Saturday 15 November 2014

Bharat Mukti Morcha salutes brave Vanxim women! Well done! You inspire us!

First Class session court at Panjim ‘D’ Court issued summons to four women on 16th October 2014 one month before deadline expires on 12th November 2014. It was sent to Old Goa police station on 28th October 2014. It was handed over to Maggie Silveira on 13th November 2014. The summons ordered all the four women accused under criminal sections listed below to appear before the Court in person at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 18th October 2014. As a mark of Solidarity you are welcome to attend the Court with brave Vanxim women.

Criminal Sections involved:

Theft (Section 379 of IPC with provisions for three years of imprisonment): this is registered even after confiscated tripod was handed over to police, on November 12, 2014, 

Criminal intimidation (Section 506 of IPC with provisions of two years of imprisonment),

Unlawful assembly (Section 143 of IPC with provisions of six months of imprisonment),

Wrongful restraint (Section 341 of IPC with provisions of one month of imprisonment),

Intentional insult with intend to provoke breach of peace (Section 504 of IPC with provisions for two years of imprisonment).

These sections of Indian Penal Code have been invoked against four women of Vanxim – Maggie Silveira, Anuradha Volvoikar, Swati Volvoikar and Deepika Tari.

The message is crystal clear ‘If you do not stop your opposition to Bamon Raj and corporate take over of Vanxim then your place is in jail. Also letter from PI Francis Corte dated 15th November 2011 also makes it clear that Bamon Raj is opposed to Bharat Mukti Morcha standing in defense of on ground resistance to Bamon Raj. The Summons indicates direct challenge to Bharat Mutkti Morcha’s agenda to attain freedom from Bamon Raj. Here we share reflections on this deep rooted conspiracy of Bamon Raj to abuse police and judiciary against mulnivasi people.

Issue at hand involves Vanxim island in Mandovi River consisting around 180 acres of residential, agricultural, and mangroves land that Bamon Raj is attempting to take over in order to construct Golf Course, Five Star Hotel, Private villas, Private marinas, Spa, Casinos etc. Local people are to be pressured to move out of the island by dishing out ‘carrot and stick’ policy. Several people in Vanxim have been offered money and those who are refusing have been awarded with framing of police cases and then charge sheets for intimidation purpose.

This is an incident of November 10, 2011 in Vanxim when women resisted corporate surveyors from undertaking survey work.

Charge sheet was prepared and submitted to the Court by Old Goa PI Krishna Sinari through PSI Sagun Sawant in August 2014 under direct intervention of then Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar.

Mahendra Gaunekar made repeated trips to Old Goa Police station to get police to submit charge sheet to the Court for the purpose of prosecution. Since his pressure was not enough he got Chief Minister to direct the Old Goa Police Station.

According to reliable sources PA to then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, Mr.Sidharth Concolienkar came personally to Old Goa police station in August 2014 and brokered deal with police to prepare the charge sheet and submits the same to the magistrate Court in Panjim. This means that Manohar Parrikar is highly and directly  involved in suppressing Vanxim protests and he too is scared of women in Vanxim. Imagine state of India’s defense when its defense minister is scared of four women and press for filing of charge-sheet for them to stay in jail for 3 years for alleged theft of tripod from the hands of four men who identified themselves as Bruno Ferrao, Sadanand, Manju, and Narayan Swami.

In a letter addressed by Vanxim women on 10th November 2011 – the day of the incident described the friction with corporate in following words “Sir, we the Mahilas of Ilha de Vanxim Association, Bharat Mukti Morcha, went to ask them the following:- who is your supervisor? Who has sent you’ll here? How can you’ll come to our land (Vanxim) and do such an activity? When the cases of our entire villages are going on before the deputy collector’s court every 15 days who gave you’ll this authority? We asked them for their id card proof, which they did not have. We also asked them for NOC of Panchayat. That too they did not have. They got aggressive towards us & threatened us. So we took their instrument called (Tripod) and kept with us. We will not give the instrument. Our conditions (1) They must stop coming to Vanxim (2) And all of them must give Ilha de Vanxim Association & Bharat Mukti Morcha apology letter. Our Mahilas names:- Ms Maggie Silveira, Anuradha Volvoikar, Deepika Tari, Swati Volvoikar. The male present threatened us are Bruno Ferrao, Sadanand, Manju and Narayan Swami”. This letter was given to the Old Goa Police on the day of the confrontation itself namely on 10th November 2011.

