Monday, 2 February 2015

Marathon illegal fishing in Zuari river

It started at 6.00 am in the morning and continued till last report came in at 3.00 pm; six trawlers have been fishing non-stop in Zuari river. Police when contacted at Harbor station in Vasco on their land line 08322521793 said they are running short of fuel. When further question as to what they will do if there is a terror attack now with they still be giving same reason for inaction? Police had no answer and said they have telephoned fisheries department to sent their Patrol boat. When Fisheries  Superintendent of  fisheries Hrishiskesh was spoken over the phone he told Sanjay Perreira from Cacra "come lets talk". 

Its amazing how irritating the posture of the Goa Fisheries department has been. Its current attitude smells like rotten eggs and is in desperate need of a facelift. It needs a leadership that will not duck before illegal cum unsustainable trawling practices in Zuari river. Longer it takes for Fisheries department to change this attitude greater danger will arise for prevailing Bamon Raj system in Goa. It can continue its current adamant attitude to the peril of Bamon Raj, that much intense will be the struggle for Liberation and freedom.

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