Wednesday 13 September 2017

Great action from Goa Fisheries Minister on Zuari illegal fishing

After repeated letters of complaints and direct phone calls Minister of Fisheries Vinod Palyekar cracked a whip against Director of Fisheries on September 08, 2017. Strangely one who was protecting illegal fishing is Director of Fisheries herself. Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM) has spoken out consistently in defense of traditional fishermen on the banks of Zuari river. 

BMM appreciates this bold action of Goa Fisheries Minister that will go a long way towards retaining of sustainability of Zuari river ecology as well as fisheries. BMM also places on record gratitude to the Minister of Fisheries for this action.

There is a need for complete clean up of the Department of Fisheries with Judicial investigations as to why Director of Fisheries Dr. Shamila Monteiro was protecting illegal fishing over the past three years after identifying those involved in the transgressions. There is a need to asses damage caused to ecology of zuari by permitting illegal trawlers and costs must be recovered from her assets.

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