Police inspector Francis Corte sent call letter dated 11.11.2011 asking women to remain present at the Old Goa Police Station at 10.00 am regarding enquiry into the application dated 10.11.2011 filed at Old Goa Police Station.

Women along with the entire villagers only excluding the Furtado family visited Old Goa Police Station at 10.00 am but PI Francis Corte was absent. They waited till 11.30 am and then wrote following letter to the PI Francis Corte with a subject liner reading “Your failure to remain present at Police Station”. Text of the letter that shook the police station and refused to take inward “Sir, as we were provided the call letter to remain present at Old Goa Police station on 12/11/2011 at 10.00 hours regarding enquiry into our application dated 10/11/2011 filed at Old Goa Police Station. We came at 10.00 am and waited upto 11.30 am for your arrival. We cannot wait any longer. We protest your absence and failure to remain present at the police station and conduct the scheduled enquiry of our complaint. You are therefore requested to register FIR against Bruno Ferrao, Sadanand, Manju & Rama Swami. Failure to do so on your part within 24 hours will prompt us to initiate further action.”

Police refused to enter this letter on record and instead called PI Francis Corte and he was there at the Police station within 10 minutes. It is learnt that he was conspiring against mulnivasis of Vanxim with Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar and MLA Pandurang Madkaikar at a nearby residence of Pandurang Madkaikar in Old Goa.

As soon he entered the police station he put the four women under arrest even while they were seating inside his cabin before they were released on bail at mid night.

Then on 15.11.2011 three days after the arrests PI Francis Corte wrote a letter No. PI/OLG/9965/2011 addressed as follows making his total alliance with bamon Raj ample clear:-


Smt.Maggie Silveira,

Ilha de Vanxim Association &

Chief of Bharat Mukti Morcha &

Mahila of Bharat Mukti Morcha,

EM, Vanxim, P.O. Piedade,

Diwar, Ilhas, Goa.

Sub: Regarding your complaint dated 10.11.2011

Please refer your complaint dated 10.11.2011 addressed to Police Inspector, Old Goa Police Station. In this connection due enquiries were caused into your complaint and it is revealed that you along with 15 other residents of Vanxim village formed an unlawful assembly and restrained one Bruno Ferrao and his team and further stole away tripod stand W/Rs. 25,000/- abused in filthy words and threatened with dire consequences. In this connection an offence vide Old Goa P.S. Cr.No. 142/2011 u/s 143, 341, 379, 504, 506 r/w 149 IPC stands registered against you and 15 others. No Cognizable case is made out into your complaint is filed at this police station.

This is for information.



Police Inspector

Old Goa Police Station

PI Corte’s bias against mulnivasis of Vanxim in 2011 is clearly visible in his above letter. He is such a loyal servant of his Bamon masters for want of his cake that he received to arrest four ladies without their fault as they only came forward to protect Vanxim island.

Police Inspector who signed this Charge sheet in August 2014 is Krishna Sinari, along with PSI Sagun Sawant as investigating officer.

Let’s check as to How many bamons directly involved in this episode in war against mulnivasi people

(1)         Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao who sold Vanxim without informing people on in February 11, 2006 and a primary enemy of Vanxim people. He is a prime culprit who should be thrown out as Archbishop of Goa. What he did in Vanxim sale is classic case of loot and plunder and transfer of funds into devil’s dens in Swiss bank. He can no longer be called as Good Shepherd leading the Catholics. He can at best be called as mafia which is truly suiting him. Isn’t it? Such a low level dignity is going to bless and inaugurate Khuris dos Milagres retreat centre at Old Goa which is funded by People of Goa and not by Bishop Mafia. What a disgrace to have blessings from such hands. People of Goa cannot be fooled as late Mathany Saldanha said “Bishop’s house is the house of business beurocracy.”

