Thursday 26 February 2015

Police bluff to encourage illegal trawler fishing in Zuari river

At 8.00 am of 25th February 2015 there were 16 trawlers indulging in illegal fishing in Zuari river. Harbor Police, Fisheries Minister of Goa Avertano Furtado  was contacted, both promised to sent in their boats. But no boats were seen in the river by traditional fishermen. Then again at 3.00 pm 15 trawlers were noticed indulging in illegal fishing. Again Police and Fisheries department was contacted. Again action was promised to Rohidas Andrade. 

Zero action from police and the Fisheries department was noticed on ground in Zuari river. Trawlers continued till well beyond 7.00 pm when was dark and tracking was not possible. Harbor Police as contacted over the phone in the night and asked for their inaction. The reply that was given is that the Police boats went in Zuari river but could not trace any trawlers and met up with Fisheries department boat indulging in Patrolling! Blatant falsehood!

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