Tuesday 27 September 2022

Shortcut to Heaven!

I inwarded letter regarding illegal sand mining without mentioning any names at Vanxim at mid-night 00.50 am on September 22, 2022 at Old Goa Police Station.

Then at 7.35 am on September 25, 2022 I received threat to my life from Sadanand Tari allias Bayee in Vanxim Ferry. His house is close to Vanxim Ferry ramp. He told me that I have no public support and I will be overpowered by those engaged in illegal sand mining. He is from Vanxim and works with Police department as peon. When I asked him as to how he is affected with my letter he told me that he transports illegally mined sand in his tempo.

On September 27, 2022 at 11.00 am messenger came to me from Sadanand Bhosle from Vanxim informing me that they have got clearance from their higher ups to assault and kill me.

Those who are close to God doesn't fear death. I too don't fear death.

I personally wish to call all my friends and collaborators  to our beautiful island of Vanxim for which I will be laying down my life without resisting sand mining mafia of Vanxim. I am told not to resist this wickedness and I should pray and fast. I really want to meet all of you and say big thank you for all your care and love in Vanxim for the past dozen years.

I am really excited and looking forward to my shortcut to heaven facilitated by Goa Police leaking my letter to Vanxim Sand mining mafia. There is nothing new in their conduct.

I ready for death of any kind they might decide to give me if that is in  accordance with the will of God. For I live to fulfil the will of God and will die for the will of God.

But before my death I want to organize thanks giving prayers at Vanxim Holy Cross Chapel. I share close affiliation with this cross of the Lord for I had prayed for a girl in my life and I was awared with superlative Maggie Silveira as my wife.

I also want to pray for pardon and forgiveness of all my would be assasins and Conversion of their soul that they may come out of their infedel beliefs and embrace the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason they will be invited for the prayers too.

Currently we are in birth centenary year of my Father-in-law late Ligorio Feliciano Silveira whose father late Pedro das Silveira had facilitated settlement in Vanxim of the ancestors of all those who compose sand mining mafia and are threatening me. Their ancestors were brought to Vanxim as keepers of the sluice gates. Sluice gates are kept non-functional and paddy fields are perennially flooded with Mandovi water.

I really wish to meet you all one last time before Vanxim sand mining mafia take away my life. They believe that they are competent to kill me for they had kidnapped Ashok and Jamla, two workers at our place two decades ago and they are still missing. Sadanand Bhosle was involved then too. Life of crime is habitual for them.

Not to mention that these people has captured paddy fields from Maggie's ancestors in fraudulent manner and flooded them with Mandovi. Only good thing is they haven't surrendered to Gaunekar.

It is important that all these things are brought in public memory before my life is snuffed out.

If I survive then I will let you know when we can have a party. For the moment I live a miracle called life and getting prepared to surrender my soul in the hands of Heavenly Father.

May God turn my enemies as footstool to tread upon and crush like dust and blown away like chaff of paddy in a windy hurricane of God.

Martyrs are the saints of God and I too share desire for Martyrdom. And I don't want to miss this opportunity. They can destroy my Bob but can't touch my soul that is eternal.

Regina Martyrum, Opra Pro Nobis.

Queen of Martyrs, Pray for us.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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