(2)         Mahendra Gaunekar who purchased Vanxim from the Archbishop with majority underhand dealings and re-sold it to Ozone corporate. Being a Goan he is a destroyer of Goa.

(3)         Bruno Ferrao who is manager of Mahendra Gaunekar and was leading attack on Vanxim on November 10, 2011

(4)         Manohar Parrikar, current Defense Minister of India who while he was Chief Minister of Goa pressured Old Goa Police Station to frame charge-sheet against four women of Vanxim. He sent his PA to Old Goa Police station in August 2014 to get this done. Mr.Parrikar was also Home Minister with complete control over police department.

(5)         Mr. Sidharth Kuncolienkar, PA to Manohar Parrikar who visited Old Goa Police station and got this charge sheet framed and supervised its forwarding to the Court within time limits.

(6)          Krishna Sinari, Police Inspector of Old Goa station who signed Charge-sheet and forwarded to the Court for prosecution through PSI Sagun Sawant.

Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar, Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and Ozone corporate tried unsuccessfully various tricks till July 2014 to get Maggie Silveira booked in fresh criminal case by laying various traps in Vanxim. Last attempt was on 29 July 2014 involving government employee of electricity department Manoj Parab from Vanxim.

Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao sold Vanxim officially for less than Rs. 55 lakhs. Underhand amount that Archbishop received according to informed estimates runs into astronomical figure of Rs.250 crores - several times more than imagination of many. This is not a robbery as it is carried on by team of Bamons! Confiscation of tripod by women of Vanxim in the interest of their Island and handing over tripod to Police is a robbery! What a law we have in front of us to safeguard the women of Goa! Woman plays a major role to take care of the entire house, the same way these four women came forward to take care of entire village. It’s a brave, mighty and excellent decision of these four women to do so. Kudos to them and the villagers who stood by these four women up to 2.00 am in the morning. We are also proud of the NGOs from different parts of Goa present till 2.00 am.

There are four women against whom this case is registered. The first accused is Maggie Silveira, who is a President of Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State, also the President of Ilha de Vanxim Association. The other three Vanxim women are Anuradha Volvoikar, Swati Volvoikar and Deepika Tari.

The bamon raj is so scared of these four women that it has decided to brand them as thieves and prosecute them under section 379 of the Indian Penal Court. And what is robbed by these women? A tripod! For what use the tripod is for these women? Nothing! So why did the women take away tripod from the unidentified men carrying on illegal survey work in Vanxim? It was an act of defiance against the Bamon Raj wanting to grab mulnivasi lands in Vanxim. It was an act of defiance to assert their authority over Vanxim. And what did the women do after confiscating the tripod? They went to the police station and gave in writing that they have confiscated the tripod in order to stop illegal survey work. The surveyors did no carry any authority letter from Panchayat or any of the government offices to authorize survey work in Vanxim when the court cases are going on in deputy collector’s court and mamlatdar’s court, how they can carry on survey work?

Constitution of India under Article 51A (g) makes it fundamental duty of every citizen to protect environment. Vanxim project is in violation of CRZ and other laws. Not only this Goa government through its past Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar dated 16th April 2014 addressed to the then Indian Minister of Environment and Forest Dr.M.Veerappa Moily has declared this even further.

“The State is blessed with seven rivers and covers length of 253 kms. Approximately. The state is committed to conserve its natural heritage by regulating development around the rivers; and hence has subjected the areas around rivers under the Coastal Zone Regulation with No development Zone’s of 100 meters from the bank of the rivers on all sides; thereby imposing serious land use restriction.

The State’s Coastal areas are full of Mangroves and Khazan land and development around mangroves and on Khazan land is banned by the State Government as voluntary measure to protect the ecological heritage of the State and to maintain ecological balance in the State.”

