Wednesday, 6 January 2021

BMM condemns Police abuse to terrorise Melaulim villagers

 Calls for Chief Minister's resignation

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM), Goa Unit strongly condemns repeated use of police force to suppress democratic protests in the State of Goa. People are guaranteed Freedom under the Constitution of India and repeated use of police to settle political scores is a mockery of democratic polity in the State of Goa. Latest use of police personnel numbering to over 550 in Melaulim village in Sattari on Januari 05, 2021 gave impression of razing war between the State and the Police.

If people of Melaulim doesn't want to part with their land admeasuring 10 lakh square meters to set up Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) it cannot be forced upon by deploying police force. IIT has been denied land by people in two earlier instances. People in Goa have fundamental right to reject whatever they consider as undesirable and moreover a scam. Educational Institutions like IIT has to set up by consulting the affected people and under no circumstances it can be bulldozed through police force. BMM calls upon the Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane to listen to the voice of Melaulim People and strike out the IIT like it was done on earlier two occasions.

BMM expresses support and solidarity with the people of Melaulim and calls upon Government of Goa to stop terrorizing people by use of Police and violence. 

The police are meant to maintain law and order and this is what their services are. We people of Goa knows every detail of work carried on by the corporates which they do by force. The democracy tells us to do what is right and truthful and we as Goans will stand by the People of Goa anywhere such disruptions of law and order are carried on by Police under political directions. BMM condemns the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and calls upon him to resign as he is not meant and fit to serve the people of Goa anymore. Vishwajit Rane should protect Goa as a Goan. Such menaces and disasters will not be tolerated in Goa any more. Be aware Mr. Chief Minister that where unity prevails success flows like a river. This is what Goans are known for. BMM strongly opposes developments which are against People of Goa.

Maggie Silveira

2:12 am

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