Wednesday 24 December 2014

Bamani project to destroy fisheries in Zuari river?

There seems to be a political project to destroy fisheries in Goa's Zuari river. Today 23rd December there were four violations of fishing rights. One trawler named "Netra"  from Vasco belonging to Tulsidas A. Kukalkar licence no. FVL – 407/0105 – Goa dated 01/01/2004 was fishing illegally for the entire day starting from 6.30 am up to 6.30 pm. This trawler was earlier detained by fishermen in Siridao on December 4, 2014 night at 10.30 pm while fishing illegally and ripping through the fishing nets of Siridao fishermen. His season’s pass indicates that he has been authorized to carry on fishing activities in Arabian Sea and not in Zuari river. Fisheries department must invoke Goa, Daman and Diu Fisheries Regulation Act, 1980 and rules of this law of 1981 and punish the offenders immediately. When informed over the phone fisheries department at Panaji refused to act against the offending trawler. Later in the day this trawler was joined by another one. 

In the night time at around 8.30 pm two trawlers were found fishing illegally in Zuari river with lights on. When fishermen called fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado he did not answer any of the 6 calls made by fishermen from Bambolim-Cacra coastal belt. This is very irresponsible act on the part of Fisheries Minister.

This behavioral attitude is pointer to the fact that Goa Government has adopted destruction of fisheries in Zuari river as a Bamani project.  

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