Friday 5 December 2014

Fishermen detain trawler in Zuari river at Siridao coast

Traditional fishermen on the banks of Zuari river has detained one trawler engaged in illegal fishing off the coast of Siridao village in Zuari river.

Trawler was detained at around 10.30 pm on December 4, 2014 night. There has been tremendous tension over illegal fishing inside the Zuari river by trawlers over the past few months. Fisheries department has not shown necessary commitment to stop illegal fishing.

Owner of the trawler called up the fishermen to release his trawler. Fishermen however decided not to release the trawler till the Director of Fisheries visits the spot and book the offending trawler.

This incident shows that policing in Goa has become ineffective and false reports of compliance to law are filed before the Home Ministry while trawlers leisurely violate the law. This lacuna has now turned fishermen into policemen and has exercised citizens right of private arrest as well as the fundamental duty to protect environment from destructive trawler fishing in Zuari river.

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