Vanxim is right in the middle of Mandovi river and declaration of Mr.Parrikar is applicable here. Further Mr. Manohar Parrikar had declared “40 % of the land is under agriculture which the government has decided not to be diverted.” Vanxim is full of agricultural land.

It is very surprising that in April 2014 he himself defends ecology and agriculture, and four months later in August 2014 he orders criminal proceedings against the ground level defenders of ecology and agriculture. Mr.Parrikar is untrue to his own words and its disgrace for the nation that such a man with proven unreliability on himself has been crowned as defense Minister of India. He is sure to wreck India’s defense to a new record low. Earlier he is relieved of this post better it is for his words even in writing he is incapable of staying faithful to. He is faithful only to the bamon raj interest and not to the interests of mulnivasis or the country. Like a typical bamon he only uses mulnivasis to further the agenda of bamon raj interest. It will certainly be his hidden agenda to build defense for the bamons and weaken mulnivasis; after all they are Eurasian invaders on India and what better can be expected from them?

Later it was revealed that then PI Francis Corte from Divar was paid up by Ozone corporate and Bamon Gaunekar combined. State support was granted by local MLA Pandurang Madkaikar. Currently PI Francis Corte is posted in Panjim as he was caught in bribing during last Assembly elections on behalf of Congress party and was suspended from service. He was taken back after personal intervention of earlier Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Any way the question is as why then CM of Goa and current defense minister of India Manohar Parrikar had to press Old Goa Police Station to prepare and forward charge sheet to the Judicial Magistrate First Class at Panjim? What kind of deal has gone through? How much money has been transferred to him and his BJP over the table and under the table? These issues are relevant considering that at the time of protests in 2011 November it was congress government that was in power while today Congress has lost and BJP has come to power. Then in 2011 it was Bamon Digambar Kamat was in power while in August 2014 it was Bamon Manohar Parrikar was in Power. What has changed is Parties in rule, Bamons has not changed after the transition. Bamon replaced bamon even though BJP replaced Congress in election to the State Assembly. Whichever Party loses elections bamon raj wins! Whichever party wins elections mulnivasis loose. This is because bamons as a tiny minority of India is organized to rule over us mulnivasis through various political parties such as Congress, BJP etc. For us solutions is straight forward: organize as mulnivasis across the country and take on the might of the Bamon Raj. Bharat Mukti Morcha is involved in this historic task and that’s main reason Bamon Raj is repeatedly targets us to stall the efforts. After all if mulnivasis become aware of their identity as mulnivasis why would they keep Bamons on their head? They will throw Bamons right on ground for them to have mighty fall. Bamons do not want to give up their privileges gained through oppressing and exploiting, looting and fleecing mulnivasi people for so many centuries altogether. This is the reason they are using Police, Judiciary, Sate Assemblies, all other decision making authorities for the promotion of Bamon Raj.

Even DNA report proved that male Bamons are not Indians and Times of India even blasted it out on its page 1 on 21 May 2001 issue. So the path of freedom movement of mulnivasi people of India is clear: March forward unhindered by any threats from Bamon Raj. The very fact that the charge sheet is filed against the President of Bharat Mukti Morcha Maggie Silveira along with three other women itself shows that movement against Bamon Raj has moved far ahead and the enemy is desperate to foil the movement of mulnivasis and that’s why the charge sheet is filed against four women in defense of Vanxim.

Bharat Mukti Morcha is not for any compromise on Vanxim and will continue to oppose and expose Bamon Raj in manner most befitting. Do share these views and writings with your friends and spread the awareness. In this way you will help in great task so exciting and daring guts of Vanxim women inspires all of us to carry the torch ahead with head held high.

We are marching ahead to overthrow bamon Raj. Come join the march. Let’s together shatter Bamon Raj!

Viva Bharat Mukti Morcha!

Viva Mahilas of Vanxim!

Viva Goa!

Jai Mulnivasi!

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