Thursday 30 July 2015

Objections to the installation of Mobile Towers at Nauxi and Bambolim by Aldeia de Goa

Date: 30th July 2015
The Member-Secretary,
Goa State Pollution Control Board,
Panjim, Goa

Subject: Objections to the installation of Mobile Towers at Nauxi and Bambolim

Dear Sir,

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly protests setting up of two mobile Towers, one each in Nauxi and Bambolim. One at Nauxi village inside the compound wall of Aldeia de Goa. We have noticed that work is in progress while the Goa State Pollution Control Board Junior Environmental Engineer Mr. Vijay Kansekar carried on the inspection 27th July 2015 on the complaint from Bharat Mukti Morcha on mobile towers erected on movable trucks. The high capacity mobile tower with height of nearly 60 meters is under construction within compound wall of Aldeia de Goa in Nauxi.

The second mobile tower we object to is at Bambolim, outside the gate of Aldeia de Goa. Both the mobile towers are within the jurisdictions of Curca-Bambolim-Telaulim-Nauxi Panchayat.

 These two mobile towers will cause radiation not only to the Nauxi and Bambolim villages but several surrounding villages such as Telaulim, Curca, Cacra, Siridao, Odxel etc, and also fishermen fishing in Zuari River. White invaders massacred aborigines of America through bloody wars during past 5 centuries and we the aborigines of Goa – Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward classes are now sought to be killed through radiation from mobile towers in Nauxi and Bambolim.

It is an urgent need and a must to immediately revoke permission/NOC granted to setting up of permanent mobile tower at Nauxi and at Bambolim.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Signed by Rohidas Andrade and 119 others

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