Thursday, 7 January 2021

BMM condemns Police violence on Melaulim villagers

Pramod Sawant step down as Chief Minister of Goa

Bharat Mukti Morcha (BMM), Goa Unit strongly condemn second consecutive day police terror inflicted on Melaulim villagers in Sattari Taluka. On second day yesterday January 06, 2021 over 350 police personnel descended in the village along with Valpoi Police Inspector, Mamlatdar and Deputy Collector to overpower the psychological will power by physically threatening them. As per media reports Police used tear gas and Lathi charged the villagers after walking over women's bodies (Chests and legs) as they were lying on ground to protect themselves from the impact of Lathi charge. Several villagers as well as policemen and policewomen were injured during the day in the forest village.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is being sort to set up in the village in the bossom of western Ghats forest. Villagers are in defence of the forest while the State government under direction from Central government pushing for deforestation and urbanisation through setting up of IIT campus.

BMM stands in support of the villagers for their wisdom and commitment to defend Western Ghats forest is far more superior to any IIT faculty in India. BMM further condemns arrogant assertion of Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant during the day that State will book the villagers under criminal provisions for Attempt to Murder police. In the beginning the matter is educational involving IIT and police has no role to play in the matter. It appears from the day's proceedings that governance is being carried on through violence and terror on people as well as western Ghats ecology. Chief Minister's  comments are evidence to this point. First the police force is abused. Now, Indian Penal Code is abused. The way people were treated today were like cattle, ruthless and inhuman ways by police at the orders of their political masters. Goa government is not satisfied with democratic mechanisms to deal with conflict resolutions is rapidly turning into bloodthirsty aiming at violence of the type that martyred Nilesh Naik during Nylon 6,6 agitation of 1995.

Pramod Sawant should be ashamed of deploying the police at Melaulim village. It looks that he has lost all his stamina to imbibe with the Values of the Constitution of India. The way he is conducting himself it looks very intense that he has no values for human beings. The people of Melaulim village are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers etc. PI Ekoskar has shown today that he is born motherless (no one knows who is his mother). He must apologize for walking over the ladies chests and legs. And what Pramod Sawant says about attempt to murder police personnel is highly manipulative act even to think so by the CM of Goa. This CM has experience to abuse governance in the State of Goa in order to inflict harm to people as well as ecology of Goa as reflected in several instances, latest being Melaulim. There are more personalities from within Goa who are well equipped to give us good governance. We hereby call upon Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to resign.

When human beings are not valued and respected by the one occupying position of Chief Minister he has no right to continue in the office.

Viswajit Rane is playing hide-n-seek game inspite of being MLA of the said village (Melaulim). He should have stood in solidarity as representative of the people but he has betrayed the people and is enforcing inhuman behavior to attack the people by deploying police. He has Portfolio as Health Minister of Goa but here for the villagers he is perceived as land grabbing mafia. After grabbing so much land -acres and acres- he is still not satisfied. It looks as Goa Government has some vested interest in locating IIT in Melaulim, Sattari against the wishes of the villagers. 

India's central government has its eyes on beautiful land of Goa to set up IIT on 10 lakh square meters of land in Melaulim village that too by causing deforestation of western Ghats. People of Goa will stand united to see that Melaulim village is protected from such manipulators.

Maggie Silveira

01:25 am

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