Saturday 23 August 2014


Naveed Sheikh's back after police torture at Vasco Police station
You all must have read in the Newspapers in Goa that four (4) persons from Vasco namely, Mr. Jafer Shaikh, Mr. Naveed Shaikh, Mr. Kasim Havaldar & Mr. Durgesh Surli have been arrested by the Vasco Police on 14th Aug. 2014 in connection to the stolen car dealing. The whole Vasco knows that these accused are neither Criminals nor Robbers, they are the law abiding citizen of Vasco. One of the innocent accused Mr. Jafer Shaikh is the dealer of second hand Four Wheelers. He never knew that the car which they are dealing was a stolen one. The actual seller said to Jafer that the car is a dummy piece of Showroom which they are getting in a cheaper rate and asked Mr. Jafer to find out a customer. Mr. Jafer told to Mr. Naveed and he told to Mr. Kasim and Mr. Kasim told to Durgesh. 

Naveed Sheikh, the recipient of police third degree treatment at Vasco Police station
They never knew the actual seller except Mr. Jafer and they were only a mediators. Days were passed and all of them forgotten about this car deal. Finally Mr. Durgesh, an SC brought a customer to purchase the said vehicle. Mr. Durgesh pressurized Mr. Kasim and he pressurized Mr. Naveed and he pressurized Mr. Jafar for a deal. Till now these four innocent accused were not known that the car was a stolen one. The deal of Car was kept on 14th Aug. 2014 in the evening by the purchaser. Finally Police arrested all these four innocent accused during night. Police without uniform attacked Mr. Naveed mercilessly with fits and blows. Mr. Naveed thought that the gang of Gundas might have attacked him and he tried to escape. When he was brought to the Police Station then he came to know that they were the Policemen. All these four innocent accused were brought to the Vasco Police Station to fall prey to the brutality of Police in Uniform and were mentally tortured and particular sections of IPC were robbery were forcibly imposed on them. Mr. Naveed was tortured with third degree in a Police Lock-up and he received severe injuries on his back. Wooden stick was sorcibly pushed inside his annus. Naveed was also hit on the bottom of his leg sole. He was further tormented by accusing him to be ISI agent. Now he cannot hear properly and got severe pain in his left ear. Bamon Raj wants to condemn mulnivasi muslims as ISI agents and as terrorists so that hate is generated and OBC, SC and ST are united to accept Bamon leadership.

One of the innocent accused Mr. Jafer has given the name and Telephone No. of the seller to the Police. But Police failed to trace him. The actual culprit is still at large and the innocent are harassed in a Police Lock-up. Day-by-day the crimes are getting increased in our Goa State because the Goa Police failed in arresting the real robbers - the kingpins - and instead are harassing a law abiding innocent citizen. Police Department is not bothered to curb the increased rate of crime but they are more concerned about their promotion and to receive a medals by the Department. One wonder why this same treatment is not allotted to Audooth Timblo whom Court has confirmed to have been using banned explosives for mining purpose on Hiralal Khodidas mine in Colamb, Sanguem? Why till date there is not even a criminal case registered? It is because he is a Bamon? Is not State of Goa functioning based on Manusmriti that protects Bamons?

On Monday 18th Aug. 2014, Bharat Mukti Morcha Vasco convener Mr. M. Saleem went to see these four innocent accused, but he was not allowed to meet them, instead harassed by Investigation Officer Mr. Nikhil Palyekar saying whether he might also involved in this crime. This is the way our Policemen torture common persons to demoralize the Society. How come a law abiding citizen could believe these policemen in Uniform when they behave as goondas? As is the reason the real culprits get scot free and common people are being targeted as a Criminals. Police Department is more responsible for increase in crime. We the citizen of Goa condemn such type of Police brutality in lock-up. The family members of these accused were kept in a dark and they too were not allowed to meet their family members in lock-up. Only innocent people are the criminals in Police eye. Police should not forget that they are not the decision maker but they are only the Public Servant.  One may not be wrong that it may be the Home Minister that has got police to behave in this particular manner.

All four innocent accused were released on bail on Tuesday, 19th Aug. 2014. Even while of their release on bail the Policemen in Uniform threatened them saying whether anywhere in Goa any kind of robbery takes place they will be brought to Police Station for torture. Now, these four accused are in a fear and panic that Police may arrest them in any time. 

We request all the citizen of Goa to stand up with the innocent people against Police Brutality. Concerned authorities are requested to take legal action against the so called Policemen to curb the barbaric acts on innocent in lock-up and make sure that such type of incident should not happen in future. And guilty police officers are punished.

What is more dangerous in this episode is that innocent people are implicated in the case, arrested  and then taken their pictures and published in market places and declared them as robbers even before the trial. further they are being additionally targeted because they are Muslim mulnivasis. If they were Muslim Bamons they would have never been implicated, arrested and defamed as robbers in Vasco market. One of the persons who carried on beating and kicking and third degree torture was a home guard who was put on duty on Thursday night. This home guard already had grudge against Naveed for refusing to salute him on taxi stand in Vasco when all other taxi drivers salutes him.

There has been systematic attempt to brand Muslims in India as terrorists and as ISI agents. In Goa too there are attempts from Bamon rulers and newspapers. Bharat Mukti Morcha had exposed this attempt by 'Goan' newpaper owned by mining company Fomentos few years ago in collaboration of the Chief Minister of Goa who is an RSS (Racial Superiority System) cadre. You may read up by clicking here.

Bharat Mukti Morcha calls for urgent Judicial investigation on the conduct of police and home guard at Vaso police station that resulted in torture of Naveed. Bharat Mukti Morcha expresses support with Naveed and his family who is currently undergoing fearful days. Minority Bamons are ruling Goa and they have turned police department as an extended arm of their agenda and self interest. Rightly so Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar set fire to Manusmriti in Mahad in 1927, December 25 and we need to set it on fire in Goa every breath of our lives.

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