Friday, 24 July 2015

Parents wake up as there is risk for life of your child at school

Bharat Mukti Morcha takes strong objections to the Goa Police proposal to induct School and Higher Secondary students in Goa as Police informers. Goa’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sunil Garg has announced the concept of ‘little police’ on 22nd July 2015 and aired on T.V. Channel ‘Goa 365’. The ‘Little Police’ concept involves as per Sunil Garg taking students out of classrooms into Police Stations and training sensitizing students to the cyber crime, traffic management, drug trafficking, and other crimes. The concept further involves recruiting students as ‘Police informers’ and providing ‘police identity cards’ to the recruited students. IGP perhaps thinks that this will improve the image of Goa Police amongst public for which he is wrong. Students cannot be used for this purpose. They go to school to study only and not to become little police informers.

The solution suggesting to combat crime is worst than the malady. The malady is bad image of the Goa Police amongst members of public. The bad image has developed due to number cases of police excesses such as custodial death of Khan Abdul Gafar Khan and Cyprian Fernandes, Illegal detention and Custodial torture of Babi Gaonkar from Sirgaon at Bicholim Police station, biased framing of cases and targeted arrests and torture of muslims like Naveed Sheikh at Vasco police station, Police torture of student leader Moses Fernades and arbitrary and deceitful arrest of Adv. Ajitsingh Rane. In Bambolim Police Inspector Devendra Gad beat up fishermen Vishnu Kankonkar on Bambolim beach to uphold interests of Hotel Grand Hyatt.

IGP does not seem to have been ceased with these root cause for continues damage to public image of Goa Police. The police have gone down so much that they are with the MLAs and Ministers over ruling the Panchayat and supporting all the Corporate for whom they illegally arrest and create fear for the locals who are opposing the projects. The examples are plenty in mining belt like Colamb, Rivona, Ambaulim, Cavrem, Advalpal, Sirgaon, Mayem, Naveli,  etc where police engaged in repression against public in order to protect the mining interests of Vedanta, Sesa Goa, Chowgules, Fomentos, Timblos, Salgaoncars etc. More examples are of Vanxim where few bus loads of police were brought in for Gram Sabha of Sao Mathias Panchayat to frighten people and later on four ladies were arrested. In Tiracol Bouncers who are a goonda force of Leading Hotels Private Limited attacked the villagers on three occasions and police has not arrested single bouncer so far leave alone charge-sheeting. In Keri, Ponda Goa Police shot dead young boy Nilesh Naik protesting against Nylon 6,6.

While root cause has been ignored, and school and higher secondary campuses are sought to be involved for the greater betterment of the Goa Police image. This initiative of Goa Police is destined to create dangerous implications both for the students as well as parents of little police informers. The students engaged in role of ‘police informers’ as the eyes and ears of police would certainly be under great risk from the gangsters of narcotics illicit trade and their organised ring leaders with well established political patronage. Students will come under increased gangster attacks thereby jeopardizing their studies. Parents are not sending their children to school for the purpose of improving the image of Goa police by risking their children’s lives.

In case state government decides to allocate the responsibility of political policing of tracking the people whose views are contrary to the ruling party then it may well be the case of famous George Orwell’s novel titled as ‘1984’ whereby children spy parents and siblings and reporting to the police department. This could be the gloomy reality waiting for us in case little police idea of Goa Police is implemented. It is indeed very dangerous that Home Ministry should exercise its authority in this form of little police concept over school students. Moreover it is well established fact that police informers and interlopers face double risks – firstly from the gangsters and, secondly from the police themselves.

Bharat Mukti Morcha has discussed with students, parents, school and higher secondary authorities for Children’s future is at stake. We asses that ruling Bamons of Goa are feeling increasing insecure over retaining their positions as exploiters of society and that’s reason this little police concept is initiated so that campus is vitiated and gang wars marks entry in the on  campuses and homes. In a bid to improve the image of Goa Police school students must not be destroyed in this manner. This type of idea is a product of devious brain of India’s defence minister Manohar Parrikar, a Bamon from Goa who has entire cabinet of Goa as his puppet.

The concerned parents must come forward and abolish this little police policy of Goa government de facto headed by the Defense Minister of India Manohar Parrikar. It is high time for all the parents to rise up against this policy and have safe schooling for their children including the Higher Secondary. Now is the time, dear parents, wake up and save your child. Now is the time dear students wake up for the injustice thrown upon your shoulders. Now is the time for the entire Parent – Teacher’s Associations to rise up against transforming students into police informers. The manager, the management of the schools and the entire authorities also wake up and do not get fooled with the little police concept as in case anything happens to the students entire management of the school will be held responsible and the poor parent will loose their child. So wake up with commitment to save the student.

The police must be responsible and committed to serve with dedication the responsibilities given to them and do not burden the upcoming student who has loads of home work plus the studies. Let the students bloom into excelling buds. Let the parents be at peace to see their child studying without being police informers.

The very concept of little police informers as eyes and ears of police denotes that currently police are blind and deaf. It’s a shame to use innocent students for intelligence gathering for police. They are paid to do their duties. Let the students study peacefully at schools. There should not be any additional burden given by the Home Ministry to the students as school is meant to study and not to be generating little police informers.

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