Monday, 24 November 2014

Trawlers violate fishing rights in Zuari yet again

Today 24th November 2014 two trawlers were sighted in Zuari River thereby violating fishing rights of the traditional fishermen. The trawlers were sighted at 4.45 pm. Director; Fisheries department Sharmila Monteiro as well as Minister Fisheries Avertano Furtado was intimated with request to act. Marine Police were also contacted. At around 5.05 pm both the trawlers abandoned fishing and raced out of mouth of River Zuari before they were booked and penalized. Fisheries department was too slow in acting and interrogating these trawlers.  There is a need for permanent stationing of Police patrol boat in Zuari river so that offending trawlers like the once today are not allowed to escape the arms of law. Investigations are also needed as to whose trawlers that are repeatedly dare to violate the law.

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