end the litigation and seems to opt for absolutely dubious way out.

Bharat Mukti Morcha does not agree with the Chief Minister’s views at all. The problem has come about due to the SEZ Act 2005 which prohibits transfer of land back to people from corporate. Goa Chief Minister has to strike this point to central government the way he did with congress government in April 2014 on mining in Goa vis-à-vis Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel report. He has to convince his Party that is ruling India to repeal SEZ Act 2005 as it is creating litigation like what has come about after corporate appealed to the Supreme Court and got a stay order on High Court order. Supreme Court so far did consider it fit to strike down SEZ Act 2005 as anti-constitutional.

Under these circumstances it is of utmost necessity that if Goa Chief Minister is serious in getting the solution then he has to get his Party at central government level to repeal it in Parliament. Few days ago one of its ministers Arun Jaitley was pushing for passing of ill conceived FDI in insurance Bill in Parliament. Why can’t with same dedication SEZ Act 2005 cannot be repealed. Nothing is impossible. Where there is way there is a will. The point it that Goa Chief Minister does not want to push for logical solution but want to indulge in short circuit that will benefit these corporate who got control of land through dubious ways.

This approach of the Goa Chief Minister is unfortunate and most deplorable. How such massive illegalities can be boosted by Chief Minister when he declared that his government stands for zero per cent tolerance corruption. Now by advocating 30% land allotment to corporate he also transforms into advocate of corruption.  In case of allotment of land the corruption is proved beyond doubt. Now if  the Chief Minister himself going to carry forward the flag of corruption flying high to the skies then it is indeed very serious issue. It is like a band of thieves leading state of Goa for rule of thieves.

The problem created by SEZ in Goa cannot be solved by any other way except by repealing the Act. Goa Chief Minister Parrikar must stop indulging in sort circuit strategies and opt for initiating negotiations with his own party colleagues in Central government and get SEZ Act repealed.

SEZ Act 2005 denotes SEZ allotted areas as foreign territories. If Manohar Parrikar and his BJP in power in Delhi do not repeal this law then it is clear that both the Chief Minister and his colleagues at central government are anti-national. They have made one blunder of not opposing it in Parliament when they were in opposition and they will be making second blunder of not repealing SEZ Act when BJP enjoys absolute majority in Lok Sabha. The consequences of these blunders could be severe and time may just run out for them to make amends.

At a deeper level of analysis BJP through Manohar Parrikar is supporting corruption as is reflected through his 30% illegal land allotment to three corporate bodies. Congress also indulged in corruption by promoting illegal land allotment through Digambar Kamat and Pratapsing Rane as their Chief Ministers. So in a clear way BJP is sprinting its way with a baton of corruption for the reasons best known to them. Some periphery analysis however makes things very clear as to the reasons for this type of shabby governance in our Country of India. BJP as well as Congress are set up and controlled by Bamons with the end of establishing hegemony of bamons over India. Yet they are just less than 2% of the population and has to rule over 98%. Cast based census would confirm this that why it is not being done. They are doing it by active manipulations at every imaginable level, providing massive boost to corruption and corrupting people as with honesty Bamons are not capable of ruling everyone else. They try to fragment the country first they did it in jatis and now they have fragmented India’s geography through SEZ Act by creating legal infrastructure for creating foreign territories within India. And this law is passed by Indian Parliament and assented by then President of India famous Abdul Kalam. What a tagedy! We have a situation wherein entire Indian Parliament has turned anti-national by enacting the law that empowers creation of foreign territories within India. This is nothing short of partition of the country. The issue therefore is of grave importance.

We already suffered one partition wherein India was split into two so that bamons and their invisible collaborators can rule with ease. M.K. Gandhi, a vashya from Gujarat facilitated this process to a great extend. Now through SEZ this process is sought to be further multiplied. This is so because people all over India are uniting and getting conscious of the fact as to how Bamons and their colleagues has cheated entire country for so many decades of the past. The rising awareness is proving costly for bamon raj that is well established in India. Currently Bamon Raj is involved in creating scandals and conspiracies against mulnivasi people at every level of governance process with rapid succession. Bamons are identified as Eurasians, and when foreigners rule us they are but will destroy us. That’s why it is so crucial to dislodge them all together.

Barat Mukti Morcha calls for repeal of SEZ Act in both the houses of the Parliament. Anything short will only result in short circuit. Bharat Mukti Morcha calls up mulnivasi people to see through the game of the Chief Minister Parrikar and act. BJP even though have won majority in Lok Sabha they have not made any move to repeal SEZ Act so far. It is time now for those in power to rethink their politics based on manusmriti. All the people cannot be fooled all the time. What do we tell Chief Minister now? We tell him ‘ispe veneno bibas’ that means ‘drink your own poison’. 

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